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Welcome to our Group!


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.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu all media as long as it follows the theme (traditional, digital, literature, crafts, etc)
.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu old or new art (preferably not too old)
.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu you're allowed 1 piece per week to this folder (which is a total of 4 submissions per month)

Submit your pieces to the

Special folder: JUNICORN and PRIDE 2021

Pride month 2021 by Solbey Junicorn - Clouds by Avokad

.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu you can submit your own art or request art from others
.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu the piece must be created during June 2021, no old art
.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu ALL media allowed
.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu your piece must contain at least one mermaid/merman

Current art share theme: METALLIC

let your soul shine bright by Erdbeerstern

Comment on THIS JOURNAL with 1 piece from your gallery and a piece from someone else's!

Current featured deviant


commission for King - Lucian by WolfieDrawie

Haveagreatdaybluedropshadow by Amarantheans
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Random from Suggesters

Dark Matter: Tribune - rough sketch by NotWithoutHonor Dark Matter: Tribune - rough sketch :iconnotwithouthonor:NotWithoutHonor 26 15 Short Sleeved Blouse - Garment Refashion by LualaDy Short Sleeved Blouse - Garment Refashion :iconlualady:LualaDy 42 21 Beetles pattern by AdrStefanska Beetles pattern :iconadrstefanska:AdrStefanska 112 3 Lapin Rose by UszatyArbuz Lapin Rose :iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 106 16
The Wandering Rock | FFM20 V
Peter, a cheeky young rock, or, well, young by rock-standards, one day decided to go on a peregration. So he told his family goodbye and was on his way. The first few seasons went by without much trouble. One spring, Peter fell off a cliff. He rolled several hundred metres in only a few minutes. He had never moved at such incredible speed before. To stomach the shock, he decided to sleep several years after this. One summer, after he woke up and felt strengthend enough to continue his travels, he met a non-rock being. It had four rickety legs and one enormous nose with which it examined Peter's structure. „Stop it, that tickels! Who are you, anyways?", he asked. But by the time he finished his question, the non-rock being was nowhere to be seen. Snow started falling. Disappointed, but eager to learn more about non-rocks, Peter continued his travels. And if he wasn't pulverised, he's still travelling today....
:iconflammenfeder:Flammenfeder 4 10
The Witch by LualaDy The Witch :iconlualady:LualaDy 49 15
It’s hard, I know, to chart this courseYou’ve sailed through ocean waves and spray.The currents flow and fierce winds forceThe boat in an erratic way.You and your world have changed somehow.Sometimes with glee, sometimes with guilt,You’re aware how far you’ve come now,And how this life’s a patchwork quilt.From crops, this consideration:First comes the leaf, then the corn ear --There’s no shame in maturation.The past can be shed without fear.Grow and live a life that’s better;This self-denial’s old and stale.Please shake off your inward fetters;You are the one who guards your jail.
:iconnotwithouthonor:NotWithoutHonor 31 31
It's going to be a long road by Zotco It's going to be a long road :iconzotco:Zotco 58 42 Nebula by Malintra-Shadowmoon Nebula :iconmalintra-shadowmoon:Malintra-Shadowmoon 45 0 Autumnal ferns by AdrStefanska Autumnal ferns :iconadrstefanska:AdrStefanska 131 19 CLOSED adopt spiritual dragon by irbi-art CLOSED adopt spiritual dragon :iconirbi-art:irbi-art 73 12 Cinno by UszatyArbuz Cinno :iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 86 20
Autumn Haiku
Limbs twist and shiver;Summer season's cold last breathStains the tree leaves red.
:iconnotwithouthonor:NotWithoutHonor 22 11
Shiny Leaf by catname Shiny Leaf :iconcatname:catname 26 30 The Ruined Garden II by LualaDy The Ruined Garden II :iconlualady:LualaDy 65 13 Orion by UszatyArbuz Orion :iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 86 18
A celebration of members who regularly request other people's work to our group!

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Let's chose a special folder for June! 

9 deviants said JUNICORN!
2 deviants said Something else? please comment!


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Hello, and welcome to OurDreamsWillCome. Here we would like to encourage you to create. We accept any form of art/literature as long as it adhears to our rules. We have monthly prompts for you to share your art, and promote others. We also have six monthly feature journals to help you showcase your art. We hope you enjoy being a part of OurDreamsWillCome!

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.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-ChiuSubmission limit is at 4 per day, and 1 per week to the monthly folder
.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-ChiuYou must be a member to submit art and have access to group activities and features
.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-ChiuYou can also request art from others you think deserves more attention to the Suggested by our Members folder.
.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-ChiuAdmins will always provide a reason when declining a submission and will give you directions to re-submit when you picked the wrong folder. However, failure to communicate back repeatedly will have you kicked out of the group, for the simple reason that admins cannot do their job if a member does not talk to them.

Detailed rules and folder descriptions

Please get familiar with before starting your contribution to the group.

