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The Toa- 176- I am that Power


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Fade To Light


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Pose study 115


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Stan Lee

Stan Lee Tribute

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Guide to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Welcome to our recap of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the 2009 second anime adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist. This anime directly adapts the completed manga, so has a completely different story arc from the first. So much so that three quarters of the 2003 anime were done about 20 episodes into Brotherhood. As such, the first part of the recap will sound very familiar. In the military state of Amestris, alchemy is a major form of science. It can be performed using transmutation circles, and can only be carried out within the laws of science and equivalent exchange. Our heroes are brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, young talented alchemists who live in Resembool with their mother Trisha Elric. Too bad Trisha dies of vague illness, prompting the Elrics to resurrect her using the taboo human transmutation. This backfires spectacularly, as they encounter Truth, a godly figure who trolls those who break the laws of nature. Truth destroys Ed’s left leg and Al’s whole body as


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The Wonderful 101 Ending Screen Wallpaper high-res

Transformers, Toku, and Superheroes

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Death Battle Arena: Jake Long

DEATH BATTLE ARENA _________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Jacob Luke Long Age: 14 Race: Human (Dragon-Blood) Title: The American Dragon Bio: An ordinary kid from New York, Jake was an average teenage kid who liked skateboarding and trying to impress girls. That all changed when his grandfather came to America and informed him of his heritage. Jake was the descendant of mighty dragons and tasked with the protection of all magical creatures. Thanks to his grandfather's training, he was able to accept his dragon heritage and rise to defend the world from the Huntsclan and other magical th

Death Battle

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Alphamon: Seiken -OMEGA-


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TRANSFORMERS - Cybertronian Raystorm

Zero Productivity - Tyrranux

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#2812. Cup of Hootles - Illustration

Random Stuff

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Okami and Fate

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Grimmwoods: The Knight of Treachery

Maleficious Empire

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It's a long way forward, so trust in me


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Once upon a time...

Princess Tutu

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Future Reunion Sailor Moon

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Persona 4: Signs of Love (Yukiko's story final)

Persona 4 Signs of Love

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MangaDCCU: 7 Sea Samurai Swordsmen- Apprentices


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Patreon Fullbody club: April

DrCrafty and FionaFrightening

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The Toa- 176- I am that Power

The Toa

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Combiner Wars RiD Prime/Fire Convoy

Beast Wars Future

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5YL Volume 3 Cover

5 Years Later

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Chapter 2 Page 004

Disaster Dog

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Metroidvania- 3- Who the hell was that?


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