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6 Fan Arts Challenge #2

Had another 6 fan arts challenge on my Twitter for warm ups while I work on the next webcomic chapters. Mainly of characters I don’t think I’ve ever drawn but were suggested by the followers. Lol

Arina- Waku Waku 7
Peacock- Skullgirls
Lupin the 3rd- Lupin the 3rd
Saber- Fate Stay Night
Shovel Knight- Shovel Knight
Sly Cooper- Sly Cooper
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I love how you drew Peacock and Shovel Knight.

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Good choices, love the interaction between them.

Arina is the only one im unfamiliar about, but the rest I could easily imagine them all being in a Tavern having a grand old time. Before Shenanigans ensue :)

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Oh shoot, I see something related to my fav fighting game <3 (even though I think Peacock is annoying as your AI opponent)

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Lupin the 3rd is the best

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My respect for you skyrocketed the moment you drew a fanart of Lupin. When will Erma get back with her Gramps? Oh and, how are you feeling. I know it's been 3 to 4 months since your operation but I was just "curious".

awesome pictures!!!

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Lupin the III! Lupin the III! Love his most recent movie. Also remember when he and Sly Cooper had the same english voice actor! Good memories.
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Oh, Waku Waku 7. I used to play that a lot, lol

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Tiny Peacock Smoke Emoticon PEACOCK! And I was just playing the Skullgirls app I opened my laptop.

Sly Cooper - Sly Series - Pixel Icon I miss Sly.

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Eyyyy, Sly Cooper~ ^w^

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Nice art and roster. :)

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Sly Cooper......I am happy to see you on this list.

Good Six Fanart Roster None the Less.

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Awesome job drawing each of the characters in your own style. :D

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Two great thieves on top of each other? Nice

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I have no idea on who's Arina, but I can see you have 3 Thiefs and 2 Knights... Well, 3 1/2 Money and Jewelry Hungry and 1 1/2 Knights.

You can't deny that in wrong.
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I mean I'm in The 2nd last Word.
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