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Ask True Blue tumblr 605

(MOD) I would like to encourage anypony/body to make a picture enjoying the party you don’t have to if you don’t want to

Sorry if your OC or character isn’t in this but SFM crashed on me 4 times while I was making this

asknightwolf / NightWolf-Da-Pony :iconnightwolf-da-pony:
askpinkiepyro / Hellhounds04 :iconhellhounds04:
cynicalflitter / cynical-flitter :iconcynical-flitter:
ask-bounty-hunter-aj / kukotte :iconkukotte: (had to give her 3 cases of boozes for this)
dj-star-beats / StarBeatsPonyArtist :iconstarbeatsponyartist:
ask-wyld-and-shade / WyldFyr56 :iconwyldfyr56:
von-klerks / askvonklerks / vonklerks :iconvonklerks:
skyrimfiredragon / SkyrimFireDragon :iconskyrimfiredragon:
DelsinLightNeutron / GreenMint4265 :icongreenmint4265:
ask-wintersnow / Shaboodleguitar :iconshaboodleguitar:
mod-madclicker / Shaboodleguitar :iconshaboodleguitar:
askfirejadedragonyFireLapisJade :iconfirelapisjade:
vamponylovers :iconvamponylovers:
derek-the-rper / derek-the-metagamer / Derek-the-MetaGamer :iconderek-the-metagamer:
LokosFermincho :iconlokosfermincho:
ask-shadowwingandrainbowdash / theshadowon :icontheshadowon:
kasidesi / Kasidesi :iconkasidesi:
GMODSFMROCKS :icongmodsfmrocks:
DatDerpyMuffin :icondatderpymuffin:
Austin624fan  :iconaustin624fan:
askcarmo / sjf95fighter :iconsjf95fighter:
roomatesandbestfriends / Regicidefriend :iconregicidefriend:
JarusKais :iconjaruskais:
gamepad-the-gaming-pony / thekingofvideogame10 :iconthekingofvideogame10:
ask-heavenspark / JCTheAllStar31 :iconjctheallstar31:
atlasandphantom / fusionguybrony :iconfusionguybrony:

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Ask me anything you like on Tumblr Link
Or to anypony that don’t have a tumblr account ask me a question on this Deviant page Link 

to see the boomerangs I made go here
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karkovice1's avatar
Looks like I wasn't invited. :(
Regicidefriend's avatar
it's cool. by the way what's this map called?
Out-Buck-Pony's avatar… the SFM download link is in the description of that page
Regicidefriend's avatar
got it. thanks. ^^
anideterm3's avatar
XD oh dusty and fire breaker. 
vonklerks's avatar
Why am I dressed like that
Kasidesi's avatar
Yeehaw a party!! :3
Out-Buck-Pony's avatar
great party from what I remember but the morning with a hang over and a screeching filly in my ear not fun
LokosFermincho's avatar
This song sums up what happened that night:… =P
LanceOlleyFrie's avatar
Rhapsody: I wasn't invited?
GreenMint4265's avatar
I don't know how to work Source Filmmaker, so yeah, I won't be making one part of it with my OC, sadly. Hope you understand, True Blue. But it was fun seeing myself in there (Not a Unicorn sadly) to have some fun at a party! ^^; :) :D
cynical-flitter's avatar
obviously i am the best stripper
Out-Buck-Pony's avatar
well somepony had to be there to make sure :iconnightwolf-da-pony: behaves himself :P
MelodiousMarci's avatar
i thought that was Amberrose's job XD
SpiritWolfOfIce's avatar
i would have missed this if i wasnt watched to you mate XD
Out-Buck-Pony's avatar
I knew I forgot to tag some pony :P sorry about that
WyldFyr56's avatar
I get the same problem with my +50 watchers pony version, it also crashed 4 times before get it done and couldn't place all the OC as well ^^'
SpiritWolfOfIce's avatar
WyldFyr56's avatar
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