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13 Days of ERMA-WEEN 2021: Day 12


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Colors By Kirsten Celander
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Even when she giggles she's cute! jyttbttgtxhjgd

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Matthew: "Sorry boss, gotta do what the sign says!" * PECK* *PECK* *PECK*

death is as adorable as Erma!

wonderful picture!!!

gizmo01's avatar

This little girl got some really cool friends :D

zodiac36gold's avatar

Even if this is a book from Neil Gaiman it reminds me so much of the saga "Pandora" created by Licia Troisi. The girl there is litterally identical to Pam, tear included. Well, only difference is that she is smiling, Pam never did that.

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asdfghjkl :giggle:

Odd request: Can you, or someone, list the character names? I can't remember them and it's a bit frustrating ;w;

From left: Destiny, Delirium, Dream, Death, Destruction, Despair, Desire

Comic Drake has an explaination about them on Youtube: The Endless: DC's MOST POWERFUL Family! - YouTube

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...I think Daniel/Morpheus would work better than the original in this case.

NilanNguyen's avatar

Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum.

Mister Sandman, bring me a dream. Make him the cutest that I've ever seen. Give him two lips like roses and clover. Then tell him that his lonesome night are over.

teharlan's avatar

Destiny looks more irritated than Dream

CptStrider's avatar

Probably because this was nowhere written in his book...

MonsterFan50's avatar

Companions for a little joke.

Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar

Where’s Gilbert Green?! She should join him in breaking the Corinthian’s teeth with a sword stick, all three sets of them! Afterwards, She HAS to go play hide and seek in Fiddler’s Green!

Austria-Man's avatar

Ha, ha; very funny!

By the way; Death is my favourite character of the comic.

LoboTaker's avatar

OK, this is funny and cute at the same time XD

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Erma and Death Endless get along so well. Would be funny if Death decides to be a babysitter.

Austria-Man's avatar

Yes; she should make a cameo.

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Indeed, I have a feeling Death would be an enabler of sorts.

NeoNimbus526's avatar

Nice to see Erma and Death getting along as best buds already. :D

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