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Never Alone Chapter 1
Slanted beams of sunlight filled the room with a certain kind of pastel-tinted summer glow as the early morning light shone directly through the blinds that covered the single bedroom window. With a groan, Haruhi rolled over, shielding her eyes from the soft yet offending light. As she drifted in and out of consciousness, she became more and more aware of the emptiness of the bed. Blindly feeling around the large, luxurious mattress, her fingers brushed across a slightly colder spot on the bed where her companion was supposed to be. Slightly disappointed, she raised her head to gaze around the room. He wasn't anywhere to be seen. That's when she heard the excited murmuring coming from the kitchen.
"…Yes… About three months! Well, almost four. Can you believe it?...I know. She's getting better, though. It's not as bad as it used to be. It should be going away soon…Okay. Thank you, I'll tell her you called." The sound of his voice faded as he moved into another room. Vague
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Matesprit by ourangirl2012 Matesprit :iconourangirl2012:ourangirl2012 0 0 Matesprit by ourangirl2012 Matesprit :iconourangirl2012:ourangirl2012 0 0 Auspistice by ourangirl2012 Auspistice :iconourangirl2012:ourangirl2012 7 0 Lil ol' me by ourangirl2012 Lil ol' me :iconourangirl2012:ourangirl2012 0 0 Almyra Crawford 3 by ourangirl2012 Almyra Crawford 3 :iconourangirl2012:ourangirl2012 0 0 Almyra Crawford 2 by ourangirl2012 Almyra Crawford 2 :iconourangirl2012:ourangirl2012 0 0 Almyra Crawford by ourangirl2012 Almyra Crawford :iconourangirl2012:ourangirl2012 0 0
A Different Point of View
The clock's face showed 3:30, signifying the final bell of the final day of his final year of high school. He hesitated as the bell sounded, staring around the room as his classmates gathered their things, all of them hesitant, looking as though they were all unwilling to say goodbye. What's one more year, their expressions said. We could stand it here for a little bit longer. Because to be completely honest, they didn't all want to go into the real world just yet. No matter how often they would tell people otherwise.
He was just the same as all of them. In no real hurry to leave, not that he'd ever admit it. All year he'd been talking about wanting to get out of this place and go to college far away from here. But when it came right down to it, he would miss this place just as much as everyone else.
Soon, though, the classroom emptied, as did all the others, students spilling out into the buzzing hallways, chattering and laughing, almost as if this were any other day. But a closer gla
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Nameless characters need love, too.
The music thumped in his ears, vibrating the walls and the floor of the club as dancers packed themselves onto the tiny dance floor, grinding against one another, not caring who touched who or what touched what. The room was crowded, hot, and smelled strongly of alcohol and smoke.
He sat in the corner, nursing a beer, and paying special attention to the pretty female beside him. His hand was on her thigh, his lips at her ear. He could have made her do anything for him. And the look on her face, whether it was brought on by alcohol or lust, said she was very willing to do whatever he wished.
But there was one thing on his mind that halted him from doing anything at all. A phone call he'd gotten from a girl back in Texas. A girl he hadn't seen in a year. She'd called him last night. His best friend. He took another long drink.
(Change POV)
My heart raced as I picked up the phone. All
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Result of putting myself in my character's shoes
I could see the sunlight through the blinds, shining in slits across my bed. Sitting up, I glanced around my room in a daze. Spotting the calendar on the far wall, I stared. Today was the day. Today marked the end of my junior year. And the end of his and so many other's senior year. Sighing, I got out of bed, all through the morning repeating the words in my head. "This is it…"
The day seemed no different than any other, really. Aside from the fact that all the classes were basically being blown off, it was pretty normal. Students laughed and joked as usual. It didn't seem as if things were so suddenly going to change. They might as well have been going on like this forever. But there were those few signs that the end of the year was here. People passing around yearbooks, searching for at least a tiny space to sign next to all the long paragraphs of good wishes and farewells. Some teachers were cleaning out the classrooms, their walls and shelves becoming more and more bare as ti
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Eric, My Shining Star
Through even the worst of tragedies, a simple smile can brighten a person's whole world. That was what I had come to believe, thanks to a very special person in my life. Someone who never failed to smile, even when his life took a turn for the worse.
Eric had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. We grew up together, knew everything there was to know about one another. Thick as thieves, partners in crime, that was us.
Eric and his family liked to take trips. Every spring break or other extended vacation, they would pack up and drive all over the country, constantly looking to explore something new. One day, however, their adventure ended in disaster. The car accident left his parents scraped and bruised, but the doctor told them Eric would never walk again.
I was shocked when I went to visit him at the hospital for the first time. Seeing my new best friend asleep, attached to all sorts of machines and covered in tubes and bandages caused me to completely break down. Sitt
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Writing on the Window Pane by ourangirl2012 Writing on the Window Pane :iconourangirl2012:ourangirl2012 0 0 Fruits Basket Meets Facebook by ourangirl2012 Fruits Basket Meets Facebook :iconourangirl2012:ourangirl2012 169 44


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You can call me Layla. I've been watching anime since I was a toddler, I'm a fan of broadway, classical music, and disney soundtracks. I've recently become a little more than obsessed with a web comic called Homestuck...And I like ponies!


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