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Sleeping beauty by OursIsDead Sleeping beauty :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 1 2
untitled A.
Somewhere deep beneath my disguise,
under the smiles, jokes & the lies,
Theres something else,
Someone with charm,
someone with the confidence,
to do you all harm.
Yet i am willing,
to throw my mask to the wind
to give myself up and let it be free,
because i can't breathe,
because i can't see,
because when you destroy me,
I fall to my knees.
When i'm up late, on fiery nights,
When my eyes start to gleam,
and my soul stretches tight.
The patches begin to tear at their seams,
whats hidden reveals itself,
in my heated screams.
My mind begs to take leave,
as i am left broken and slain.
That is when the lining tore through,
When i accepted defeat,
When my sanity began to fade,
and i fell to my knees before you.
I am giving my soul, in trade for a sin,
as light fades to darkness,
i allowed shadow in,
and i sold what i knew.
With nothing else i could do,
Down on my knees,
I gave into you.
:iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 2
Flowering Cacti 2. by OursIsDead Flowering Cacti 2. :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 0 Flowering Cacti. by OursIsDead Flowering Cacti. :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 2
7 letters of confusion
Forever …7 letters and a life time of meaning.
Life times seem like forever…Forever and a day….An extra day just so you don't have to see me pass on…because I'm willing to let you go first…
Watching you die…
That could seem like forever…ever and ever and ever…the list just continues on…
Then there's the extra day I have to wait, without you…wandering if there is existence after existence whether existence is being forever trapped in sleep, entangled in dreams.
Or is it a whole day of memories flooding my waking moments and my sleeping ones?
Memories taking over my reality.
Reality damning me to a day of forever remembering…so Forever does go on forever…Same as love really, and love only has 4 letters…and a lifetime full of meaning, soul and passion, passion for life, for someone elses life…it's better then forever…it's eternal, eternal is a word that expresses forever and love and soul…Which slowly fade to just an ember shining bright..But just one word, one touch, one look can re-igni
:iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 1 2
The Awakening
A young girl stared at her roof, eyes wide with wonder. She had been in bed for atleast an hour and she still couldnt sleep. I had been warm that night so she had done something she had never done before and completely undressed before slipping between the cool sheets of her bed.
Whilst settling herself for sleep she'd accidently brushed her hand against thethe skin the of her inner thigh. something inside of herhad twinged at that very momentand though she was tired the stirring in the pit of her stomache wouldnt allow her to sleep.
so she lay there, staring at her roof, wondering about the stirring in her stomache the way it seemed to creep up inside of her. she allowed her mind to wander through stages and eventually to what it would like to be touched and feel someones wrm finders inside of her, their hot breath against her skin. She shivered at the thought, a tingle goingup her spine. Absentmindedly her hand came to rest just below her belly button, she left it there, still thinki
:iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 5
Mature content
Amanda's story. :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 4
fractured 2 by OursIsDead fractured 2 :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 4 fractured 1 by OursIsDead fractured 1 :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 4 and i can see by OursIsDead and i can see :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 4
falling over. 1
I can't remember what it was like with you
I can't remember the happiness that came with you
all I have is this stupid gutted hole
and I can't stand it
they took your life
and left me without my soul.
And my heart and my head, I'm losing the plot…
I haven't stopped drinking and running around wildly free. Yet trapped by the sorrow, I haven't mourned yet, I haven't even allowed myself to think yet…
They haven't noticed since when did they do that?
Drinking in front of them, drunk around them.
I'm downing as many tablets as possible to drown out the memories
to drown out the sorrow, the shock that you're gone.
I know this isn't the way, I know this isn't helping, but…I just can't make myself care, if you couldn't make it, the strongest person I know, then how can I, when I'd fall over if at the smallest blow?
Don't think I'm fine; don't think about me at all. One more person says they're sorry I swear ill kill them, you're sorry?? What the fuck do you think I am! Don't tell me I'm coping
:iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 1 4
wino? by OursIsDead wino? :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 4 Ryan by OursIsDead Ryan :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 3 The van of Jess 2 by OursIsDead The van of Jess 2 :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 8 the van of jess by OursIsDead the van of jess :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 5 hold me. by OursIsDead hold me. :iconoursisdead:OursIsDead 0 2


