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Too long.
Sup guys.
Miss me? ; u ;
Sorry for the super long absence. I've been busy with college and life in general lately; it's all gotten pretty crazy. Lots of hard classes, going to graduate in about three semesters, boys ugh, home stuff, etc.
I've drawn some since last time, though mainly doodles and sketches. But I'll throw some of them up anyway.
I've been thinking of making an art tumblr lately, but I haven't yet. I'll post another journal with the url if I do.
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If you don't want to read my long rant of not knowing what I want to do with my life, just skip to the bottom bolded part for the awesome announcement.


So for the last couple of years, whenever someone would ask me what I wanted to do for a living, this was my answer: Become and English teacher for high school or college and work on my nature photography during the summers.
Well, that was more or less a coverup. Just something I could say to hide the fact that, excuse my language, I have no idea what the fuck I want to do with my life.

See, I love my photography. It's the one thing that I love doing no matter when, where, or how I'm feeling. I just get lost in some other world whenever I'm following a bird, or find new and interesting scenery. It's something that genuinely makes me happy, and I love practicing it and learning new things for it. However, photography is tricky business. Until you become highly known, it doesn't exactly pay well.

So I've been thinking of jobs that I could do that would give me time to work on that, and that I would actually enjoy. My first thought was a teacher, since they get most of the summer off. The more I think about it though, the less I want to do that. I love writing, and I can be a stickler for grammar. But after looking at the classes that I would have to take, it just fills me with such boredom that I want to crawl under something. So, I thought about art. Well, since they're taking art out of schools now, it would be hard to find a job. They also don't pay too well. I've thought of other careers that I might enjoy (welding, mechanics, woodworking, wedding/people photographer, chef), but they just don't....strike me as something I'd be wanting to do for the rest of my life if my photography career doesn't take off.
Now here's the new part. I've uploaded some of the animal inspired dresses I've designed. It was something I decided to do out of the blue, and it went extremely well. I actually enjoyed it a lot. I took a few requests, including a koala one for one of the students a year behind me. He works a lot with the theaters and is into drama. He recently started a drama club at our school that will start up, I'm assuming, this coming year. He asked if I would be the head of the costume department. I gladly accepted, and also offered my photographic skills as well. (I also may be taking a few parts. Haha...oh boy....I only accepted that to maybe help get over my anxiety of speaking in front of other people).

After accepting the job, I started thinking. What about becoming either a freelance or residential costume designer as a living? I tried to look into it, but there seems to be different opinions and no straight answer of how well they are paid. I guess it just depends on who you're working for. A designer for a play in a small town would certainly get paid less than someone designing a completely original costume for a broadway play. I would also have to work my way up the ladder. Working as a seamstress or something first, then a pattern maker, etc. But, as I'm going to be getting experience now, and I have so many opportunities (with the new fine arts building in town and such good schools for the arts so close), I think I could really go far with this.

I just really need some more opinions. I could ask my family, but my mom is more concerned with money than whether I'll like it or not because she thinks that no one really likes their job, my dad is basically the opposite and would support me with whatever job I had if I liked it even if it paid a dollar an hour, my grandma is about the same way, and the rest of my family...Well...Not to say that they wouldn't be serious about it, or that I don't trust them, but I'm not sure I want to base my life career on their opinions.

Now usually I wouldn't be worrying too much about this, but as I am going into my junior year of early college, I'm getting to the point that I will be having to pick classes and electives that correspond to my future job. See my dilemma?

I just wanted to get a few opinions and write this down to get it off my mind.

Plus, maybe if this account is famous one day, my new watchers can look back and see how hard it was for me to choose whatever I end up doing. xD


Now for those who didn't want to read all that:
I got a job as the head of costumes/costume design/photography for my school's new drama club. I'll probably be uploading pictures of my work and of their performances here once we get started. The boy that asked me to do this might also be able to get me a similar job for our towns fine arts center. Yaaaay! c:
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I still have like 6 freebie drawings that I promised.
I'm so wiped from my family being here and I really want to write, not draw, right now.
I don't know what to do. I'll feel like crap if I don't do these freebs but ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just thinking of picking up my tablet makes me want to crawl under a rock. And if I even try to draw while feeling like this, they'll turn out horrible.
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Care to watch?
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Well, I was grounded from everything for the last week or so. So, in that time I literally had nothing to do but chores, draw, or read. Drawing won most of the time. So I finally started my drawing studies. (Wow, it really took all that to get me to practice .__.) So yeah. I'll be uploading a huge sketch dump of all the figures, sketches, pose studies and blah blah blah I did. I also think I got some real drawings done...I can't really remember. I know I did get one of a humanized Mordecai and Rigby done, or as much done as I could without a reference.

