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(DL) Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk and Playing Cards

Featured on Equestria Daily: December 28, 2017 Link


The Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk and the playing cards
Includes both .PSD and .PNG Files so you can make your own cards List of card in this set are in the note card in the zip file

Works in SFM and GMOD

Make your own cards here…

Big Thank you to Dracagon :icondracagon: for helping with this

(Millennium Puzzle is not included)

Male Duel Disk updated
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quick question, how to u add custom cards to sfm when you create them through

goldorakx69's avatar

i wish to found dark magician girl outfit for pony, i want to put it on Twilight, Unicorn and Alicorn version!

GamerNeta00's avatar
Where's the link to download it in gmod
karkovice1's avatar
Who knew Twilight was such a gamer? =P
beaniesteve21's avatar
i love YU-GI-OH!. 
bubbles46853's avatar

I had an OG Duel Disk once.  Mom gave them away, though.
Dakari-King-Mykan's avatar
I wrote a whole fanfic of the ponies dueling... only instead of using duel disks, since they lack opposable hands and digits, they use special podiums like those old duel stadiums.

Their cards are auto-drawn, and placed in a holster before the pony like holding cards in your hand, and to play them accordingly, all they have to do is touch them and the location, it's that simple
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How can you edit the front face of the cards?
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There's a PNG in the zip folder to use. Place that in an art program (like GIMP of Photoshop) and then find the front face of the card you want to make and place it as a separate layer over top the card PNG (in the spot for it of course).
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I figured that out.
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Is it possible that you can do a version of the duel disk for humans plz 
BPBludgeon's avatar
I've been looking for Duel Disks in Gmod for quite some time. Thanks for this. ^^
karkovice1's avatar
I didn't know Twilight Sparkle was into this sort of thing. =P
Blackbelt2297's avatar
this brings back a lot of memories. 
mattwo's avatar
This might come in handy for when I review something YuGiOh related.
Hero361's avatar
Hahah awesome, this brings back so many memories
TaishoBee's avatar
Wynet's avatar
Doesn't have any sence, how they do grab the cards without any fingers!?      :v
melika567's avatar
Impressive, for a fan of YuGiOh like me
sjf95fighter's avatar
Will the Puzzle be uploaded separately?
Also, great. There was an animation I started working on a while back that I'm going to be returning to thanks to this
Out-Buck-Pony's avatar
sorry it won't be I never made it and the person who did no longer has a devientart account
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