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Born in Aushaylia and raised by his father an earth pony named Fair Dinkum.  

He never knew his mother she died when she was giving birth to him Fair promised that he would raise him the best he can. Being unable to teach him any kind of magic True Blue or Bluey was raised like an earth pony because of that he suffers from magic build up headaches that he can only relieve when rubbing his horn on a tree. 

He received his cutie mark when he was 7 years old when his dad gave him a boomerang that he hoof made himself 1 throw of it and he had so much fun with that boomerang his cutie mark appeared. 

This is where his story gets a bit sad when Bluey turned 20 years his life took a turn for the worse when his father got sick from cancer True did everything he could to make sure that his father was comfortable even taking over his father’s carpentry business but his father lost the fight.  

Heartbroken Bluey fell into a deep depression he felt he needed a new start to he moved to Ponyville where he set up his new carpentry business to keep his father’s memory alive when he isn’t patching holes from a normal day in Ponyville he is making Rarity’s fainting couch’s.

One day when dropping off 1 of Rarity’s orders he had 1 of his magic build up headaches and rubbed his horn on a nearby tree Rarity reported him to the Princess’s Luna almost locked him away when Celestia figured out the magic build ups and organized him to have magic lesions by Twilight Sparkle.


Now his life is happy married to his foalhood friend Dusty Notes with a daughter Jazz Notes  

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G’day the name is True Blue I am from Aushaylia just moved to Ponyville to get a new start I make bits doing Carpentry work but my true love is making boomerangs due to being raised by my father who was an earth pony I never learned magic so I suffer from magical build up so by orders by Princess Celestia I am learning basic magic from Twilight Sparkle on my free time I play computer games

to see the boomerangs I made go here

made with Source Filmmaker True Blue owned by me

Tumblr post on deviantart start here

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hey there. I'm wanting to try & put Yugioh cards in my own SFM animations, but I don't know how to put certain cards into it. could you help me on that?