I also need to make a floor plan or something of Zach's mansion. I keep forgetting how it's laid out and where everything is. :iconverynotimpressedplz:

I could've sworn there was A LOT more (intelligible) stuff I was going to write in here, but it's midnight and I'm wiped. I have poo brain. -insert Jake gif here-

Also, I suck at making titles. :iconshaplz:
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Drawing armor is hard. =^=
I've been working on Outrage's King look since yesterday and was drawing until 1:30 this morning. Out of 4 poses I have one finished and the other 3 just have the basic shapes. ; ^;
And I still have to draw his look without the armor, both armor and armor-less looks for Outcast, design both their crowns, and figure out what I want the lycan demon kingdom's symbol to be. OTL So much work.

In other news I've recently become addicted to computer games again. My love right now is Star Project, but I'm also playing Seaworld Tycoon, My Candy Love, and just about anything else I come across. xD
Don't judge me...This is what happens when both of my roleplaying partners can't/won't reply and I'm in the mood to roleplay. I HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING TO FILL THE VOID! Which, recently, has been fudge and otome games. > u >;

Just thought I'd update you guys. Bye~
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Real name: Lance Mathias Pearson

Birthday: April 22

Age: 22

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 149 lbs

Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, black tail, fangs, just above averagely built, always wearing his collar, ring and stud in left ear, cuff on right, white/silver ring on right ring finger

Personality: Outrage is very laid back and calm. He's wary of people when he first meets them and has a 'guilty until proven innocent' view on people. He is extremely protective of those he loves, especially his little brother. He's a caregiver at heart and has a major soft side. He can be quite motherly, and also loves animals. However, he typically doesn't let people close enough to know that because of his take on them. OR has a bad temper and looses control of his powers easily. He is mostly triggered by anything threatening himself or Victor. He often acts on impulse, and his temper gets the better of him more times than not. He gets himself in trouble mostly from his mouth, speaking a lot of times without thinking first.

Likes: Being alone, quiet, rain, Victor, libraries/books, fruit especially citric ones

Dislikes: Crowds, loud noises, being threatened, the past

Powers: Along with all the normal powers for his kind (heightened senses, strength, speed, etc) Lance controls shadows. He inherited more from his parents, being the first born, so it's hard for him to control especially when he's in an emotional state.

Song(s): Prayer of the Refugee- Rise Against, Blurry- Puddle of Mudd, You Can't Take Me- Bryan Adams

Other: -Lance is straight, but has never had much of an interest in finding someone. He's more focused on protecting Vick.
- Lupine people go through stages just like humans. When they're little (0-7) they have wolf ears. When they become preteens (7-14) they get their fangs. When they become teenagers (14-21) they start learning their powers and fighting skills, they also are able to get rid of their ears. When they become adults (21) they get their tails and strengthen to their full potential. Usually they can disguise themselves to look like humans by getting rid of their tails and other features just like their ears, but Lance has yet to get control of his power and so he has his tail all the time.
- Lance remembers more than Victor, but he pretends he fully lost his memory so he doesn't upset Vick.
- He used to smoke, but found that he wasn't really addicted to the nicotine, it was just the action that calmed him. Call it a mental state. He still smokes sometimes, but most of the time they're fake. He actually really doesn't like the smoke since it reminds him of the night his home was destroyed.
- He's also an adrenaline junkie.
- As a child Lance was the kind of kid who would ask everything about anything. He loved giving things to people and seeing them smile, especially his mom. He was a bit of a momma's boy.
-Lance has a lot of medicinal skills from having to take care of Victor so much.
- Works at the school's library.


Real name: Victor Michael Pearson

Birthday: May 25

Age: 19

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 143 lbs

Appearance: White hair, dark blue eyes, average build, ring and stud in left ear, cuff and ring in right, black ring on right ring finger

Personality: Outcast is practically the opposite of his brother. He is energetic and loves everyone. He would make friends with a brick wall if possible. He is kind and gentle and loves being around other people. He's adventurous but clumsy and often gets himself into trouble. He has a knack for injuring himself, but always smiles through it and OR's lectures as he fixes Outcast's wounds. Despite his clumsy and happy-go-lucky nature, Victor is very smart and good with words. He keeps a cool head and gets Lance out of trouble a lot with his sweet talking. It's one of the reasons so many people like him.

