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My Smash mains having a friendly little chat. 
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EmeraldJolteon06Hobbyist Digital Artist

Bowser,Kazooie,Language!There are Kids Here!

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(sarcastically) Why is everyone speaking Q*Bert?
Hilarious work!
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lordsiravantHobbyist General Artist
Banjo's probably having flashbacks to every single situation Kazooie made worse because of her inability to keep her mouth shut and not be rude to everyone who isn't him while Mario and Sonic are in full overly-concerned parental mode with the Female Inkling.
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Here are my mains.

50x50 Icons - Classic Sonic (F2U) mega man more like rock(ing it) man Ryu -Stance Ken (Story) SFV icon Terry Bogard Emote 4

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OjamajoSakura15Student Traditional Artist
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UltraSonic1201Hobbyist Digital Artist

[Bowser Emote] Bowser's soul dance : Bring it on, Chicken Legs!

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Kazooie Icon : Oh Yeah, unless you wanna end up Becomin' Turtle Soup First!

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Banjo Icon : Fellas, Go Easy on Each other Please? we can settle this on a Battle later.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Gasped Mario Icon : Woah, Who-a Taught Inkling to say Such Bad-a Words?! Oh No!

Sonic Head Shake Emote : Don't look at me Buddy, She's been like this all day Now!

Woomy! : *Swearing Squid Noises Intensifies* Woomy! >:3

( Just wanted to interpret on what they'll say, heheh).

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Bowser is mine. PAC my secondary
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Lol *dying from laughter*
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Dudes! Not in front of the kid..
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GoFigureComicsHobbyist Artist
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Squid kid: *Swearing*
Captain Falcon: Gasp!
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fortunekid28904Hobbyist Digital Artist
I adore this!
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So you main Mario, Sonic, inkling,bowser, and Banjo and Kazzoie
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what a beautiful conversation hahahahahahaha

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ErraticBASARAfanHobbyist Writer

No wonder Mario and Banjo don't speak!

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LOL!  Right, it's been so long since I've played a Banjo Kazzoie game that I forgot just what kind of mouth Kazzoie has on her!!!
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Protect the ears of the innocent Squid Child.
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It may be a bit late for that!  And in that case, who's protecting Ness, Lucas, Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, Villager and Young Link??? 
(I'm not counting Toon Link since he hangs out with pirates on a daily basis nor Pit who hangs out with Dark Pit!) 
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Mama mia!
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Behind the scenes in one of SMG4'S videos
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Hahahaha 😆
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Bowser! Kazooie! Language!
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