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Fallen King Chapter 3“Wh- you mean, he’s… Nooo he can’t be. He’s got to be up to something here.” “Nope. Not this time. I saw it with my own eyes, a bullet right through his head.” Peter looked at Daredevil, even for a man who had a black covering over his eyes and who barely showed emotion he could tell this had sent his mind in circles. “Alright. Then what’s next, you got a lead?” “That’s the thing about it all. Whoever this is, they are good. No traces and I checked everywhere. They're no rookie, not even my spider sense picked up on it.” Peter said, turning to peer over the edge behind him, facing away from Daredevil. “Nothing? Hmmm. Well they first need a reason to kill Fisk, which could be money motivated or a personal vendetta.” Daredevil said, his hand cups his chin as he enters deep thought. “Well that only narrows it down to literally anyone. But whoever it is is no doubt a high class assassin. And the good thing about that is we both know a few of those.” “It’s not a short list either.” Daredevil replies, a grin grows, his empty sight turns to the street. “Listen I-uh appreciate you telling me this Spider-Man, and I think if we work this together we can get to the bottom of it quicker. So, who should we go to first?” “Well, if there’s one person who hates a powerful man whose goal is to control innocent people, it would be an Avenger friend of ours. And since the Avengers have disassembled she may have lost her ways.” Peter replied. “Alright, well let's get to it then!” Spider-Man said, turning to face nothing but air. Leaning over the side he saw the maroon shining like silk fly over the different colored cars of the street. Instantly he felt the tension leave his body as he bullets down to the street below. Catching himself on a web as his body still follows the Devil, in awe at the speed in which he moves when his arm reaches out to a shorter and horizontal pole attached to the side of a building. Almost in harmony both of their bodies sling shot up into the air, Daredevil leaping between poles and rooftops, Spider-Man swinging between buildings. They travel through the brisk air as flakes of snow gently land upon their suits before dissipating into nothing through the rapid winds that breeze past them. “I think she lives around here.” Daredevil said, pointing to a window on a nearby building. Peter smirked, sure he wanted Daredevil to know about Kingpin but he also knew he’d spent some quality time with the Black Widow, and could find her with ease. “Not surprised you know where she lives.” He yelled back over the winds, his sarcasm taken away with the wind like the snow that spiraled throughout the air. If it wasn’t for Daredevils enhanced hearing he’d have never got a word that Peter said. He smiles at the sarcasm he picked up on through the slight change in tone that he’d sensed. As he ran along the ledge of a roof, Spider-Man swinging beside him he jumped off the ledge and into an open window rolling onto the floor of an apartment within a tall brick building. Behind him Spidey swung through landing in that iconic position that Daredevil had seen on Daily Bugle newspapers and Wanted posters around town. “Phew, glad that’s over with. I was beginning to freeze out there.” Peter said under the bright red mask that was lined with a thicker black, with a perfect pattern like webbing around his head. “Yeah, don’t you think it’s a bit odd someone left the window open on a below 30 degree day?” “That is a little odd, that would mean someone is not only home but inviting us-“ a tingle sent through his head to his shoulder and all the way down his spine and he jumps to the side as a black boot flies past his head. Daredevil catches the kick, ducking under the other boot that follows in a flash. “Interesting welcome.” Spider-Man said as a web shoots out and attaches to the wall missing the hand it was meant for. They moved like a wraith sending a series of kicks and punches at Daredevil, the two went back and forth with blocks and counters like a perfectly choreographed dance. Peter could tell it was Natasha, even though she looks like a black suited blur, her glowing orange hair that sprawls before her face gives it away if the fighting style didn’t. “Nat! We’re not here to fight. You know us.” Peter yelled over the thuds of boots hitting the wall. The realization kicked in as the two continued to battle, nobody truly taking control of the fight. With another shot his nicely timed web catches the heel of Black Widow’s boot and sticks it against the tan painted wall. Again a quick shot and now her hand sticks next to it. “Let me out of this disgusting webbing?” A slight Russian accent in her voice only confirmed Peter’s assumption. “Not until you calm down. We’re not here to fight you, we just want to-“ Daredevil’s shoulder Burts into this stomach cutting off his words and sending him into the opposite wall. Just as Peter went to open his mouth in shock at the betrayal an arrow shot through the window and stuck into the wall at shoulder height of where Peter stood. A long wire attached