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Erma Update- The Night Parade Part 31



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Thanks I love it!

terradefox's avatar

I think I'm seeing where Erma gets her tendency to remain silent from. Them's genes.

TybayEclipse's avatar

Hello, your art is very good and I love it! especially your comics. The details and dedication you give it is to be admired.

and I wanted to ask you if you would give me permission to use them in my YouTube videos.

I promise to give you the credits of course!! The channel is called fandom legacy McCree OWL Emote (FTU)

joseph337's avatar

Just finish Erma design. Cant wait to upload it

OurGuild's avatar

Man. Drama is building up more. I wonder if their worries will be justified. Probably.

Crydius's avatar

I have so many questions...

First one: what the Hell happened in Hokkaido?

UltraMax160's avatar

I would like to know as well?

dempseyroll2019's avatar

that's what I was wondering too I just decided to learn about hokkaido, and they it's the coldest part of Japan, for simple explanation reasons ^^

vindurza's avatar

the emotions are hitting strong

LoboTaker's avatar

Poor Mayumi, I want to hug her so bad Kao Emoji-43(Sad waving) [V3] That's so sad, how bad she has to suffer during parade.

understandings have been reached...

wonderful comic!!

ZillaPrime's avatar

That was Mayumi I didn't see that coming .0. - NaNoEmo 29/30

MonsterFan50's avatar

It shows that she is his mother, she knows perfectly how to control the twins.

I guess not everyone likes attention.

ChefGeoffExcellence's avatar

My sense of sympathy is really overclocking.

So does Mayumi hide her face? Or does she have the ability to change her face?

And here I was thinking she fell victim to the Helvetica Scenario.

shadowkyurem15's avatar

As a Noppera-Bo, Mayumi has the ability to morph and change her face. It's often used by other Noppera-Bos to scare people for fun, but since Mayumi is shy and withdrawn due to obvious family reasons it doesn't seem like she uses it very often.

I like to think that for her, changing one's face is like putting on makeup.

Espeon-Master-Espo's avatar

And interesting page, and a lot was shown.

IT will be interesting to see how well the twins behave. As whatever their mother has one them... goodness.

AmyNChan's avatar

...I just wanna hug her...

FluttershyFan227's avatar
StringPetounPing's avatar

I think Mayumi should wear faces more often. Having some more defined expressions give a more enjoyable character.

shadowkyurem15's avatar

We all think she should do that. Kinda wonder how experienced she is in Face Changing. Bet she would give that Face Sculpting lady in Riften a run for her money that's for sure.

Winged-Stone's avatar

I'm actually fine with her remaining faceless. She's been very expressive whenever she's shown up, it's just more subtle through presence and body language. That said, I'm sure she'll get her time to shine before the story ends.

glowworm56's avatar

Mayumi deserves all the hugs.

Estragon444's avatar

Erma reached her before. Perhaps she could help now.

Prince-Ghast's avatar

So that's Mayumi's ability? To draw a functional eyes and mouth on her face like a canvas?

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