Likes: Sweets, Lance, being around people, laughing

Dislikes: Sour foods, being alone, not knowing where Lance is, lying

Powers: Along with all the normal powers for his kind (heightened senses, strength, speed, etc) Victor controls fire. He has yet to figure out how to use his powers. Like Lance, his only come out when he's in a lot of danger or emotional trauma.

Song(s): We've Only Just Begun- Run Kid Run, Dark Horses- Switchfoot, Take Me As I Am- FM Static

Other: -Vick is bi-sexual. He likes everyone, but he hasn't exactly found anyone he really loves.
- Victor is still teenager, so he hasn't gotten his tail or refined powers yet.
- He hates fighting and gets scared easily. He usually lets Lance take care of anything that comes up.
- If him and his brother fought together, they would be practically unbeatable since their powers work together.
- Vick has a horrible sweet tooth. He's almost stolen before to satisfy his cravings.
- As a child Victor was actually really shy. He always hid behind Lance or his parents and if he had to talk he would just whisper to them, and have them say it for him.
- He hates Lance smoking, even if they're fakes. He'll tackle him if he sees him doing it.
- He's in his last year of high school.

(Doing these bios a little differently)

"Hide in here. Don't come out until it's safe. Lance, protect your brother."

Her eyes are shining, holding tears back. They are sad, but happiness lurks under them.

"Lance. Victor. I love you."

Her voice wavers and I know she's being strong for us.

Those are the last words my mother said before she set the lid back on the barrel me and my brother were hiding in. I hold Vick in my arms and smooth his hair, trying to calm his shaking form. I peer out an open knothole to see her running out the door. I see shadows on the wall outside the door frame and she runs the other way. A few seconds later men I don't know run past the same spot. One stops in the room and I hold my breath and my ears flatten down instinctively. After a quick glance down Vick understands and stifles his sobs. His ears fold back as well. The man surveys the room before moving hesitantly out to follow the rest. I exhale and can feel my heart beating again. I look down again at Vick huddled between my arms and legs. He's shaking again. I give a sympathetic sigh and hold him closer. Waiting for this all to be over.


My surroundings blur into and out of focus. I feel like everything is in slow motion and on mute. The burning castle, the crumbling towers, the falling wood, even my own body. My blinks and breaths and heartbeats feel like they each take an eternity. I can barely hear the rumbles from what is happening around me. I slowly turn to try to take it all in. I see bodies and death everywhere, but one stands out. The white hair is distinguishable, though it is covered in black and red. Soot and blood. Suddenly everything is back. It moves at a normal pace and a loud crash makes me flinch. The sounds are cacophonous. Screams, crashes, animal calls, explosions. They all blend into one maddening noise. I am focused on that body though. I try to walk to it and for the first time I realize that I am actually sitting, not standing. I try to get to my feet, but I am unbalanced and fire hot streaks of pain shoot through me, making me fall back to where I was. But, I am still focused on that single body. I crawl to it slowly and roll it onto it's back when I reach it. Like I thought; it's Vick. I pull him into my lap. I am now the one shaking. How did this happen? How did we get out here? I can't remember. Not only that, but I can't remember things about myself as well. I remember Vick and a few memories of us. I remember my mothers words, but other memories of her were cloudy. I can't remember my father. My mind begins to spin with the questions and I can feel tears forming, but a cough snaps my attention back to my brother's body. His familiar dark blue eyes shudder open.


He chokes out my name before lurching into a violent coughing frenzy. He lays back across my legs when he finishes.


He swallows roughly and I nod. He must've breathed in a lot of soot and ash. I look around for something to fulfill his wish. But everything is burning. I'm searching for blue in a mass of red, yellow, and orange. I become frantic when he goes into another coughing fit. There will be nothing in the courtyard that we can get to without going through more fire. Or at least I believe we're in the courtyard. It's too hard to tell.