to the butt of the arrow and in the bright reflection of the light on the wall blocked by a growing shadow. Peter’s spider-sense rings throughout his body again as someone slides through the window, both feet landing on the wall and pushing off to a flip landing them upright on the floor. Dodging a high kick to the head Peter got a glance at the head of his opposition and stopped in shock. The pause leaves him open for multiple punches before Daredevil tackles him to the ground. “Hawkeye?" Spider-Man asked in a confused daze. His eyes locked on the purple mask of the long lost Avenger. Still tied up with Daredevil, trying to wrestle his way out from his grasp, Peter shot three webs, sticking two arms and one leg to the ground. “How the hell? Clint, you’re supposed to be dead?” Daredevil asked, just as awe struck as his partner. “You sound disappointed.” He spat back. “Will somebody let me out of these damn webs?” Black Widow chimed in from behind everyone. “No. Not until we figure this out. First of all I’m staring at someone who I saw fall from the top of Avengers tower to their death. And secondly, why are you guys fighting us? You know who we are we fought with you guys against that crazy robot that you created.” Daredevil now on his feet eyeing Clint Barton on the ground. Next to him is Spider-Man. “Haven’t you done this long enough to know that if you don’t find a body, they survived.” Hawkeye said sarcastically, a sense of exhaustion in his tone. “But, the building collapsed. We all assumed you were in the rubble.” Spider-Man replied, his thoughts flashback to that horrid day. One of the last times he helped out the Avengers, and it ended in their first loss to a powerful robot named Ultron. “Yeah, exactly the attitude I expect from my so-called friends.” Hawkeye added, his tone noticeably frustrated. A low, buzzing noise slowly slipped into the background of the conversation from somewhere inside the small apartment. Suddenly a loud thud follows a smaller one and Daredevil hit the floor, Black Widow stands above him. Spider-Man glances at the two before his sense warns him of an incoming attack as Hawkeye cuts the webs and sweeps his leg. Dodging the move Spidey attaches to the low ceiling. “What’s the deal with you two? What did we do?” Peter asks genuinely concerned for their motivations. He’s fought alongside both of them in the Avengers and elsewhere. The buzz continues, residing in the right hand of Natasha Romanoff as she cuffs two shock batons at her sides. Daredevil below her laying unconscious. “Hello! What the hell is going on with you two. Can you hear me?” He yelled to the two before him who stood in front of him who, to his surprise seemed to ease their tensions. “Little friendly combat never hurt nobody.” Hawkeye responds cooly as he dusts off his black coat. “Friendly? Daredevil is out cold! How is that friendly?” Peter exclaims in a high pitched wine. Black Widow lets out a scoff with a smirk following. “Better than death. Besides me and Matt always liked to train together, it’s not the first time I knocked him out.” She said, “Matt? Really, he always seemed like a Henry to me.” Peter responds, behind his mask one of his classic smirks that Aunt May always praises. Black Widow shows no hint of mistake, but Daredevil could sense her heart beat just one skip off. His head shakes as his other senses remind him where he is. Mind now once again aware of the three individuals that stood around him, the tan walls that encase them into one 800 square feet apartment. Quickly he could identify one as Spider-Man from body heat signatures coming from the ceiling, and Natasha’s signature is easy enough to identify. Once again a slight shock came from the sensation of Clint Barton, who he never witnessed “die” but he heard about it. There was also… something else. Another signature somewhere outside the window, something sits amongst the biting chill and the frosty air. “Look who came to.” Hawkeye said, smiling at Daredevil. Black Widow moves aside to allow her old partner up. “Uhhh. My Spidey sense is tingling like crazy.” Black Widow’s face wrinkles as she spots a tiny light that she knew all too well, settling right on the forehead of Clint. Without blinking she dives at Clint, forcefully pushes him out of the way as she tumbles to the ground beside him. A whizz with instantaneous speed and cracks into the thick wall behind where Hawkeye stood. “Who? What the hell?” Clint said from the ground. In the confused, still silence a continuous beep begins from inside the wall where the bullet hit. Everyone meets the eyes of another as they all realize what is going on. In unison they move to the window, all jumping out one after another, Daredevil the last catching a wave of heat from the blast zone of the apartment building. “T-the people.” Spider-Man said atop the building across, staring at the flames that fume over the blasted opening in the side. Without a second thought he swung into another window, mind races as he searches for people. The room engulfed in a flurry of flames, heat traps him from all sides. His suit felt like