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G’day the name is True Blue I am from Aushaylia just moved to Ponyville to get a new start I make bits doing Carpentry work but my true love is making boomerangs due to being raised by my father who was an earth pony I never learned magic so I suffer from magical build up so by orders by Princess Celestia I am learning basic magic from Twilight Sparkle on my free time I play computer games

to see the boomerangs I made go here

made with Source Filmmaker True Blue owned by me
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carbon steel: hi I'm steel i work as a guard for princess celestia. i have a message from her it is as follows 'nick nack patty whack give a dog a bone' oh sorry that's a nursery rime for my filly metal lilly the real message is your filly has entered a new level of cuteness we dubbed 'mega cutness'
you don't make just wood tables and chairs do you have any different interests? or hobbies? beside playing video games?
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Bleeding Heart: Have you ever watched Pony.MOV?
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(To true blue and dusty)May I ask how you you two met
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I already answered this a long while back and next time can you ask questions here…
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Sorry and yea sure :3
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True blue and dusty how was your honey moon?
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Do you,wanna be very good friends? I sure could have a lot more friends
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Do you have a crush or do you already have a date
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