New and Improved GROUP RULESHi, it's me @LualaDy , I finally took some time to put this into a new journal, the older one not being editable anymore since Eclipse. I rephrased everything and added all the things that piled up since last time. I hope it helps. Don't hesitate if you have any questions.First impressionsMembershipMembership requires 1 admin voteyou don't need to justify your request (unless you've left the group before, see below)new members will recieve a welcome note explaining how the group worksIt is only in rare cases that we might decline membership, such as: if the deviant's gallery shows stolen, pornographic or hate materialIn cases where we know some of the deviant's gallery will not fit into the group, we will add a small mention in the welcome note of which rules must be followedif a member leaves the group and later requests a new membership without explaining the reason or apologizing (in the case they left after a decline without engaging in a discussion), membership will be declinedSubmissions4 submissions per dayto the monthly theme: 1 submission per week (total of 4 per theme)to the Z folder: 1 per month (week? must check)Submissions (detailed)QualityWe will never judge your art level, there is no piece not skillful enough for our gallery.We require however that pieces submitted to the main folders must be well presented, which means:Traditional artno blurry, dark, uncropped photosno blurry, uncropped scansif your paper warped, please press it under a stack of books to flatten it, otherwise the wrinkles create distracting shadows on your photo/scanno overly tilted photos in a manner that will distort too much the original linesPhotography and Artisan Craftsno photos with unintentionally soft focusGeneralno excessive watermarks, it must not prevent us from appreciating the art.only finished pieces, no WIPS or rough variations of the same pieceSubmissions that fall into the previously mentioned categories will not be accepted into the main folders and the member will be asked to re-submit to the "Z folder" instead.Submissions to the "suggested by our members" folder that do not follow the previous guidelines will be declined.CreditingA huge pillar of this group is recognition of other people's work.ReferencesThe following rules work for pieces created with the help of a reference, and in which the original reference is recognizable, like a study. If you used only elements of it like the pose but changed the hair, expression and outfit, then it is alright to ommit the crediting.all references must be credited, even if the photo is your own (for transparency sake, equality of treatement, and for easing admin work. It is important because upon conducting gallery maintenant, an admin might not know or remember the ressource was your own and remove your art from the gallery for not following the rules, assuming it got accepted by mistake)for a reference to be valid id must be either: a stock image, an image from the public domain, your own image or if the photographer gave explicit permission for you to use their photo as a reference. For example, a random image from pinterest with no way to track back the original creator is not accepted as a reference.for DTIYS entries, the original piece must be linked.Photographyboth photographer and model must be mentioned in the description.when the credited party has a DA account or any other link it must be added, if not, a name will sufficewhen the credited party wishes to remain annoymous, a simple mention of it will suffice. ex: model wishes to remain anonymous, or: model is my grandchildfor selfportraits, a mention of it in the description will sufficefor street photography, no need for crediting as long as the face of the person is not recognizable. If it is the case, then an explicit permission from the person will be required.Photomanipulation, 3D art and mixed mediaall ressources must be creditedif ressources are your own, you must mention itif some of your own ressources include a model, model must be creditedif ressources are bought, please mention so, if you can precisely credit them it is even betterthese rules include matte painting and photobashingthe use of copyrighted material such as celebrity photos or in game 3d models is not acceptedCollaborations & commissioned coversall collaborating artists must be creditedif you commissioned an artist to make the cover for your literature piece, you must be credit themin case you submit an illustrated literature piece, please mention if you are both the artist and the writerFan Artplease always mention if a piece is a fan art, as the admins do not know of all the fandomswe do not accept fan art commissions, prints or downloadable content of fan art piece for copyright reasons, and thus we will decline a commission sheet that mentions pure fan artwe do accept fan characters or in game customizable characters commissionswe do not accept fan art pieces that are precise recreations of movie stills, posters or animation/game screenshotsfor celebrity potraits we accept photo based pieces, but you must make it yours and nor simply copy the work of another photographer. Reference must be credited.Mature Contentwe accept mature content including nudity, sexual themes, gore and violencewe will not accept these themes outside of a context, ex: sexual themes for the simple purpose of showing something sexual, it must add something to the story, send a message, or express something artisticSensitive MaterialThere are some themes our admin team is not comfortable with:depiction of animal abuse, animal cruelty and animal foods (meat, egs, dairy...) & materials (fur, wool, leather...) outside of a specific context, a story that justifies the need to represent it either in visual or written formdepiction of smoking, drinking and taking drugs outside of a storylinedepiction of injuries and other gore material outside of a storylinedepiction of hate such as racism, homophobia, sexism outside of a storylineAdmin communication, Group Functioning and GuidelinesAdmin communicationadmins will always give a reason when declining an artworkif your piece has been submitted to the wrong folder, an admin will ask you to resubmit to the right folder without declining your work, giving you the possibility of redrawing it yourself and resubmitting, thus saving a submission entry and not being hit by the submission limitif your piece doesn't fit under the quality requirements and can be improved (ex: better scan) and admin will inform you and let you the possibility of updating your image.if you don't agree or are confused about your submission, you're encouraged to engage conversation with an admin via the submission ticketrepeatedly ignoring admin discussions may result in a banengaging in a hostile relationship with an admin such as publicly insulting them or blocking them will result in a banFoldersMain foldersTraditional Art (including sculpture)Fan ArtDigital Drawings and PaintingsDigital Other (3D, photomanipulation, pixel art, animation, fractals)Artisan CraftsMixed Media (traditional + digital, traditional + photo, etc)Literature (including fan fiction)Visual Literature (illustrated literature, comics, manga, etc)Additional FoldersDesigns (character sheets, closed adopts, etc)Stock and Ressources *For Sale (commission sheets, ych, adopts, etc) *Journals (contests, features, etc) *Z folder (for pieces that don't follow the submission rules about quality stated at the beggining, variations of a same piece or odd balls)* in these folders you may request pieces from other deviants, see more about that down belowFeature related foldersFeatured: this folder is curated by admins and acts as a preselection for the monthly Highlights feature. New pieces are selected on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month.Featured Artist: showcases 6 pieces from the monthly featured deviantMonthly Theme: you can submit your art (only for members, no requests), old or new, to the monthly themeSuggested by our Members: here you can request art from other deviants that you think needs more visibility. A monthly feature is posted with art from this folder. *Requesting art to the groupWe really want to help deviants gain more visibility and we give you the opportunity to participate!you can request art to the folders marked by a "*" in the above listall requested piece must follow the group ruleswe don't accept deviations that have the comments disabled, we think it does not fit the spirit of art promotionrequests that don't get validated by the owner will be added to our "expired requests" favourite collectionmembers who promoted others have one piece from their gallery added to our "suggesters" favourit folder each monthGroup Feature JournalsWe love featuring art here and thus we have the following monthly features:Monthly Highlights: curated by our admins, simply submit your art to the groupFeatured Artist: an artist is picked each month. Impress admins with quality, originality and regular submissions for a chance to be selectedMonthly Theme: simply submit to the monthly folder in the gallery special rule: please do not remove your art from the group to re-submit it to this folder, it will not be accepted. Send us a note instead.News from our Members: simply submit/request to the following folders: For Sale, Journals, Stock and RessourcesArt Share: each monthly we issue a feature journal with a new theme. Simply comment on that journal with a piece from your gallery AND a piece from someone else.All the submissions to these features/folders must follow the group rules.Please check the group welcome page for a summary of all current events.