it was burning off piece by piece, the spandex stretching and he could feel it become loose around him. Vision slowly gets blurry, black smoke seeps through the microscopic holes in his mask and the effects ensue. There was something different here, something wrong with Peter. He’d entered the building without question but now he stood amongst the flames directionless, body felt like it was stuck in place and the flames around him grew larger. Shaking himself out of the block he found an opening, although it looked as if the flames gave way in order to let him pass. “Peter…… Peter…… Peter.” Low whispers call from all round him, close as if they were right next to him, so close that the words send a cold shiver down his spine. Moving through the passage he walks over fallen wood and debris on the floor which was losing support with each step. A whoosh of flames encircled Peter, and now his suit was really burning from the excessive heat, hanging off of his body like it was two sizes too big. In the center of the circle he stands, whispers louder now but still speaks his name. Individual flames begin to move toward him, as they move from the rest they form into the outlines of ghosts, their mouth an open space of air towards the top of the flame. “Peter. Peter help. Help me.” A voice that suddenly became all too familiar, so familiar it clutches his heart. “A- aunt may?” He said, almost stopping himself realizing what this is. Somehow Mysterio put him into one of his trances, as long as he knows that its not real. “Peter. Help me please!” Another flame calls to him as it approaches from behind, this time the voice of his partner and friend Miles Morales. The entire scene warps into a field, the sun shining bright burning like the fire. A pale smoke line In the sky. A wind passes, followed by the sound of an incoming engine, but Peter couldn’t sense a thing. Turning in a full 360 he saw no car yet the engine grew louder by the second, anxiety pumps through his veins. His stomach lurches, and briefly a powerful wind brushes past him knocking him to the ground, the ground beneath him slipped from under him like a rug. N Now free falling from a cloud's height, his anxieties calmed with this, his breaths deeper. Wind whispers by him rapidly, behind him the glistening night sky lit by the stars and the moon's glow. A fight to focus to pick the point of attachment, Peter waits until he’s just below the point before his arm extends and fingers reach back to palms pushing the trigger of the web shooters on his right hand, but nothing comes out.Anxieties return in a snap, lighting his whole body on fire, sweat flies off him as he tries again and again, hopeful each time a web will appear before giving up. Fast, furiously he falls through the sky like a missile or meteor headed straight for earth. Nearing an ocean of some sort, he braced himself with a pull of his knees attempting to roll. Twisting and turning he hit the liquid falling through it like it had been a piece of paper, ripping right down the middle. As he passes through,when he reaches the other side he finds himself kneeling at the center of a field of rubble, the entire field a cloud of black smoke, air burns his lungs as his eyes search the area. Nothing but soot surrounds him, hope drains from him. He could feel his bones scream in pain, and his brain had been thrown in so many circles that he’d grown exhausted. “Where am I?” Peter shouts into a void of nothingness, feelings of uncertainty and anxiety drowns his internals. Eyes begin bouncing from side to side like a crazed animal before they halt. In the distant rubble, a row of charred skeletons lay frozen still. Reaching deep within himself he finds the will that has gotten him through so many situations. Slowly, his feet drag across the soot leaving a jagged line behind, knees wobble from his brittle bones. The blackened bones stripped of all flesh lay facing the sky. Their mouths left wide and empty, a transparent hole. Peter’s masked face closes in on the skeletons, curious as to who they could be. Jumping backwards in shock and a glimpse of fear, one of the skeleton heads turns to him. “Peterrr. Please help me! Please.” The skeleton calls to him, its eyes nothing but black holes. “Miles! What happened? Where are you?” “Help me! They got me.” “Miles. Miles where are you tell me please. Who got you? Miles! Miles answer!” A hand touches Peter’s shoulder. “Uhh Spidey… you alright?” Daredevil asked him, looking down at his costumed friend on the floor of the apartment.
