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13 Days of ERMA-WEEN 2021: Day 7

Colors By Kirsten Celander
Kirsten's Twitter:

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soulSmith1's avatar

bruh. she needs it.

woodya1's avatar

I just watched this today. Waiting for new episodes. Poor Miko.

Flamewarrior111's avatar

Miko definetly needs a hug with what she goes through

Count-Author's avatar

The ironic thing is that the most terrifying spectre there is the one she's holding for dear life.

Raja-Ulat's avatar

That's one girl who can definitely use some friendly ghost/youkai company.

kinda crowded huh?

awesome and adorable picture!!!!!!!!!!

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Erma probably thinks those ghosts are rather goofy looking.

IlhamIman's avatar

Oh God, this is scary.

AsterHyakinthou's avatar

The manga is pretty good. Very creepy.

IlhamIman's avatar

I'm scared to even read this manga. I didn't know this one exist.

AsterHyakinthou's avatar

It's good shit, and IMHO less scary than most of Ito Junji's work because there's no body horror (yet, in any of the characters that aren't ghosts), so if you can handle any of his stuff, this one should be fine.

MonsterFan50's avatar

Many are waiting for the bus, hehe, this is scary, and it's still nice.

joseph337's avatar

I always keep up on ErmaWeen

Mr-Dusk14's avatar

Aww, she needed hugs

Only if there was an exorcist to help Mieruko.

ndedwards224's avatar

I love Ermaween. But I wish outcast would give some more info or a link to info about the pictures since my knowledge of horror stories is pretty slim.

NilanNguyen's avatar

There There, everything is going to be ok.

shadowninja287's avatar

What are the ghosts in the background?

CrimsonKaiju's avatar

They are just terrifying ghosts that only the human girl can see that constantly make her feel scared. In the manga they are just designed to look scary

purpledragon232's avatar

I just read volume 3 and was so happy to see this reference! 😭

Glad that she is hanging up with the only one ghost that’s not scary! :) ;):D :p

NeoNimbus526's avatar

Meurko's fortunate that Erma's with her when she needs it the most.

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