That is it! So go create and show us what you have got!


Oh, by the way we now have our own Donation Page! Should you wish to donate points you may donate them here: Dreams-Donations! We will use all points donated to host contests and events in our group.
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Welcome to OurDreamsWillCome. I am Luala Dy, the new founder.
I am very happy to welcome all of you here, see your amazing submissions, and organise all the features, events and hopefully more!!!
Of course, as every community we have rules to follow, but don't worry, our admins will always guide you through when needed.
I hope you will have a wonderful time here!

A message from the original founder:


I love everything that all of you submit! I just love to encourage all of you to do all you can and hopefully one day Our Dreams Will Come!
Feel free to meet the admins in the About Us tab and know one of our contributors is our donation page! We love donations because we will be able to have more contests soon yay!
This is a group that is for everyone who loves everything! I want you to post till your hearts content.
Welcome to :iconourdreamswillcome:! Icon made by Amarantheans
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It's that time again, let's discover all the wonderful art that has been suggested to the group in the last month. But first lets check out what's going on in the group this month.
MONTHLY THEME: Angels and Demons
E' solo un brutto sogno
Valaxis. Blood Elf Demon Hunter (commission work)
Title kinda says it all, could be one or the other or both together
Submit your art to the monthly folder, limit is at 1 piece per week.
Our next Art share will be: Metallic
Warrior in battle (commission)
let your soul shine bright
Anything metallic, gold, silver, brass, shiny armour, etc)
Share 1 piece from your gallery and 1 from someone else's
down in the comments of the last art share which can be found below
And the special folder for June is:
You may also request pieces from other artists too
Your Silence
Carina, the Orbital Dancer
Mergirl 5
Fanart || Kiri sunshine Smile
Pink night
The Time when the Sun Fell Asleep at the Horizon
Gorgon Bartender
MtG Practice : Mountain
Spring Daffodils
Sleepy Kitty Dreams
Lord Of The Void
Mermay 2021
Magpie King
Black Hole
Victorian People - Characters
Devil Bear - disgaea 5
Expired Requests
Past and Present
A moon and her princess
Sadly the art that gets suggested doesn't always get accepted by the artist, so for these pieces, we add them to our group favourites. We're building a nice little collection now, you can find them all here: Expired Requests
For those of you already familiar with the process keep sharing the great pieces you find with the group simply submit the pieces you find to the:
And don't forget! Our dreams will come true!!
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