Carter: the original story.Note from the author: You can call me insane, but the plot of this story came to me in a dream. Enjoy reading.Fictional Story«Carter»PrologueWilliam Carter was a member of a small mercenary group of eight people called the Jericho. This grouping was created as a military security organization, which included former military men from various fields and specialties. William had a higher medical education, and in the group, he had a very important role.The commander of this group was Captain Bartolomeo (Bart) Bishop. He was a former Marine with very broad military experience and merit.SpaceLabs is a world-famous company for the study and research of alien life forms. Many years ago, in one of the first bunker-labs of the SpaceLabs, clandestine research and experiments were carried out, during which an accident occurred. Due to the huge number of victims of the incident, research was stopped, and the bunker was sealed.Part 1BeginningAfter 15 years, several independent scientists accidentally caught a signal coming from that same SpaceLabs bunker. This signal was an S.O.S.After a long meeting, it was decided to send a group of scientists to an abandoned bunker for examination and study. Dr. Mia Shandari was assigned as the in-charge investigator of the operation, and Dr. Kate Winston as her assistant. The group itself consisted of 10 scientists and researchers. They were equipped with the appropriate equipment and protection.Scientists did not know what awaited them in those laboratories, but they suspected that it could be extremely dangerous there. They hired a military security team, Jericho, to escort them to the bunker and provide protection for further exploration of the old labs.The S.O.S. signal by which they went on an expedition led them to a small island located in the Pacific Ocean. The building itself was located in the dense, impenetrable jungle and very well hidden from both eyes and satellites. Most of the bunker was hidden underground, and only the first floor and entrance were on the surface. The group managed to unseal and open the door, but once they did, they were horrified by what they saw.In the old corridors of the bunker, it was dark, disgusting growths grew on the walls, the corpses of scientists and security guards lay around, and the air was filled with poisonous gas. It would be extremely dangerous to enter without protective suits for them.The group moved in slowly and quietly. With the help of appropriate equipment, namely flamethrowers, they began a thorough and total cleansing, burning out everything that came across them on the way, including the inhabitants there.From time to time, scientists and Jericho encountered hideous creatures of unknown origin. They were human-shaped but with various defects, such as a tail, two heads, or extra limbs. Some of them got scared and ran away, but most were extremely aggressive and dangerous, and Jericho had no choice but to eliminate them.Later, the group managed to restore power to the bunker, and electricity and light appeared throughout the complex. After the complete burning of growths, including those in ventilation shafts, air purification was activated. Some parts of the bunker became suitable for further exploration and even living in, as the group planned to stay here for at least a week.While the military was clearing the complex, the scientists were able to start the old computers and recover some of the data. It was about experiments that crossed people with the D.N.A. of an alien species. Several experiments were carried out, but all were unsuccessful; subjects either died or became uncontrollable and aggressive.According to the notes, one of the experiments went out of control at some point; this occurred when one of the subjects began to swell strongly during the operation and then exploded; his remains spread throughout the complex with incredible speed, forming growths that began to emit poisonous gas. But how other mutants were able to free themselves from their cells is not known.They also discovered a reference to a powerful alien, codenamed Project G, in the computer. The alien is in a special chamber on the lowest floor; the group later tried to open the room with the project, but the door was broken and would not open.On the lower levels of the bunker, in one of the rooms, the soldiers managed to find several types of alien weapons. The weapon was called the BioCharger and was completely organic. One of the soldiers attempted to use it, but nothing came of it. It was later discovered that the weapon was not intended for humans, as it had something resembling a genetic password.On the second day of staying in the complex, the group stumbled upon another test subject. It was a male; he had inhuman features, huge claws on his hands, and anthropomorphic legs, but he did not attack and could talk. The man said that he was experimented on by crossing. He also admitted that it was he who called the S.O.S. signal with the great hope that someone would come to rescue them.The mutant behaved absolutely calmly and did not pose any threat, but as soon as he saw the scientists in protective suits, something seemed to switch in him. The man wheezed loudly and then attacked one of the scientists. This scientist turned out to be Dr. Shandari. Despite the thick protective suit, the mutant was able to pierce it with his sharp claws and injure the woman. The enraged creature was immediately shot, and Mia was taken to the operating room.A few hours later, the woman began to complain of feeling unwell. Her fever rose, and hallucinations began. This continued until she was given antibiotics and a sedative, then the