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Meditation stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Meditation stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 2 0 Weress stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Weress stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 0 0 Petrychor stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Petrychor stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 0 0 Enigma stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Enigma stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 1 0 Summoning stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Summoning stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 2 0 Windir black stamp - transparent by Ouroboros-Stamps Windir black stamp - transparent :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 1 0 Ensiferum black stamp - transparent by Ouroboros-Stamps Ensiferum black stamp - transparent :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 0 0 Ensiferum blue stamp - transparent by Ouroboros-Stamps Ensiferum blue stamp - transparent :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 1 0 Trobar de Morte stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Trobar de Morte stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 0 0 Enid stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Enid stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 1 0 Embrio stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Embrio stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 0 0 Elend stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Elend stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 0 0 Philosophy stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Philosophy stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 0 0 Paul Rumsey stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Paul Rumsey stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 2 0 Theodor Kittelsen stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Theodor Kittelsen stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 1 0 Olivier de Sagazan stamp by Ouroboros-Stamps Olivier de Sagazan stamp :iconouroboros-stamps:Ouroboros-Stamps 2 0
Journal Graphic-Bar 1 by Momma--G Journal Graphic-Bar 1 by Momma--G

Feel free to use what you want!

Free Use Icon by RainbowPanda1699

How to use:

:bulletblack: Choose a stamp and click on it.
:bulletblack: Scroll down the page and copy the code under the "Thumb" title
ex: :thumb000000000:
:bulletblack: Paste the code any where you want.
ex: journal, ID...

Random Favourites

Wodensthrone Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Wodensthrone Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 3 0 Drautran Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Drautran Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 3 0 Astral Silence Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Astral Silence Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 3 0 Borgne Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Borgne Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 5 0 Vinterriket Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Vinterriket Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 6 0 Darchon Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Darchon Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 3 0 Graveworm Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Graveworm Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 7 1 Funeral Mourning Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Funeral Mourning Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 3 0 Brocken Moon Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Brocken Moon Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 2 0 Evilwar Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Evilwar Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 2 0 Fyrnask Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Fyrnask Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 4 2 Moongates Guardian Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Moongates Guardian Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 2 0 Emyn Muil Stamp by Raiden-Silverfox Emyn Muil Stamp :iconraiden-silverfox:Raiden-Silverfox 4 0 Walknut stamp by wolfenchanter Walknut stamp :iconwolfenchanter:wolfenchanter 3 0 Midnight Odyssey stamp by wolfenchanter Midnight Odyssey stamp :iconwolfenchanter:wolfenchanter 7 0 The Devil's Blood stamp by lapis-lazuri The Devil's Blood stamp :iconlapis-lazuri:lapis-lazuri 7 6

In this account you'll find stamps of various metal bands, of various genres, subgenres and other musical styles that might be interesting... 

You'll also find stamps of artists, philosophy, literature and other things like that...

I'll rarely make any stamp of something that already exists, with the exception that I don't found it or want to do a different version, then if you can't find something, go to favourites and browse! I just favorite stamps, and many!

(I don't do or favorite just what I like most, I do it to organize a collection of stamps with something in common to be shared in just one place)

Over time I plan to organize them by folders (gallery and favourites)

Why do I do it? Because I think these things should have more visibility!
(And because I've had much free time lately, and this is something pleasant to do to pass the time)




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Are you a metaller? Then join in the fun and share your art and love for the community!


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TheDarkHeretic Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2016
Hey, first of all - thanks for the watch :) and welcome to deviantART !
By the way, cool stamps, - keep it up ^^ !
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Thanks for the watch.
DaemoniumNocturnal Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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DaemoniumNocturnal Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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