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Ermaween 2021 Suggestion Poll (READ RULES PLEASE)

Also quick update on the Erma webcomic. I'm currently working on the next few chapters while working on the Ermaween entries. And since I want to give myself enough time to properly complete these next chapters, the main Erma story will continue once Ermaween wraps up. I hope you look forward to that along with this year's Ermaween. And again, have fun -Brandon
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Happy Death Day

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Kamen Rider Rider Amazons. A show reboot from the original Japanese TV series for kids rated R. Filled to the brim with guts, gore, and monsters eating people, especially in season 2. If that's not horror related, I don't know what is.

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i have a few suggestions jaws was always scary Dolls 1987 i was scared of the trailer since middle school and Harry Potter. it may not be halloweenie but it's like die hard on christmas. perfect franchise for the season. hope you like them.

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Split and Unbreakable.

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I feel as though a few Creepshow stories should be added, either from the original movie or some of the episodes from the Shudder series, since some of the stories are adaptations of literary works by other authors including Stephen King. But I'm not sure if that would even count.

What about the Mask? Since he started as a (gorey) comic book character?

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Have her painting on SCP 173's face

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Aliens Vs Predator Please?

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Archie's weird mysteries

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Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, Man-Thing from Marvel, and Scary Godmother by Jill Thompson.

Marvel Zombies, maybe?

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How about Erma meets the Goosebumps monsters

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The Necronomicon from Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure. A stretch I know, but I think Buzz and Kitteh would look cute in your style.

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The Creeper from DC Comics

Jughead from Jughead: The Hunger

Ash from Green Lantern

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Razor Eddie from The Nightside series. Emma from Harrow County Harry d'Amore from Clive Barker's novels

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Mélusine, a franco-belge comic book, heavily halloween theme.

Devil candy, a webcomic that was adapted into a manga and also heavily halloween theme.

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  1. Sonic.Exe (Creepypasta)

  2. Pinkamena (Cupcakes)

  3. Horrortale (Undertae AU)

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  1. Jekyll & Hyde

  2. Death Troopers (from the Star Wars novel of the same name. And yes, I know, Star Wars isn't horror, but it's a horror story.)

  3. The Prowler

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The Icons from Halloween Horror Nights.

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Jack the Clown The Caretaker The Director The Storyteller The Usher Lady Luck Chance

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Well Johan Liebert from the Monster manga may be a good choice.

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would you class monsters from folklore or myths as options? (e.g. the minotaur and wendigo)

because when i search monsters from literature these mythological monsters come up (the minotaur mainly haven't seen the wendigo mentioned)

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