The Darling Buds by ColinPortfolio The Darling Buds :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 86 43 the glance of a girl by ColinPortfolio the glance of a girl :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 374 50 SpiderGirl by ColinPortfolio SpiderGirl :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 35 22 For Valerie by ColinPortfolio For Valerie :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 33 12 Autograph by ColinPortfolio Autograph :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 7 2 Cleopatra by ColinPortfolio Cleopatra :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 39 9 in the company of by ColinPortfolio in the company of :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 28 8 Noticed 2 by ColinPortfolio Noticed 2 :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 2,118 972 Radiant Red by ColinPortfolio Radiant Red :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 34 11
The Light Place
Im so confused
buried deep under the ground in my suffocating casket
I lie inside my prison
my hell nailed shut
someone take me out
someone let me breath again
i never have made sense to this world
and yet in that brief second in your arms.. when time stops
I make sense
I just make sense
as a person or a monster i just make sense
i don't know how to explain it really
some things in this word just cannot be explained
Like love, Horror and even reality
Unfortunately those will never make sense.
But darling somewhere in me believes
I still believe
We can and will make it through
I will escape from this wooden prison
and be warm again
instead of this cold i will feel the warmth of your love, your arms, your kiss
and i will escape from this horrible world i have been imprisoned to
and let myself live on in the world that i call the light place
this light place
its hard to explain really
its just where the darkness evaporates into the sky and no matter what
there is always light
the world ma
:iconrazoredrose:RazoredRose 2 3
Stockings and Shoes, Ms. Easy by photogoddess
Mature content
Stockings and Shoes, Ms. Easy :iconphotogoddess:photogoddess 739 106
Crying out
Can't you hear me scream?
My vocal cords are stressed again
I won't be able to talk at all
I'm trying to make a noise
Something strong and to the point
But there's nothing here but weakness
There's only failure and isolation
Lashing out
These actions aren't my own
There's some hand destined
To control the strings above me
I want to stand up tall
But my wheelchair argues with me
These compound fractures strain
Splintering the muscle decay
Falling down
I'm not like you
So unlike the entire positive
Feelings and pointed minds
I can't be strong like you
I hardly even act it
But I can't see the good
If there's any to be had
Stressing out
These dreams suffice
To squeeze my mind into a vice
To keep me broken down at home
To keep me locked up and alone
I'm dying to meet a friend
To go somewhere and to pretend
That anything could ever happen again
Still I imagine
Some life I had
Some alternate reality
I wish was me instead
:iconadamh23:adamh23 1 1
My World of Clockwork by RexBAti My World of Clockwork :iconrexbati:RexBAti 7 9 Disease of nature by MrColon Disease of nature :iconmrcolon:MrColon 4 11 lightwall by ColinPortfolio lightwall :iconcolinportfolio:ColinPortfolio 13 4 Infinity by DeadRising Infinity :icondeadrising:DeadRising 1 7



Artist | Literature
Current Residence: melb
Favourite genre of music: Metal?
Favourite photographer: Jean Jacque Andre
Personal Quote: sometimes you just never know
and havent really posted anything in ages
i have been taking photos. but i havent really written anything.
i havent been unhappy i s'pose, and thats why i havent written much.
That and after writing and then typing 2,000 min word history essays (of my own accord i dont get forced to write that many words lol) every 3 weeks, im kinda over the whole writing thing...

but i will try again!!!!

as for the photos, my standards gone up and unless i think its the most awesome picture ive ever taken EVER it wont go up.
so il push myself past that and put them up anyway as soon as im at home and can. :D
  • Listening to: nothinnn
  • Reading: nineteen-eight four George Orwell.
  • Watching: BLACK BOOKS!!! and redVSblue.
  • Eating: i will be eating maccas apple pie :D
  • Drinking: tea


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