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13 Days of Ermaween 2019- Day 11



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Would the button eyes really do anything to erma?

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Sure hope Erma's AU Parents aren't as bad as Coraline's other mother.

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Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh boy, if Erma's family and friends (who, last time I checked, meant EVERYBODY IN THE REALM OF HORROR) ever found this out.....well, let's just say "The Other Mother" and her whole dimension are learn what OBLIVION truly means.

TheScorpion0081's avatar

Connor's outfit is a bit overkill.

I love this!!!

CrazyCatStudios's avatar

I remember Me and my sister watching this Movie when it first came out on DVD, we thought that it would a nice, spooky themed family movie. I have NO idea what we were thinking!

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I actually seen the movie too when I was a kid, and, while I wasn't sure what to expect, I found the movie terrifying. I actually hated the movie for some time, just for the fact I was so scared if it. Haven't watch it till this very day. 
MetroXLR's avatar
You know what's funny? Emiko STILL looks normal even with the button eyes.
CrazyCatStudios's avatar

I guess it kinda works, if you're already a monster.

Tiela05's avatar

I love these comics and I love this movie.

Ladywhite12's avatar
I love that movie ^-^
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This film... I remember this film!
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Not good!  NOT GOOD!
D4rkR4din's avatar
run Run RUN!!!!!!!
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Interesting to see one of these crossovers where Erma seems to be in trouble opposed to just having fun with everyone. Plus the alternate versions of her friends and family look great on top of that.
LarioLario54321's avatar

Yeah; Leave it to Coraline to keep the same Dark Tone of the film even in a Light-hearted Webcomic like Erma. . .

ToxicGhost58's avatar
I agree, though I'm a little creeped out that the Other Conner is dressed like Prince Charming.
Van-Dunkelschreiber's avatar
ok Emiko is way more powerful than the Other Mother, and so is Erma
mankieace's avatar
True, i mean we are talking about yokai royalty members, and you get that type of status from power
42Dannybob's avatar
Erma D O   N O T
musizlover2008's avatar
I would have liked to see the Snatcher and Queen Vanessa together with Erma.
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Good morning friend, Whoa!!!!!!<333.
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