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Erma Update- The Night Parade Part 32



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It’s time to find a steady giгlfгiend. A lоt оf singlе ladies aгe waiting heгe ->

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the suspense is killing me ^^

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Everyone knows how you feel. Quite frankly, who knows what's gonna go down during the Night Parade. It could either be an organized matter or a chaotic mess in the making. For all we know a Blood Moon could happen which would symbolize that the Yokai are at their strongest and probably most aggressive state as well.

dempseyroll2019's avatar

oh dear, alright as usual stay casual but wary as well got it ^^

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Yep, anything can happen so it's best to be cautious.

joseph337's avatar

I knew everything was gonna be fine

OurGuild's avatar

I got a bad feeling about this, but dang Erma is super adorable. Emiko is afraid of her father but more importantly, wants her daughter to be happy.

TybayEclipse's avatar

Hello, your art is very good and I love it! especially your comics. The details and dedication you give are to be admired.

and I wanted to ask you if you would give me permission to use them in my YouTube videos.

I promise to give you the credits of course !! The channel is called fandom legacy ;-D

LoboTaker's avatar

She can withstand only, when she has Erma and Sam on her back.

still adorable!

wonderful comic!!

AmyNChan's avatar

She's a good mom, but ooooh my heeeeart!!!

nikbeatz10's avatar

The plot thickens can’t wait for the next one! How could anyone say no to Erma lmao

Osamu May think the past is meaningless, but the scars persist. To his surprise, Emiko won’t forgive him because she has other people to remind her of what true family is.

MonsterFan50's avatar

The wounds of the family can only be healed by the family.

GrayLantern13's avatar

Now let asshat dad know about it. Just because it's in the past for him doesn't mean it is for you.

Bassline88's avatar

Don't do it out of fear for your dad, but for the love your daugther

MarioMario8384's avatar

Erma's got her momma's back .w.

MotoNeko's avatar

Dude's an example for not only how you should act amongst family but also amongst monsters. He could probably befriend death himself if they met before his time.

glowworm56's avatar

Erma's little hand reaching out for Emiko was precious. :aww:

FluttershyFan227's avatar

i'm still waiting for the Cute Police to arrest Brandon! :3

NeoNimbus526's avatar

Emiko's very fortunate to have Sam and Erma by her side. :)

Crydius's avatar

Brave choice.

Potentially dangerous, but brave.

Knight-BIshop's avatar

A devoted husband and a caring daughter. What more could one ask for?

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