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Am I the only one who gets random people trying to attempt a debate and then they block you?

Dude, why did you even put the effort in?

Even when I loose a debate, I don't block the person unless they are harassing me.

This does not mean I'm against blocking people. If they're being outrageously stupid, ignorant, bullying, stalking or harassing you: Feel free to block their asses.

Because I put quite a few controversial stamps up, I do get quite a lot of debaters. And most of the time they're really nice people. But then I get morons who are like: "LULZ YR WRUNG!!!11!!" and when I question them on it, they block me?

And I'm like: "Dude? What the fuck?"

And then I get the ones that are like: "Ohmaigawd you babiee killar! Yr mummy should uf abortedz U g0 killz yrself!!" and then they block me.

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monstermaster13Hobbyist Writer

I did nothing to DarkandDefiant but he/whatever they are dedicated a crappy complaints forum thread about me. All I did was make fun of the comments they were making, some people just don't have a sense of humor, yes I am aware the original version of the story was terrible but at least I had an excuse...and besides someone who spells like someone who tries too hard to be a real version of a Homestuck character. And yeah i'm sorry but i'm the victim of that and not Defiant, also agreeing with Emily 'Suck On This Werejohncandy' Rees already put him in the wrong.

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36TheoryHobbyist Writer
DeviantArt forums in a nutshell.
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GreatHuntWereBearHobbyist General Artist
Thank you dude/dudette for making this stamp. I am blocked by a person called SailorMoonFanGirl, despite the fact I have never talked or even walked to her profile ever before in my existance. Why? And also I found out journals of other people who have been blocked from her for trivial or zero reasons. Well, apparently a person drew some pictures as a gift for her birthday and acted kind to her, yet after the two days passed (because you can't re-block a person until 48 hours have passed) she blocked him again. I wouldn't be surprised if she has half the population of the entire website on her blocklist. And it's mostly of people who haven't done anything wrong, which means that she is doing this without a justified reason. This is evidence for abusing the block feature on Deviantart.
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AlucardioBrandoHobbyist General Artist
Hey dude, sorry if I am stalking you however you aren't the only one with this issue. I am also blocked by the person called SailorMoonFanGirl despite the fact I have only spoken with her once and I have never harassed her- it was an accident and 
a misunderstanding. Also I am blocked by Valenya-Lotus for the same reason, or lack of therefore. Honestly, I don't know 
was it because I didn't reply to her comment, because I didn't fave her art, because she doesn't want the accident to repeat, because they have different opinions and tastes in stuff or another reason? Well, then this is ridiculous and they are being blockfags who abuse the block system. What should be done is the administrators moderators people should disable and remove the block feature on this website forever. There are people like SailorGirl and Sizumi-Hikari who use it to block people for weird or no reasons whatsoever. This website has turned into a garbage dump with the community being worst in the whole Internet world.
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DawnFelixHobbyist General Artist
The funny and stupid thing about those people is that they claim they are not coward when they block someone. Trixie Sting Rolling eyes 2 (mocking version)
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Sia-MonHobbyist General Artist
Recently, I was agreeing with an anti-otherkin stamp. Someone got angry at me in the comments and before I was able to fully elaborate on my point, they blocked me.
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I never liked it when people do that. The last time I used the block feature was when I encountered a spammer who posted the same message on my suggestions. 
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Symbiote-GodProfessional Writer
I'm putting two people on spot. In my OPINION, they are just terrific examples of people who blocked after they reply to you once. There are more, but these people are fairly recent. I'm really sorry for ranting, but I-I need to do this :XD: just to get it off my chest; like people like this disgust me

So we have this bloke called xXLordOfSinXx edgy ass name I know. So basically, I was in this forum; something about the Pope. He said the Pope supports Trump and calls a REPUBLICAN (because obviously, the Pope is an American and is a member of the Republican Party). I corrected him on that the Pope wasn't Republican.

