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13 Days of ERMA-WEEN 2021: Day 8

Colors By Kirsten Celander
Kirsten's Twitter:

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Luckysweep's avatar

The Thing. The one monster to avoid at all costs. Don't run Erma, Fly for you life!

AlanGBandala's avatar

Finally, someone who put the original name instead of The Thing

Asclepios91's avatar

Don't worry Connor, Erma will not hurt the Thing.

DarkKomet's avatar

Tentacles need to be blue

Also wouldn't Connor be absorbed by the Thing?

kid, you are in WAY more danger than she is

awesome picture!!!

Grendelkin's avatar

Points for bravery, though.

Retro7's avatar

Oohoho nice. Using Connor was especially brilliant, haha.

blackfang-325's avatar

erma in poppy playtime erma in friday night funkin,

It looks like there’s an Imposter Among Us.

What would happen if Erma met the protagonists of the Little Nightmares games (if you’re going to draw this, please show Mono with his paper bag off, while Six and the protagonist from Very Little Nightmares have the hoods of their raincoats off, so we can see their faces)?

weirdnwild91's avatar

Hey, you did one of my requests! Awesome!

NZolozabal's avatar

This was also one of my requests. Great minds think alike I suppose.

weirdnwild91's avatar

Oh, that's cool. I just wanted to see something with a relation to "The Thing".

Sue-Zan's avatar

Not only is this a good story, but I love how Erma only needs a scarf in the dead of winter.

FLASHFAN123's avatar

Wait... wasn't "The Thing" based on "Who Goes There?" Isn't that the same thing?

GrayLantern13's avatar

Yep! The Thing is a movie adaptation of Who Goes There?, though I don't know why they changed the name...

FLASHFAN123's avatar

So does that count as a repeat? I thought we weren't allowed to submit repeats.

AmenKing1999's avatar

The Connor with the extra mouth is sus.

Nostalgialover808's avatar

Don't worry. Erma will know what to do like she always does. :)

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