woman fell asleep.The morning of the third day began with huge problems. Dr. Shandari disappeared. Kate Winston, who sat all night near the sick woman, fell asleep and did not hear how she left.Several soldiers and scientists split into pairs and began combing through the complex in search of the woman. A few hours later, two soldiers exploring the complex came across another creature. It was a tall, purplish-white-skinned humanoid with anthropomorphic legs and a long tail with a large outgrowth at its end. The soldiers immediately pointed their weapons at it, but the humanoid did not attack. It calmly raised its hands in the air, looked at them curiously, and said, "Guys, don't you recognize me?" It's me, Mia! "Mia's condition scared the others very much. The group did not know what the matter was; there were no records of this on the computers, or they were damaged. However, scientists speculated that Dr. Shandari had become infected by the mutant that wounded her. Despite the woman's assurances that she feels great, she had to be examined and several tests were done, but due to the old technology, the result will have to wait several days.On the fifth day, the tension grew even more. The commander of Jericho, Captain Bishop, was also turned into a similar alien, only in place of the outgrowth on his tail he had a huge bone blade and thicker skin.Half a week later, seven more turned. Panic broke out among those who had not yet turned. Some wanted to escape from this complex, but others did not allow them, because perhaps they were all already infected and if they returned to the continent, they could infect others.Part 2 Kate WinstonLooking for answers on the computers, Kate Winston accidentally finds video from security cameras in the security room.The cameras clearly show how, at night, the already-turned Mia entered the room where the soldiers were sleeping. The woman quietly approached the commander of Jericho and brought her tail with the outgrowth to his face, and then quietly left. In a panic, Kate fast-forwarded the video and watched with horror on her face as Bart turned into the alien.On the way out of the security room, Kate bumps into Mia. In surprise, the woman jump-scared. She tried to talk to Mia while lying and claiming to be looking for Carter, but the alien did not believe her. The woman's fearful expression betrayed her greatly. Mia guessed that Kate most likely knew the truth about her and could not allow the woman to tell anyone more.The alien grabbed Kate at the neck and brought her tail up to the woman's face. At the end of the tail was an outgrowth the size of a rugby ball. It opened like a flower and splashed some kind of yellow spores at the woman. Kate was able to dodge it and was only hit by a smaller portion. Then the woman reached for a fire extinguisher hanging nearby on the wall and activated it. A continuous stream of white foam poured over the alien. Mia let go of Kate, grabbed her own face, and the woman managed to flee.Fleeing through the corridor, Kate runs into William and tells him everything, but the man already knows; the data from the analysis that he collected from Mia has already been processed and is ready; they have opened access to previously inaccessible information; and Kate must take a look at it as soon as possible.Running to the operating room, Kate learns that the mutant that attacked Mia was an unsuccessful experiment, but when he infected Mia, she turned into an ideal alien, such as SpaceLab tried to create for a very long time, but they still didn’t succeed. Dr. Shandari is a kind of queen bee; her main goal is to infect others, turning them into her lackeys, thus creating new offspring. Kate and Carter also found out that there are several samples of a drug in the operating room that is supposed to prevent the transformation, but for the fully transformed, the drug is useless.While William was radioing other soldiers, Kate managed to find the same drugs, but Mia burst into the room. The alien knew that she was exposed. She said that those people whom she turned were completely subject to her control, and that they planned to turn absolutely everyone, as she calls it, into the highest level of evolution, and then go on to the continent for further capture.As soon as Kate tried to distract Mia, Carter pulled out a gun and took aim, but she was not frightened; with incredible dexterity, Mia jumped at him and the man opened fire, but the bullets did not stop her, but only angered her. Mia pounced on the man, knocked the weapon out of his hands, and grabbed him by the throat. The alien brought its tail to his face; spores sprayed out of it and hit William in the respiratory organs and eyes. Kate ran to Mia, but the alien beat her off with her tail, then left Carter and approached the woman lying on the floor. Mia tried again to release spores at Kate, but she suddenly stopped. For some reason, she hesitated, and Carter took advantage of this. He snuck up on the alien, grabbed her by the tail, and cut it off with an electric bone saw. In pain, the alien screamed and then ran away.A few minutes