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Happy New Year 2022

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Happy New Year, Erma and friends! And to all of you fine people too! =D

happy new year for you

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Happy New Year! :D

RGIsolitario's avatar

I missed the other kids.

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Aw, Erma and Conner are not holding hands. But at least their fingers are touching each other. So that's good enough, lol. Happy New Year, Erma and friends!

Happy New Year for everyone, i hope everybody can meet their goals

Virtual-Knight's avatar

I'm a little sad that Erma isn't holding Connor's hand in this picture.

HyperMetagamer's avatar

As am I. But here's to hoping that the ship will have more content in the coming year!

dafk189's avatar

Happy New Year!

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Happy New Year guys! Hope this year is a good one or at least tolerable.

NeoNimbus526's avatar

Good of Erma and her friends to enjoy the new year together. :)

Darkblane257's avatar

Happy New Year everyone! :hug: :HappyNewYear:

Happy New Year everyone!

tudiseja's avatar

Happy New Year!

Not only something to have for the new year but also this is just precious to see. Happy new year everyone.

MonsterFan50's avatar

The light in the dark, a very happy new year.

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Happy New Year Erma!!!

goldenavatar's avatar

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

Happy New Year!

IloveWerewolf1's avatar

Happy New Year!!! Galaxy Collision

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