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13 Days of ERMA-WEEN: Day 11

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Today's the LAST DAY for T-SHIRTS! Everyone has until 11 pm Central Standard Time

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This picture has been on my mind lately. I keep seeing Erma in episodes helping Courage.
shadowninja287's avatar

Either Erma will finally have a decent barber to cut her hair or Fred will end up in the hospital. Either way the outcome should be interesting.

MasterBrattan's avatar
Welp, Fred is doomed.
DannyAndYoko's avatar

Fred is going to shave her head.

regnarter33's avatar
Don’t worry, Courage, you can trust her.
D4rkR4din's avatar
I always thought that show was very eerie, yet I still watched it.
cas20's avatar
Fred is gonna have problems.
LarioLario54321's avatar
Me: Erma, That dog's not scared of you, HE'S SCARED OF THE CREEPY BARBER THAT'S BEHIND YOU AT THE DOOR!!!!!
Neo-Omega-MK99's avatar
Fred, you aren't going to cut her hair right? Good luck....
DanomaruZenon's avatar
If he is, he's gonna need A LOT more than a simple barber's shaver to do the deed!!!
shadowninja287's avatar

He'll probably go through a lot of shavers if he attempts it.

salttea66's avatar
Forget about trying to shave the hair just think about surviving after trying
ViceN53's avatar
As a kid, I never knew why people thought that episode was creepy, until later on, I learned about child rape and revisited the episode.
cool1708's avatar
And thats when i did something NAUGHTYY!!!!!!
ViceN53's avatar
What's next? Scooby Doo? That'd be cool
darkvaatigirl's avatar
Thank you for turning my nightmares into something a little better than that.
Masterofcone's avatar
Poor Courage. Albeit, Erma is just the right amount of weird and scary for the setting.
MalainaKanda's avatar
oh boy, good luck on her hair dude, you'll have fun......Rose sweatdrop 
drmer's avatar I dunno, I've got even money on Fred here.
ZahiRaines's avatar
Let's be real. We ALL saw this coming
FireballDragon's avatar
"What an unbelievable head of black! Despite my efforts, it just grows back! She cannot bald, her hair will stay, forever on her, till the end of days. Is this an omen? A sign of fate? I see it now, but it's too late. My mistakes, I feel their weight, my burden of being... naughty."
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Yes!!! *Thumbs up*
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You sir, deserve an Emmy or Grammy. That was Spectacular. It's like Freaky Fred himself said that with his own words. You deserve a trophy for getting a character's way of talking/speech done right.
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