later, Carter began to turn. The man felt that he could not control himself. He shouted for Kate to run away, but then attacked her. The woman had no choice but to take one of those experimental antidotes out of her pocket and inject Carter in the neck. At first, the man began to shake violently, and a yellow liquid flowed from his mouth, nose, and eyes, but then he calmed down and lost consciousness. Part 3William CarterWhen Carter woke up, he found that he was still human and safe in the ventilation shaft; next to him was Kate. The woman told him that he was unconscious for about an hour. During this time, she managed to contact soldiers, and they said that they suppressed almost all the turned aliens.Also, soldiers saw Mia go out of the bunker and run away into the jungle. The military managed to set explosives throughout the complex and evacuated the remaining people. They want to blow up this horrible place. Kate and William must hurry as there are 20 minutes left before the explosion and people transformed by Mia are still wandering around.As soon as they got out of the ventilation, they were attacked by Bishop. The alien grabbed Carter and, with all his strength, threw him against a huge closet. The man fell to the ground and the closet pressed him. The pain was incredible. William began to lose consciousness, but suddenly he felt a huge surge of strength. He saw how nails grow on his hands, and the skin becomes thicker and changes color. He heard his bones crunching and his clothes torn; he sensed a huge stream of different sounds and smells; and then he saw his tail.Bart didn't even bother to check if William was alive; he climbed after Kate, who went back into the ventilation. The alien did not pay attention to the crash behind him because he almost got the woman, but suddenly something grabbed him by the tail and pulled with all his might. Bishop was pulled out of the ventilation shaft, and when he realized that, he saw in front of him an alien almost the same as himself, only a different color and a little smaller; it was Carter. William realized that the transformation did not happen by accident; he realized that he could control it, control himself.Kate could not believe her own eyes. The woman was frightened, thinking that William would take the side of the aliens and attack her again, but that wouldn't happen. When Carter attacked Bishop, he shouted at Kate to run away so that she would find the others and that they would get out of the island.While Carter dealt with Bishop, Kate managed to get out of the ventilation and escape. On the way to the surface, the woman encountered the remnants of Jericho. She told them about William and his condition, and that he needed help. The soldiers escorted the woman to their helicopter and then immediately back to the bunker.Meanwhile, between William and Bart, a fierce fight broke out in the bunker. Two aliens beat each other's faces, broke furniture, and the walls of the complex. At some point, they burst into the room with alien weapons, knocked down shelves, and fell to the ground. One of the organic rifles fell near Carter, released its tentacles and attached to his arm. Carter hit Bishop's face with the object, and when he recoiled, William tried to detach the extraordinary weapon from the hand. However, instead of detaching, the rifle activated and shot. An incredibly powerful sound wave erupted from the weapon. It slammed into Bishop, knocking him through the doorway a considerable distance.When Carter left the armory, the alien was nowhere to be found, but as soon as he approached the railing leading to the lower floor, he heard something very heavy fall behind him. He turned around and saw Bishop. The alien fell from the ceiling; he tried to knock the BioCharger out of William's hands, but it seemed the weapon was stuck too tightly to the arm. In return, Carter again smashed the weapon into his enemy's face, then aimed at him and fired, but the rifle went out. With anger, Bishop roared and pounced on Carter. With their heavy mass, they broke through the concrete railing and fell together to the lower floor.The alien fell on Carter and severely injured him by deliberately thrusting the blade of his tail into his stomach. And then Bart grabbed Carter's leg and threw him with all his strength; William flew several meters and crashed into the wall.Clenching his teeth, Carter tried to get up, but something went wrong with the weapon; its core glowed bright blue, and it began to drain electricity from the nearby bare wires.William felt the weapon fill with energy. He tried to aim at Bishop, but his hands were shaking violently, and when he fired, he missed. A bolt of lightning flew out of the rifle and hit a barrel of fuel next to Bishop. An explosion sounded; a shock wave threw Bishop back and touched Carter himself. A large collapse formed in the corridor 10 meters opposite of him.William lay in his own blood; he wanted to get up, but couldn't. Carter saw Bishop stand up; there was an open wound on his chest from the explosion, but it didn't seem to bother him. The alien took a