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Erma- The Last Piece Of The Puzzle

We have such sights to show you...
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Really funny, and cool. 8-) :thumbsup:

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I could already see the cenobite after saying his lines before looking down to see Erma waving to say...

Hey Erma, nice to see you again mind telling us how do you keep finding our puzzles because Pinhead would really like to know?

you are why i joined so thank you

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Can anyone tell my who that girl with the bow is?

Miko from the cafetria cartoon, she first appeared in heart to heart as a background character, and then free food chapter 22 Amy the blonde girl with braids calls her Miko

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She's just one of ermas friends. I don't know her name.

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I think its Miko.

What is a cenobite?

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It USED to be a very generic Latin term for a devout spiritual ascetic, usually synonymous in the west with Benedictine Monks, but it CAN apply to ANY type of specialized spiritual zealot.
This is one particularly UNUSUAL type, but they really have no other name for themselves.
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Wow it's a big Sans

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Oh God no oh God no

“You hear drums in the distance“

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Rap Attack tapped.

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What have you done
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Don't worry, they're safe. Hellraisers don't harm the innocent.

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Presenting "JIgsaw"....oh what wrong movie
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