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13 Days of ERMA-WEEN 2021: Day 1

Colors By Kirsten Celander
Kirsten's Twitter:

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thieviusracoonus's avatar

I wonder, has Erma done Goosebumps yet?

If so, which drawing was that?

well they seem to be having fun

Sulfelerin's avatar

I'm not sure the guy hitting on the babysitter does a good job. :P

adorable and spooky!!

wonderful picture!!!

MonsterFan50's avatar

It's a good start, at least we know that no one will die before they finish that ice cream.

FluttershyFan227's avatar

great work as usual, Brandon! Keep it up!

yellowpikmin88's avatar

It’s a good thing Fear Street is a bookie series cause the movies were awesom!

zodiac36gold's avatar

Since this year Ermaween is mostly books I'm gonna go and find those, and read them. Maybe all of them.

Beautifull, as every thing you do!

The spook season has begun! Samhain nears!! The monsters roam free and I am EXCITED!!!

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Erma making friends no matter how eccentric, morbid or creepy they are.

Nostalgialover808's avatar

My sister loved that book series.

MrNintMan's avatar


Space-between-spaces's avatar

I remember reading Fear Street and a lot of the Goosebumps stuff when I was younger. R.L. Stine may have written stuff directed primarily at younger audiences but man was his work interesting even when I got older.

NeoNimbus526's avatar

Nice of Erma to make some friends on Fear Street. ;D

NilanNguyen's avatar

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

FlaminghotAces's avatar

So, it has begun! Ermaween! =D

Ermas making ne friends left and right. No matter how dangerous they normally be.

DeathofInk's avatar

Erma continues to make friends with the creepiest of horror icons.

DCDGojira71's avatar

Nice! Can you do a artwork of Erma with Devilman?

XrosGaia06's avatar

classic or crybaby?

thesword's avatar
Charlie2210's avatar

And then. Nice, Erma's new friends. Although it is obvious that these are bloodthirsty teens.

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