huge piece of the wall and went to Carter. Coming closer, Bart raised the stone above his head. The alien intended to crush his opponent, and almost succeeded, but he was prevented. From under the collapse behind Bishop's back, seven large luminous tentacles crawled out. They were so long that they could reach Bart, who was 10 meters away from the collapse. The tentacles snatched the stone from the Bishop's hands, wrapped around his limbs and neck, and then very quickly dragged him to the collapse and pressed him with incredible force. Neither Carter nor Bishop could see who or what it was since the creature was on the other side of the pile of stones. But no matter how strong Bart was, he could not break free of the grip of the tentacles; it was a stranglehold.William did not have the strength to get up. His wound was very serious and he lost a lot of blood. The only thing he could do was end Bishop while he had the chance. Carter looked at the alien pressed against the collapse, then at his wound; it seemed to him that it was not too serious. His hands were still trembling, but he strained his arm muscles as hard as he could, exhaled, aimed, and shot. The tentacles let go of the alien's body and hid back under the rocks, while Bishop, with his ribcage torn, fell to the ground, dead.William's eyes began to darken, but he could still see how, pushing the stones of the collapse, something crawled at him. He could not see who it was, but he saw the shape of a humanoid. It was of medium height, and some parts of its body glowed with a bright light. The creature slowly approached him, crouched down and placed its glowing hands on his wound. A wave of relief washed over Carter; he felt his pain go away and felt like he was floating in the clouds. He saw his wound begin to heal very quickly under the creature's arms. He tried to get a better look at the creature, but his eyelids started getting very heavy, and he fell asleep.Part 4EndSoldiers returned to the military helicopter. They searched throughout the complex; they heard the explosion, saw signs of a fight, and even found Bishop's dead body, but Carter was nowhere to be found.A few minutes later, explosives went off in the complex and the bunker blew up. Kite and the others waited a little longer. They hoped that Carter survived, that he still managed to get out of the bunker before the explosion and would appear now, but unfortunately, this did not happen.The helicopter engine started up and the remnants of the group prepared to fly away, but as soon as they got off the ground, they felt something very heavy attached to the helicopter. One of the soldiers leaned out to look at it, but suddenly something grabbed and threw him out of the cockpit; it was Shandari. The alien tried to get on board; she wanted to take revenge on Kate for what she and William had done to her, but she was met by heavily armed soldiers. The military immediately opened fire. They badly wounded the alien in the chest and shot off her left arm. Mia's body fell from the helicopter and flew down like a stone. The soldiers watched as the alien fell, as her body sank into the leaves of the trees and finally disappeared from sight. Jericho's helicopter hovered over the island for some time, and then flew away.William woke up in a small cave overlooking the ocean. He was a human, and his stomach wound was completely healed; he didn't even feel pain. Next to him lay the alien weapon; it had been deactivated and detached from his hand.The passage through which Carter was brought here was blocked by the explosion. William reached into his pants pocket and found a small piece of paper with a warning on it: he needed to leave the island as soon as possible because SpaceLabs would be arriving soon, and it could end badly for him. The note itself was written in clumsy handwriting with a bunch of grammatical errors and signed with the name Gouper.A few meters from William on the shore was a motor boat; it was old but still in working order. Having collected those things that he found near him, including the BioCharger, he got into the boat and smoothly floated out of the cave. It was earlier in the morning, the weather was calm, and there was not a single cloud in the sky. Sitting comfortably, William directed the boat to the north. He wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. He hoped that he would succeed and that he would never return here in his life.EpilogueFrom under the collapsed bunker, the creature that saved Carter crawled out; it was able to survive the explosion and get to the surface practically undamaged. The creature looked around, and then changed its appearance into a young fair-skinned woman with short wavy white hair. As soon as the alien took human form, clothes appeared on her body. It was the same uniform as those worn by other test subjects. The clothes were white and blue with the SpaceLabs symbol on the sleeves and a small patch on the chest, on which was clearly visible the inscription "Project G." The woman looked down at her hands; she didn't remember who she was or what she was. Listening to the sounds made by the fauna of the island, she looked around, took a deep breath, taking clean air into her chest, and then went into the depths of the island, disappearing behind the dense crowns of trees.
