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Out of Tune
I've been out of tune lately.
From the way I walk to the way I speak.
Something's just... Off beat.
I think it's been from wear and tear through the years.
People come and go.
They come play their songs with me, then they leave.
A hollow body is left to collect dust.
I continue to go through the days...
Trying to play it solo, but it's not the same.
No song could ever sound the same once you've heard it as a duet...
But then you appear.
As if my heart has found its beat again,  I'm singing melodies.
The rhythm's back in me.
Strings are being strummed and plucked.
Like a new artist on the scene, you've made quite the impression.
But there's still something off.
After all, this guitar has not been played in quite a long while...
So now I ask:
Will you be the one to tune my heartstrings?
:iconourankeybladebearer:ourankeybladebearer 1 2
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a love like acoustic rnb
a love like acoustic r&b
light tones and good vibes
the sound of bright acoustics
smiling guitars, tickling ears
or gentle whispering
the moments of time
spent together in coffee shops and small boutiques
sunny days and blue, cloudy skies
warm, comforting memories with you
and in a moment
these tones can have so much depth
a dark undertone
hints of a past love
or an unrequited love
a love lost but now found
minor chords resembling teardrops
harmonics drying them away
dark blues and grays
perfect for rainy days
but in the end
the sweetness overcomes all
compassion in songs vanquish
the emptiness of a quiet room
filling it with light from chords
sung from my heartstrings and yours
and one harmonic on the guitar
blooms into songs painted with 7th chords
each melody as a gesture from the heart
collecting through time into entire albums
a love that will re-write the acoustic r&b music library
:iconourankeybladebearer:ourankeybladebearer 2 7

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United States
I've been drawing ever since I was little, but I didn't start trying to draw anime until the 3rd grade. Over the years, my interest in the anime drawing style grew. I would really like to become a better painter and sketcher. Don't spend much time drawing nowadays, but I draw when I have free time. :)


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