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Happy 40th, Pac-Man

[EMOTE] Pac-man 
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Not even Erma is immune to that Pacman fever

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waka waka waka waka waka

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I adore everything about this, but what I love most is her dress and little hair clip. I'm a sucker for things that use the aesthetic of the old Pac-Man arcade game. Just so retro and cool.

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someone call the cute police please we've got an outlaw over here :3

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I just Pacman too :D

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I think the ghost would:

A: Leave her be.

B: Compliment on her outfit.

C: Ask if she wants to hang out.

U decide on that one. XD

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did someone know,that are of marinades of mannas round accident made play?

p.s: Erma in this suit is beautiful

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This is very cute and cheerful indeed!

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So cute, and hooray, Pac-Man!

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good old Pac-Man, and cute celebrative pic :)

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Made it just in time for the anniversary. :D :dummy: :happybounce:

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This is just pleasing in every conceivible way.

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Damn! Pac-Man is that old?!

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This is so cute!

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