With the fire spreading and no sign of anything drinkable I decide that it is too dangerous to continue sitting here in the open. I'm not sure who the men were, but if my mother wanted to protect us from them then they must be dangerous too. Where we are, we're practically sitting ducks. I shift so that Vick is behind me and I crouch into a kneeling position, then pull his arm around one of my shoulders. I notice that I am covered in soot too and my throat begins to ache for water as well. I try to ignore it, and the sickening sticky feeling I have noticed lining the right side of my head, as I heave his other arm onto my other shoulder. His weight plus the fatigue makes me want to collapse, but I have to get out of here.


His head moves on my back. Good, he's still alive.

"I'm going to get us out of here. Hold on as best you can. Ok?"

His arms tighten around my neck in response. I then gather all my strength and force myself to a wobbly stand. I let my legs stabilize under me before trying to take a step. I stumble to the left but catch my balance, breathing hard. Then another step. I lean to the right, but I'm steadier. Then I take another. And another. And another. I focus on my footsteps and breaths. Step. Breath. Step. Breath. They fall in rhythm and before I know it, I am at the gate. There is a lake that feeds the moat not far from here. Water. I take a quick look back over my shoulder. Our home is gone. The magnificent stone walls have crumbled and lay in piles on the ground. Everything burns and I know that no one I know, save Victor, is still alive. Without a second thought, I step over the threshold. That place was no longer my home.


I wake up to a wooden ceiling. I stare at it for a while. This is not my room; my room has a stone ceiling. Then I remember. My room is gone, along with the rest of my home. But I should be at the lake with Victor. I shoot up from the strange bed. Victor. Where was my brother? I see him sleeping peacefully across the room. The soot is gone from his hair and he has a bandage around his head. I look down at my own hands and see they are clean and bandaged as well. Confused couldn't begin to explain my feelings. Where were we? How did we get here? Who cleansed and treated us? How are we not dead?

I close my eyes and rub my forehead. I am now aware that the noise of your own thoughts can give you a headache. I'm too busy focusing on trying to get it to go away that I don't notice the woman come in. Only her voice makes me realize there's someone else in the room.

"It's good to see you awake. Are you hungry?"

I want to ask her who she is and all my questions, but the sudden groan of my stomach and the weariness that follows makes me forget everything but eating. She laughs and exits the room. Her laughter is warm and puts me at ease.

If her laughter hadn't, her food certainly would've. Though it isn't anything as fancy as we would have at the castle, it is delicious.  The cheese on the bread slices tastes different; it's richer and creamier. I vaguely wonder how I know the food in the castle is different, but I'm too engrossed in the food to question further. I devour multiple helpings of bread with cheese, along with some grapes, an apple, and possibly a gallon of water. By the time I finish my feast, I'm ready to sleep again. But I have questions.

"I don't mean to be rude, miss, but who exactly are you? I only remember heading to the lake with my brother, but we're here."

I look around.

"And I'm not exactly sure where 'here' is either."

The woman nods solemnly.

"My name is Ellena Carrow. This is my home."

I nod, patiently waiting for her to go on.

"I was out getting water for my animals when I saw you two near the lake. I had a friend of mine help carry you here and I've been treating you since."

Since? Her choice of words raise another question.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"A few days. Maybe three. Neither of you has woken up until now."

I give a mumbled 'mm' in response and look down.

"You should rest. Your wounds are still healing."

I look back up and study her. Wavy brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Probably in her late 20's. Her skin is dirty, but in a nice way. It's just enough to give her texture and tint her skin a light tan. Her face is kind and she seems like the kind of person who would laugh a lot. Her hands are slim and calloused. Dainty and hardworking. I imagine them carefully wrapping bandages around each me and Victor's wounds and I decide I can trust her. I nod once more at her suggestion of rest and lay down on the bed, wrapping the blankets around me.

The next day I awake once more and begin walking around. My body aches all over, even with Ellena's care. Within a few hours of being up, Victor wakes as well and I help her prepare food for him. During the next month, our bodies heal and return to normal. My memories stay foggy, however, and Vick's memories seem even cloudier. Though I believe his was just his body's way of coping instead of being hit by a flying piece of tower like mine. I know because I have the gash to prove it.

