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The most random face tutorial

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Oh. My. God. XD !
I don't know what to say. I never made any tutorial. Well, now I did. Er - Should I be happy with it? XD

Edit: Over a 100 favs now. w00t!
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well done! I'm pretty ransom myself. anyway, thanks for the ideas 
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Great tutorial :D
It's lovely ^___^
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Noses! Pikachu want it  made of lines, not shading! YAY. I've been looking for that way but couldn't find many examples!
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Thank`s a LOT!
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No offense but you still draw eyes a wee bit too far apart, and don't put enough room between the nose and lips. Other than that, very nice!
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I know, this tutorial is over 5 years old now and I've been thinking about making a new version because it still gets so many favourites and comments, even when I feel it could be improved a lot. Thanks for your comment :)
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cool mabe you can tach me sume things
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Very helpful! Thanks so much!
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This is wonderful :la: Thank you for sharing this!
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Thank you so much for making this! It really helped!
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you this art excellent very good
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Good tuto, simple and clear ^^
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it's awesome :D that helped me a lot :)
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i love this tutorial. it has helped me so much
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it's super great,, i loved it,, especially the ears it's wonderful
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i think this is very good. i had trouble on noses and this helped me a lot! thx
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this was super helpful im trying to go more realistic and this is real good
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Beaautifull mmuch? *MUAH*!!
[link] GOOOD JOB!!More?[link]
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Super helpful for a newbie like me!! Thanks :D
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