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13 Days of ERMA-WEEN 2021: Day 9

Colors By Kirsten Celander
Kirsten's Twitter:

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Sky-Frys's avatar

Not gonna lie. This is actually a clever visual gag.

OmegaZzyzx's avatar

This must have been one of your easier Halloween comics to write ;)

princedargon's avatar

A rare picture of Erma and John Cena.😆

MonsterFan50's avatar

I guess this must have been the most difficult drawing, hehe.

In any case, I like the way it looks, hehe.

AlanGBandala's avatar

Wait, is he naked!? 0_O

Mr-Dusk14's avatar

Captured his look all too well XD

Wait, can Griffin (yes, that's his name) cast a shadow? Pretty sure invisibility means no shadow.

AmenKing1999's avatar

How does a person, completely letting light pass through their body, cast a shadow?

I'm wondering the same thing.

very cute!

at least she is...

can't see him!

adorable picture!!!!

ToxicGhost58's avatar

This may have been the easiest one you've ever drawn! :D

Raja-Ulat's avatar

Assuming that you know Boku no Hero Academia, I can imagine Hagakure Tooru being in the picture too. XD

thenotunnameless's avatar

Ewww! What a scumbag! Getting naked around a child is disgusting and unacceptable!

woodya1's avatar

My Hero Academy. Her playing around only with gloves and boots. Can’t wait for someone to accidentally see her cause of his powers.

TheWubbzler's avatar

There's nothing actually there, she's just doing it for an effect.

FLASHFAN123's avatar

Get away from him, Erma! He's a bad man!

KaijuInfinity's avatar

Put some pants on, sir! Your near a child!!

GrayLantern13's avatar

Umm, since there's nothing there... does that mean he's.....

GODWHY's avatar

since light passes through him, would he even have a shadow?

shadowninja287's avatar

Looks like Erma found an imaginary friend.

Invisible Man: Imaginary!? I’ll show you imaginary! *Shoves me down the stairs*

Correction….not imaginary. Just an invisible jerk!

Nostalgialover808's avatar
KunKlo's avatar
FluttershyFan227's avatar

that must've been really hard to draw! how'd you do it!? :P

Robotnik1234's avatar

I was one of the people who suggested this.

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