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Ghostly Group Hug!

This was one of the most requested suggestions for Ermaween. However, it didn’t start as a book so it couldn’t qualify. But I made a poll on Twitter basically allowing a freebie in sketch form. The Ghost and Molly McGee won the poll so… here’s a sketch. Lol
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ngl it's kinda fitting if they come across each other

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No doubt that Molly and Erma would be best buds in an instance and Scratch would have to put up with it. X3

Also, considering what Erma's capable of, she would definitely traumatize Andrea on the spot. :XD:

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Molly would just love Erma! They would be best friends!

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Very funny and nice drawn.

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Cute! It's funny, since this year's is literature-themed, I was actually gonna suggest the Ghost and Molly McGee for next year's Ermaween, but it's still awesome to see Erma meeting these 2 anyway! :D

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YEESSS TwT the show is really cute and amazing

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Fantomatically adorable.

very cute!

awesome picture!!

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I would love to see erma and villainous crossover

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You've done it again, friend. ^^

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Scratch: I've Been Cursed, It's The Worse

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Awww... Erma and Molly would be very good friends.

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A ghost, a girl and a ghost girl.

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AWWWW this is perfect~~~ its so cute~

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Glad to see this make it in some way.

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The Ghosts and Molly Mcgee

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