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My Influence Map Thing

So I’m supposed to be resting over the weekend. Meaning no drawing. It’s agonizing not doing anything. Lol
So while I rest, figured to try this. Some of my main influences over the years. Honestly, this isn’t even half of it, but there was only so much I could fit in. Perhaps I can get into more detail about these later on. But for now, here they are in general.
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I remember Grim Tales From Down Below. It was pretty interesting and I haven't been on the Snafu Comics Website in a long ass while.

Enjoy it while you can Erma, because soon your world, along with many others, will suffer and I will transform everyone's life into chaos.

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for a second i thought pixar and captain underpants were the same image

Wow, you have a great inspirations. I've think "A great artist has great inspirations" Honestly you work is deserving to admire, good day Mr. Santiago.

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Dav Pilkey is one of my role models, too!

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You've got quite the culture. And I thought that Calvin and Hobbes were only italian. Also, Cartoon Network's original shows were the best. Especially Billy and Mandy (still wondering where the kids part of the cartoon was after all these years).

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what made you think Calvin and Hobbes was strictly itallian

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Because I've traveled around all of Europe and I've ever seen newspapers, comics and, in general, media that proposed this comic only in italy. Then again, I've never visited america, so I was probably wrong.

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well the cartoonist Bill Watterson is an american

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Man of books i see

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Now those are some wonderful influences right there. :D

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All of these, pretty much shaped one or more whole generations of people and artist. I also know most of these, with the exception of number 6, 7, 8 and 10 (Outside of the remake in the 2000's).

However, I have to be honest, I don't really like the #2. I didn't really know about this work before the animation movie and, maybe it's just the movie being bad, but I don't understand how can people like this. Maybe it's just me being one of those people that doesn't like certains degrees of humor. Anyway, I've only watch trailers and some sequence of the CU movie, but I still regret wasting time and brain cells on that.

But other than these 5, I can only say good things about the rest. Sure they might had some ups and downs over time, but they still hold them with good regards.

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I grew up with Captain Underpants, having learned to read latter in life than most children, those book defined my middle school years.

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I'm really not surprised to see Fone Bone here !

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omg bone. Thats my childhood novel series right there! Didn't know it was a major influence for you!

I miss Captain Underpants,I was obsessed with him when I was younger lol,I just wish the books weren't banned from schools anymore,becuase the kids now are missing out on so many fart jokes and so much toilet humour

Van-Dunkelschreiber's avatar

they were never banned from the school system I grew up in, but then FCPS didn't believe in banning books

I think they were banned everywhere becuase of something about racism and insensitive humor or something like that,they used to be okay for schools though,if they weren't banned before then they are now

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I do know there was big brew ha ha over whether the books were teaching kids to misbehave and not respect people of authority

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I found a book that involved sex in the bead of pickup truck, shooting someone with shotgun, and drinking booze, all withing the first few pages of chapter 1, in my high school library. Fairfax county wasn't the type to get all sociopolitical about books. I know the last book may implication that Herold was gay but that wasn't the kind of thing that freaked FCPS out..

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