After we healed, Ellena enrolled us in the school. I became distant, seeing the faces of the men who chased my mother down the stairs everywhere. I didn't trust them or the way they looked at us. I suppose they didn't trust us either. We were werewolves after all and no one, including us, knew how we got there. After the first day I decided I wanted to keep something special just to me and Victor. When we talked we decided it to be our names. We would be the only ones to know our names. No one had asked us before we made the pact, so it worked. We made aliases for ourselves. I simply took mine from what I was already called at the school for my temper, Outrage. Vick wanted to match me in some way and named himself Outcast. I found it a bit of an odd name for him, since he was so friendly, but he explained it. He said that we were both outcasts. We didn't know our pasts, our family, what happened, or much of who we were. We were different from the people in the town, and we would be different from everyone wherever we went. We were wolves living among humans. After that, the names began to stick. People would call us O.R and O.C, or just R and C. We began to fit in and learn more about where we were as well. We were in a small German town, somehow we had made it from the other world to the human world where Ellena had found us, and our memories would probably never come back. Me and Victor were fine with that though. We had made a new life in the Carrow home and it was good enough for us.

We left when I was 12 and Vick was 9. Ten years later, our lives would change once again.


Lance and Victor are the princes of the lupine kingdom. The Yin and Yang princes to be exact. They got the nickname because although they are the complete opposites, they work together better than anyone. You can't have one without the other. There was a war going on during the time they spent there, but they never knew about it. One night the castle was attacked and destroyed by one of the enemy armies. Their mother, the queen, saved them by hiding them and acting as bait. After the war was ended and peace returned, the kingdom rebuilt and returned to its glory. It has been run by a stand in for the last few years, but when they discover that Lance and Victor, the rightful royal family, are still alive. They send the reaper to find them and bring them home. However, the two don't remember anything about their royal blood and are reluctant to accept such a responsibility.

Wow that took a long time to write. x_x But I like writing the bios like that better.
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Needed to save this somewhere. It probably needs some tweaking here and there, but it's mostly complete.

Name: Zachary Sebastian Foster

Birthday: November, 13

Age: 23

Height: 6'

Weight: 158 lbs

Appearance: Black hair, bright blue eyes, skinny, fairly built, light tan complexion

Personality: Zach is laid back and kind at most times. He can be very charming when he tries and has a sweet tongue. In bad situations, however, he can swing to one of two other personalities. He can be so calm he's practically emotionless, or he can be on the verge of insanity. Zach doesn't like this part of himself, as he often loses control of his power.

Fears: Zach has an irrational fear of open water and drowning. Although it isn't near as bad as when he was little, he also still has small cases of Aphephobia, the fear of being touched, and Scopophobia, the fear of being looked at or seen. These two rarely manifest though.

Likes: Water, the color blue, most animals, glass statues, books, quiet places, music, sweet foods

Dislikes: Open water, hospitals, confrontation, spicy foods, memories or nightmares of his past

Tracklist: Sail-Awolnation, Love is Noise-The Verve, Goodbye-SR-71, I Need Some Sleep-Eels, Savin' Me-Nickelback, What I've Done- Linkin Park, Sin with a Grin- Shinedown, Hand of Sorrow- Within Temptation, Prayer of the Refugee- Rise Against, Monsters- Matchbook Romance, Into Yesterday- Sugar Ray, Fearless- Falling Up, Broken- Lifehouse

Bio: Zach was born into a normal, loving family. He grew up as a normal toddler until he was four. A few weeks after his fourth birthday, it began to snow. While he was playing in it, Zach noticed that he was able to mold the snow into something a lot more detailed than anyone else. He showed one of his creations to his mother, who slapped it out of his hand and told him not to do things like that. At the time, a lot of people had been born with odd "powers". Many of them were in gangs and used their powers for selfish reasons. Zach's mother was terrified of anyone with powers. Seeing that her son had one, she became afraid of him as well.

After she learned of Zach's power, his mother joined a cult. They promised her they could get rid of Zach's oddity. While his father was away at work, his mother would have the cult members come over to their home. Zach was abused, tortured, experimented on, and beaten. While his mother believed it was to turn her child back to normal, the cult really could do nothing. They did it for their own pleasures and gains.

This went on for two and a half years until one day Zach's father came home from work early and discovered what was going on. Zach had wanted to tell him before, but the looks his mother would give him told him that the next time would be much worse. So, Zach stayed quiet. When his father found out what was going on, he divorced Zach's mother and took custody of Zach. They moved to a new neighborhood and his father raised him, trying to undo the damage that had been done. By now, Zach was terrified of being touched and was developing Scorpophobia. After a few years of love and therapy, he began to return to normal. However, that wouldn't last long.

