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Erma Update- The Night Parade Part 39



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MotoNeko's avatar

Nice job! The clan is in good hands in the future :D

rphb's avatar

okay so what is with that kitsune?

Tigron666's avatar

Yet another major fight avoided.

klausiboy's avatar

It still amazes me just how well you guys prove that storytelling can be done without words

MonsterFan50's avatar

I'm not sure what happened, but it felt like a bullet had been dodged.

joseph337's avatar

A new chapter has approached

42Dannybob's avatar

Anyone else get Fantastic Mr Fox vibes from this, reminded me of the scene with the wolf

pupusukka's avatar

I was so waiting for the fox to do the same as the wolf :D

LoboTaker's avatar

Quick addnotation - on the first seeing of kumiho (demon fox) in a chapter, a yokai has only 8, instead of 9 tails.

And also! I see polka dot shading in your comic for the first time. It's not like dissaproval, because I love polka dot halftone! :D

BunnyHeadproductions's avatar
FlaminghotAces's avatar

Maybe. Or she's still sealeed within the Sessho Seki and this another Nine-Tailed Fox.

ZillaPrime's avatar

Who was that lot on the opposite of the bridge ?

pass parade

awesome comic!!!

ToxicGhost58's avatar
Espeon-Master-Espo's avatar

This is interesting. To see another leader and now why in spite of the mother and father being feared, they are followed and listened to. They are not just leaders, they are protectors.

Which also explains they need for teaching their children how to fight. One day they might be the leaders and protectors of their own group.

capnhands's avatar

West side Yokai vs East side Yokai

GrayLantern13's avatar

Soooooooo...... did they just prevent the Yokai equivalent of a gang war?

Rosyart1234's avatar

Wow I didn't see that coming also what going on there... Also short more and it my Birthday ya... [F2U] Kitsune (Fox) Mask L

nikbeatz10's avatar

They were about to throw hands. Good thing Fumiko prevented that from happening lol

glowworm56's avatar

I guess the Fox says that it's okay!

AmenKing1999's avatar

Why does this look sad? I'm the one with depression.

MarioMario8384's avatar

hmmmm very spooky, more yokai that seem to be quite not happy for the main group's presence, noice -w-

I love Outcast's art it can be cute and creepy and sometimes both, probably the best part of it is because he has a way to tell so much story without uttering a single word of dialogue. I mean in just that one page its already established another Yokai Lord, shows that both sides have animosity and that and it shows Fumiko is a lot more level-headed while trying to be friendly and be peaceful with the other lords.

And also shows her more peaceful and modern ideas are not exactly welcomed by her parents who prefer the traditional ways of being a Yokai lord and acting like it's still the Middle Ages of Japan.

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