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Ask True Blue tumblr 548 (300 followers)

I want to give a BIG thank you to all 300 followers on Tumblr and the 185 watchers on Deviantart

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ask-lord-ducksworth / cynical-flitter :iconcynical-flitter:

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ask-bounty-hunter-aj / kukotte :iconkukotte:
askcarmo / sjf95fighter :iconsjf95fighter:
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gamepad-the-gaming-pony / thekingofvideogame10 :iconthekingofvideogame10:

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von-klerks / askvonklerks / vonklerks :iconvonklerks:
derek-the-rper / derek-the-metagamer / Derek-the-MetaGamer :iconderek-the-metagamer:
LokosFermincho :iconlokosfermincho:
askinsanejack / theshadowpony1 :icontheshadowpony1:

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asknightwolf / NightWolf-Da-Pony :iconnightwolf-da-pony:
ask-heavenspark / JCTheAllStar31 :iconjctheallstar31:
winterslynch / Winterslynch :iconwinterslynch:
ask-shy-heart / Shyheartsfm :iconshyheartsfm:

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ask-gmodsfmrocks / GMODSFMROCKS :icongmodsfmrocks:
ask-wyld-and-shade / WyldFyr56 :iconwyldfyr56:
ask-shadowwingandrainbowdash / theshadowon :icontheshadowon:
ghostlead400 / Doofreedee :icondoofreedee:

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askoptimus-prime / DanielFRod :icondanielfrod:
karkovice1 :iconkarkovice1:

If your OC didn’t appear I am very sorry but it dose mean a lot to me to Thank you and here is to the next 300 and beyond next milestone 400 followers

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Ask me anything you like on Tumblr Link
Or to anypony that don’t have a tumblr account ask me a question on this Deviant page Link 

to see the boomerangs I made go here

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DarkHerobrine99's avatar
Wow amazing and I'm on this Picture *Smiles Evily*
GreenMint4265's avatar
Congratulations, True Blue! :) :D
Winterslynch's avatar
Lynch: Congrats! PARTY!!
Doofreedee's avatar
Congrats! Ghost:IT'S TIME TO PARTY!
Shyra-Dragonfly's avatar
JezzaRat's avatar
I'll drink to that! Well done buddy! ^^ *hands you a beer*
DatDerpyMuffin's avatar
It was an honour watching you ^^
cynical-flitter's avatar
the pain of tagging everyone
Out-Buck-Pony's avatar
you can say that again but worth it
WyldFyr56's avatar
MGlitch's avatar
I like the duck the most. So gentlemenly. 
anideterm3's avatar
Drive: I'm glad to share the love with you Ivory Shadow.*blushes* 
DanielFRod's avatar
Thank you!

Optimus: "I like holding this creature"
RedAceOfSpades's avatar
Derek-the-MetaGamer's avatar
Aww you forgot to put Glasses on my OC.
MelodiousMarci's avatar
for some reason i am unable to find your tumblr

EDIT: i found it XD thanks to NightWolf-Da-Pony
SpiritWolfOfIce's avatar
You're welcome blue you deserve every watcher and follower on tumblr,  here how about i shout you a drink at the pub to celebrate eh?
DragonFighterMR's avatar
300 and counting.
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