A few months before he turned twelve, the cult that had tormented Zach returned. They killed his father and almost killed Zach, but his powers fully awakened. He clenched his eyes closed as a hand came towards him. He prepared to be choked, but nothing came other than a chill through the room. When he finally opened his eyes, the room had been completely frozen. Ice lined the walls and floor and the people that were there were all encased in it. Zach stayed in the room, paralyzed with fear, until he was found by the police.

Zach was sent to an orphanage, where he lived until he was eighteen. He refused to go to any other family. During his time there Zach was quiet. He spent much of his time on the roof and rarely interacted with any of the other children, who were wary of him. He only showed attachment to one of the helpers there, and would follow her around silently, sometimes helping with her responsibilities. When he was eighteen, Zach had no problem leaving. He inherited what his dad left for him, which was mostly everything the man had, including a large sum of money. Zach bought a mansion and car with the money and moved in right away, decorating the giant house with his beloved water. For a year he never left the house unless he needed to, but he became lonely. After being in the orphanage with so many kids, the house was empty. The nightmares and memories that plagued him seemed to only leave if he was in the presence of someone. Thus, he began looking for someone. With his calm and mysterious demeanor and looks, he had no problem finding people that were attracted to him. His girlfriend soon began living with him and the nightmares lessened. His scorpophobia was still lingering underneath though. During a fight his girlfriend became angry and wouldn't leave his face. She was about to slap him, when he moved. Water broke from one of the displays and sliced through her neck in response. Zach was scared of what would happen to him if anyone found out what had happened. He got rid of her body in the river by his home. This began his serial killing streak: bringing girls home wanting to get rid of his nightmares and killing them when they tried to leave or looked at him with hatred.

Powers: Zach has the ability to control water. Seeing as how water is everywhere (the air, blood, the ground, etc.) he is never really away from it. Whenever he is in a situation where he is scared or extremely nervous, he will lose control of this power. This most often manifests in some kind of ice. Zach is almost always cold, except when he's in water. He wears his trench coat everywhere and all the time, even in the summer. He is usually seen with a scarf as well.
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New semester, hurrah.
Stuy Hall
Spanish 2
Spanish Lab

Plus, I still have yearbook stuff to work on. x.x

So yeah. Other than classes, I also have to do the online drivers ed which is pure torment. 30 hours of required and timed reading, 37 quizzes, and 11 tests.  Seriously?! And all because they lost my test. -.-;

Anywho, yes I AM working on my anatomy studies and drawing improvement. It helps so much that I sit right in the front of Biology class and there's a map of the whole muscle system right next to me. Unfortunately, it's a male and I really need help on my females. But I'll take what I get. It's a ton of help either way. :)

I also feel old. I took Algebra I 2 years ago and now Andrew and Katrina are taking it. Andrew asked me for help on this one question. I looked at it and it was like 'what the fuck is this?!'. Seriously. I'm 2 or 3 classes ahead, and I had no idea how the fuck to do it. xD I feel like my parents when I ask for help and they had never even learned the stuff I'm doing. x.x
I have no idea what I've done with my life for the past...3-4 years? Yeah...don't remember anything from 7th grade till now. I mean I can think of bits and pieces, but not enough to think a whole 3 years has gone by. I mean seriously. I can't even remember ANYTHING from 7th grade. What the fuck was I doing back then?

Also, my temper is back. Bad. I've been biting my tounge and keeping myself from throwing things at people, but barely. It's horrible. Honestly, put me in a bartender's outfit and give me a cigarette and I'll be feme Shizuo. As much as I love Shizuo, wanting to beat the shit out of everyone at school isn't a great way to be walking around. You literally feel like a ticking time bomb and you feel bad for whoever the poor soul is that's going to light the final fuse. I'd feel like crap if I actually did something and would have to be all "I'M SORRY, I DIDN'T MEAN TO SAY THAT! MY ANGER DID! THIS ISN'T THE REAL MEEEEE!"....I don't know....
Funny thing is, my fear of public speaking has gotten even worse. x.x I got over it for a while, but I had to give a presentation in English and I swear I felt like I was going to start shaking and fall over and have to crawl back to my desk. >.> CURSE YOU CONFLICTING EMOTIONS!
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Old one was too cluttered with, well, old stuff. Personal things as well. Figured I'd just make a new one for my serious art and use the other for favorites and watches.
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