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Erma Update- The Night Parade Part 38



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hamursh's avatar

When do you think this arc will finally be done?

joseph337's avatar

Who knew there was darkness above them?

Crydius's avatar

Sweating bullets over here...

MonsterFan50's avatar

It is a great party, but it is evident that there are still things that frighten them, even their mother.

AsterHyakinthou's avatar

Godzilla was a brilliant touch.

Myth-Searcher207's avatar

Giant Skelly Boi and freaking Godzilla?? That's awesome. Also, for God's sake, Erma don't wander off like that. You're gonna give your parents and us (readers) a heart attack.

OurGuild's avatar

That bit above the forest is pretty cool.

terradefox's avatar

Ah childhood vs adult hood perfectly summed up.

42Dannybob's avatar

the fear in Emiko's face, there's definitely something that happens in this parade that is not friendly as that yokai doing the Caped Mario impression

MotoNeko's avatar

I love seeing Gashadokuro. Hope Erma befriends one.

You're gonna give momma a heart attack Erma!

awesome and adorable comic!!!

shadowninja287's avatar

Gotta be honest here Why is Emiko even risking staying at this point? She's clearly worried for Erma and Sam so why stick around any longer?

FlaminghotAces's avatar

Easy. Because Osamu would find them and do horrible things to Sam. And I guess it wouldn't matter if they run away. He'd always find them.

ToxicGhost58's avatar

I understand the worry in her mother's eyes.

Estragon444's avatar

When I was small I had a habit of running off out of impulsive curiosity in places like New York City. Could never understand why it bothered my parents.

HyperMetagamer's avatar
glowworm56's avatar

Erma flying upwards for a better view was so cute though.

coldfire323's avatar

This has been so rough on her mom. :(

AmenKing1999's avatar

Couldn't let her daughter go for at least one minute, can she..?

nikbeatz10's avatar

Lots of saves are occurring, First Sam now Emiko. Nice Job y'all. You love to see it

MarioMario8384's avatar

ze momma Emiko must protect .w.

Space-between-spaces's avatar

Wow, she's got that look of "No!, Anything but my daughter!"

NeoNimbus526's avatar

Everything about this page is simply amazing, especially the way the background has been drawn out and it's simply awestruck and beautiful to see. :aww:

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