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(DL) Ocellus

Featured on Equestria Daily: April 6, 2018…

The Changeling student Ocellus as seen in the season 8 episode 1 and 2 "School Daze"

I want to thank
Dracagon :icondracagon:
for all the help given in the making of this model

Works for both SFM and GMOD

Download Thorax here (DL) Reformed Thorax

Download Pharynx here (DL) Reformed Pharynx

Download the Reformed Changelings here (DL) The Reformed Changelings
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Thank you for the model, very nice.

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Hope to see a reworked model of Her, the Reformed and the Royal Brothers. Not saying the models are bad, they're okay. It's just the heads and ears that need work.
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I wonder if sandbar will be made for sfm?
you are awesome

are there a bob biceps in your plans?
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ARE we going to get models of the rest of the young 6 anytime soon?
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heloooooo! anypony home?..... can I please have a response if anypony here is alive? if I dont hear a response I will work on the assumption that you have died somehow
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sorry I didnt make a responce I have no plans on making the rest of them I got other projects I am working on so I will leave it to other model makers
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I can imagine ocellus getting into a bit of trouble after reading the war of the worlds.. how you might ask? shes a changeling she can make things happen like in the following scenebuild comic………
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She really is a cute changeling. :)
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when will models of the other students come out? I plan to do SOOOOO many gallus x sandbar scenebuilds! as well as some other scenes
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Oh, a 3D model for Ocellus! :D She looks good.^^ Are you going to make the rest of them?^^ Silverstream, when? :D
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Awesome! Ocellus is so awesome and sweet! Working on the rest of the Young Six?
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Already?  You guys are fast.
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permission to make u a preveiw pic??? i can make some preveiw pics for u (not the best tho) we can work it out i offer changes if the pic doesnt look good to ur standard

just look in my profile
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That's one down. Five more to go.
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Not surprising she's the first student to get a model. Nice job!
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