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Erma Update- The Night Parade Part 34



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shadowkyurem15's avatar

I wonder when the next chapter will be out. Maybe Brandon is working on Ermaween.

dempseyroll2019's avatar

ah crud that feeling where "I don't know if I should keep my gaurd up or not" is back again some how this time it's spine chilling like literally chilling I'm actually feeling, I ain't kidding the last part is giving me spine chilling fear to it, but, I have to keep it casual ^^

Author-L's avatar

I have a feeling the Mother is going to become a Mega Karen

shadowkyurem15's avatar

She's worse, she's Demon Karen.

Tigron666's avatar

I'm just gonna cross my fingers and PRAY nothing bad happens. We keep thinking there's gonna be a big fight, but what if there isn't? Like...what Emiko's family has gone through is all in the past, and there's really nothing little Erma can do about it. All anyone can do at this point is just move on.

terradefox's avatar

Wow we get to watch the other foot drop in slow motion! Fascinating.

Crydius's avatar

Erma has been here for, like, a couple of days and already she's managed to heal this family more than anyone could have in the last decade.

LoboTaker's avatar

How to ruin whole mood 101

zodiac36gold's avatar

So, first, Emiko's dress. It's just... wonderfull. And the wholesomeness of this chapter is filling my heart with joy.

Second, well, then they appear and ruin everything. Jesus christ I'm gonna enter this comic like Samara and kill those two.

oh they are there...

awesome comic!!!

It’s good to see you back!!! XD 😆

GrayLantern13's avatar
Shy-Guyome's avatar

And then there's THIS *sshole!

MonsterFan50's avatar

A nice gift for the favorite couple in town, but here come the in-laws, the truth if I was wondering what that relationship was like.

ChefGeoffExcellence's avatar
ChapoNegi's avatar

I hope things can go peacefully for them, but, I'm kinda sure it won't be a stroll in the park.

Prince-Ghast's avatar

Kentaro just couldn't give himself enough credits. Oh.. Can't be a good sign when Amaya is here..

glowworm56's avatar

Hey, get out of here, guys. We were having a nice moment.

nikbeatz10's avatar

To put it this way… “ah shit here we go again”

bugking11's avatar

At least grandma got dressed up for the parade. it's weird that her original outfit was more colorful than this. which is really weird seeing as this whole series is black and white?

OurGuild's avatar

Please don't mess up this good thing parents.

MarseT's avatar


(grandparents have reappeared)

NO! NO! NO! take it away! get out of here! we were having a nice moment! scary old people belong in the closet!

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