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Ask True Blue tumblr 26

This is going to be one of them bloody days

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Ask me anything you like on Tumblr Link
Or to anypony that don’t have a tumblr account ask me a question on this Deviant page Link

to see the boomerangs I made go here

made with Source Filmmaker True Blue owned by me

Panel 2: Silverlay and Twilight from the Comic Seeds of Darkness link from EStories :iconestories:

Panel 3: Green Lantern Fluttershy link

Panel 4: firefox link and internetexplorer link

panel 5: Doctor Whooves and Derpy

panel 6: Scout Dash

panel 7: Slenderpony

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Did anyone else see SlenderPony in the last panel?

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Oh, Silverlay and Twilight...

Anyreference of them from ES is bound to get you followers XD
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Was sent here by :iconestories:

:iconout-buck-pony: :iconsays3plz: What the f*squee* is in this coffee???

:iconkarkovice1: :iconsays3plz: I don't know, but I want some! :D
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:iconout-buck-pony: :iconsays3plz: if you want it mate you have the rest of it
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lol xD coffee does that to me too xD jokes
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(Slendermane is watching)
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then comes a random slender pony :3 gg
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I liked this, and I like people using the Silverlay model. Nice work.
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That coffee's almost as terrifying as Applejack's cider. xD
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Yeah, I read that before posting this comment. xD
Absolutely brilliant.
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and then there are those time when even AJ would question what was in that cider…
Bravo-539's avatar
AJ's too distracted. xD  Rainbow Dash isn't missing a cue to suspect the cider, though!
That's really funny... xD  Wonder why I haven't seen it yet?  I'm watching him...
JizzLizz's avatar
must have been Big Mac's special brew or........ :icontripplebrohoof1plz::icontripplebrohoof2plz:  Cutie Mark Crusaders Cider Makers 
Bravo-539's avatar
Oh gosh, they totally would. xD  That or they brewed a potion for Pinkie to try out, in which case they're really good at it...
Judging from the way their shenanigans usually end up, though, they probably just made some ridiculously strong cider.
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lol maybe it was them who made the pinkie moth
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Thank you so much for adding me to this and I'm really sorry for the late reply (still no internet).

It really made me laugh xD
Out-Buck-Pony's avatar
I understand no internet and no worries I'm glade you liked the joke and I hope you get it back soon
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