And he responded with this: "He IS a Christian republican for fucks sake you stupid asshole ignorant moronic idiot!!! 😡"
like stfu
>proper mature reply
>an eleven-year-old could probably say that but that's insulting kids

And guess wot, he blocks me (so it looks like he decided to an L and forfeit the debate). Admittedly I would have lost had he blocked me, so cheers for that.

And the second person we're going to be talking about is someone whom I've never interacted: Elegance-and-Sin. Normally, I'm not one to take the piss out on people (I never do surprisingly), but it comes to a point where it has to be said so they see through your perspective. This one's about school uniforms. Nice.

Here's the first paragraph: "Then wear it yourself no, don't fucking expect everyone else to wear it, it shouldn't be forced on people."
>first of all, calm down
>second, this is a proper Christian website, so ABSOLUTELY NO SWEARING!!!
>you're right it shouldn't be forced PERIOD
> I was about to reply with my experience behind wearing school uniform in high school

And here's the last one: I got bullied -a lot- less in public school wearing whatever I wanted, it was cheaper, it was a lot more fucking comfortable, things just work better WITHOUT uniforms.Jesus Christ, get a fucking grip
>bullying still happens regardless
> I used to go to public school too and still had to wear a uniform
>you and I live in different times
>it probably wasn't but for my case, school clothes were just there and easy to access, and this is coming from a person with low-income, it wasn't expensive

I know there were angry, and I could see from where they were coming from, but would anyone still say it was necessary to block me? They seem like a nice person, but still, just why?. Maybe I offended them? No, probably. They didn't say.


Okay, that's it. Please don't send any hate over these people. It's not necessary. I just needed to rant, that's all.

I'll be sure to give you a watch, m8 ;). For anyone who wants to talk to me, send a note. Kay thanks.
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GreatHuntWereBearHobbyist General Artist
What the...!? You too!? I am also blocked by SailorMoonFanGirl! Don't know why, I haven't met her before. Lol, I didn't even knew she existed before this day. Wonder why she blocked me... Wait, is it because I uploaded a picture of bears on this website? Does she have a problem with that? Is she afraid of bears, get triggered by them or something? Well excuse me for liking bears and contributing to this website with an innocent random cartoon picture of two bears. Actually, it's not just her... Plenty of other people have also blocked me (too bad I can't remember the other peoples' names)... And I have never met or spoken with any single one of them before! What, does evryone on Deviantart hate me and bears!? What gives? This is very weird.
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AlucardioBrandoHobbyist General Artist
Dude, forgive me if it sounds like I am stalking you, but I am also blocked by this SailorMoonFanGirl person! I don't know why, I haven't interacted with her at all. Heck, I don't even know her and haven't met her even once before! I was surfing Deviantart for pictures of Alucard from ''Hellsing'' (as you can tell from my DA profile name, I am a big fan of him), and I saw one posted on Halloween from this person Kairi-Nightwing. I wanted to comment on it (so I can tell her that the drawing is very cool and I like Alucard) and maybe fave it, but I found out she blocked me! When I clicked on pictures of the other people who commented there, I saw that their profiles also have me blocked with the ''Oops!'' window. I wish I could speak with them, ask them and find out why they blocked me, but I can't because well, I am blocked! Please help, I don't know how and why this is happening!
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Valenya-LotusHobbyist Digital Artist
i don't have you on my black list (i don't know you, so why should i block you? o.O), so it shouldn't be a problem to add the picture from alucard to your favourites or comment on it. o.O 
maybe a bug from deviantART prevent you to fav or comment it at the moment. sometimes i have similar problems too.
if you are able to see a picture from a person, then you are not blocked by that person. but whatever the reason is that causes that problem, i feel honored that you like the picture.
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SailorVelvetHobbyist Traditional Artist
hey please don’t spam, that’s very inconsiderate
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Kukuvitza is a foul troll and a coward. I would steer clear of him if I were you. The funny thing is, he blocked me while I never blocked him. D:
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