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13 Days of ERMA-WEEN 2021: Day 6

Colors By Kirsten Celander
Kirsten's Twitter:

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capnhands's avatar

why does Erma's friend look upset?

Daelencc's avatar

Those witches deserve it!

Robotnik1234's avatar

The mouse boy looks like Connor a little

Erma, forget the match, get a flamethrower.

Sue-Zan's avatar

Erma's dead serious with that match.

GrayLantern13's avatar

Erma ain't playin' lady, best to do what she's "saying".

XenoTeeth3's avatar

I know that Jim Henson also worked on the effects for this movie but man the head witch really looks like a skeksis

kena86's avatar
mangamasterLeo's avatar

I didn’t notice until now that Erma is holding a match. Basically saying, turn him back or else!

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Yep, she ain't playing around that's for sure.

GrimoireDiabloWeiss5's avatar

When will anyone ever learn, A cornered rat will claw, scratch and bite back. ITS A SIMPLE FACT AND RULE OF LIFE.

FlaminghotAces's avatar

Erma:"Do it, or die, lady. You're choice!"

I like how the rats make a fine ribbon with the rope

Charlie2210's avatar

It is especially the integration of Sydney in this story that has me more.

Children and rodents must not be harmed.

FlaminghotAces's avatar

They never should.

woodya1's avatar

Original Witches are better than new “Hey, look at me. I’m just like disfigured people you see every once in awhile.” Witches.

Oh, my god, I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid back in the 90s! God, I'm old! And Sidney would be mad at this witch with a capital "B".

oh that's EPIC!!!!

wonderful picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosyart1234's avatar

Yay turn him BACK!!!

SorenMaelstrom's avatar

Oh! That movie was awesome! I wanted as a kid such a contraption in the end scene, for a pet exploring the whole house.

MonsterFan50's avatar

Burning the witches, a classic, so far this is my favorite.

VilosaLight's avatar
ChefGeoffExcellence's avatar

Erma rolls for intimidation with +20 advantage.

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