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13 Days of ERMA-WEEN 2021: Day 11

Colors By Kirsten Celander
Kirsten's Twitter:

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Cecil475's avatar

Oh, Hey Christine!

Luckysweep's avatar

Out of all the horrors that Erma has encountered this Erma Ween, this is one of the only two that I would personally encourage her to avoid. Rabies is not something to just be friends with as it does not and can not care. Just have their victims put down to stop the pain.

The Sematary cat, however, could be quite the companion for her dog!

Artmalex's avatar

I didn't know what Cujo was at first. I though it was somekind of demonic dog or something, but its just a raging dog, red due to the blood of its victim. But who's the cat?

SouthJerseySam's avatar

HA! And the cat from Pet Sematary too! Nice touch!

joseph337's avatar

I wonder how the mailman feel

MonsterFan50's avatar

Something tells me that he will need backup.

I don't know why, but the dog catcher reminds me of the Nostalgia Critic.

Awesome Erma:)

Nice doggy

I don't think Sirius even has teeth...

awesome picture!!!!

ivanlerma's avatar

I've Hated this movie, the idea of a killer dog is terrifying, i had to hear a kid crying while he was in the car no thanks to this film(YES this was in the film).

PrincessGalaxia9's avatar

Bro, I felt so horrible for this dog. He's suffering from a horrifying disease and can't control himself. At least he dies in a day or two.

ivanlerma's avatar

So, is that what made him out like this? i almost pity him.

PrincessGalaxia9's avatar

Yeah, he got bitten by a bat and contracted rabies from it. It's very sad.

ivanlerma's avatar

oh, that's pretty upsetting. If only they helped him.

PrincessGalaxia9's avatar

They really couldn't, unfortunately, bc he attacked everyone he came across.

ivanlerma's avatar

That's Truly a Shame

Sue-Zan's avatar

Dog catcher can't catch a break. Also, I didn't think dog catchers were a thing anymore.

shadowkyurem15's avatar

He just wants to hug you with his teeth.

Bassline88's avatar

No need to be scared, they just want to play

Garassi's avatar

I see at least three Stephen King references here. Cujo, Christine, and that cat from either "Pet Sematary" (book) or "Cat's Eye" (movie, but probably a short story somewhere I think?) 😽

Cat's Eye was pretty good, at least the girl got herself a pet

Gell-pen's avatar

is that Church up there too??? I love this

RinaChiba's avatar

I was thinking the same thing about the cat. ^ ^

DeathofInk's avatar

Ha ha, that story was terrifying.

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