Spider-Man: Fallen King Chapter 2There was something about the lady behind her that made Mary Jane peek over her shoulder every so often as she stepped through the early morning crowds that flood the New York streets. In the city, air early in the morning could wake up a bear in hibernation, it hit bare skin like an unexpected cold shower. Screeches and car horns made it difficult to focus on anything, and left most with wandering eyes, searching as they observed the city. Mary Jane Watson walked through unbothered by it all, still with enough focus to keep an eye on the lady behind her while also chasing a lead that probably didn’t even know she existed. A man the size of a pro wrestler on steroids seemed to find himself lost in the city, nerves tick at any horn or yelled cuss as his head darts. This was him, that much had been made clear to her but what did the woman behind him have to do with this? That was the question she asked herself. MJ could feel the eyes following her, attached to her like a heat seeking missile. Out of the corner of her left eye MJ caught the Ladies hand move out from inside her pocketbook, revealing a black glove. The smooth ink of the pen dots the question mark on her notepad as he wonders how she tied into this. Her hand flowed so smoothly with this pen, Peter had given it to her as a gift. If her ten year old self knew that at 25 a pen would be a good gift for her she would surely be disappointed, but now MJ wouldn’t have it any other way. The man in front of her went by Joe, and he was your average New York criminal. For someone like Mary Jane who likes to throw caution to the wind, he was a perfect target. Committing serious crimes such as theft and assault, yet not on as large a scale as a supervillain so none of the costumed heroines would care to get in her way this time. Of course Mary Jane always wants more, to do bigger and better things than your average reporting and that is why this particular average Joe criminal is perfect. In a way, she sees him as the key to unlocking a bigger picture to a hidden plot. A plot which she feels if she gets a jump on, not only could be big for her career but she could stomp the flame out before it truly sparks. A chance to stomp out the Manfredi Crime family all by herself. Run by Silvio “Silvermane” Manfredi, the family has been around for a long while but only recently has quietly been making moves towards something that MJ had not yet figured out. With Robbie on her neck for a new story, she was hopeful today is the day she could finally get something on Joe, that today would be the day he unintentionally gives her the lead she needs. Joe moved to cross the street, Mary Jane went to follow but a hand grasped her shoulder with a firm grip. “Jeanie… is that you?” the voice of a fragile old lady said to MJ as she turned around. It was the lady who she had been keeping tabs on, she wore a big black puffer coat matching her curly, long black hair and black gloves. A bit morbid Mary Jane thought. Her stare almost immediately trapped the shiny green eyes they met.. “I’m sorry, do I know you?” She asked the elderly woman, her hand still sits upon MJ’s shoulder, shaking subtly. “Oh my goodness dear. What a fool I am. I apologize you looked like my daughter Jeanie.” She replied in a genuine dismay, her eyes shifted to the street and then the sky, and the hand that cupped MJ’s shoulder now palmed her wrinkled forehead. “It’s okay, it happens. What can you expect in New York with all the crowds this early in the morning.” Mary Jane said, her stare bouncing to the street as her neck cranes to spot Joe again. A wave of disappointment drops in her stomach, he was nowhere to be found. “Have a wonderful day.” The woman said, walking past Mary Jane. For a second her detective instincts work up questions about this lady, and how awfully coincidental her interruption had been. Could she somehow be… A vibration tickles her outer thigh inside of her jean pockets. Grabbing her phone as yet again someone interrupts her, but this one was welcomed. “Hey Pete. Miss me already? You visit our old friend Fisk yet or what?” “MJ, you’re never going to believe this. I-I still can’t even wrap my head around it.” He said in his usual hurried, heavy breathing tone. Although she picked up one tinge of something different. “You swing around in colorful tights and fight aliens… what’s so hard to grasp?” She said mockingly. “The Kingpin… he’s dead.” with his words, the world paused around her. Instantly she felt off. Both of them knew how this should feel, that with all the work they’ve done to oppose Kingpin it should feel like a victory. Yet it didn’t. Instead she felt like something went wrong, like there is a missing piece somewhere in this intricately woven puzzle that was Wilson Fisk. “MJ.. you still there?” Pete said, his voice steady now which Mary Jane guessed he stopped swinging. A shoulder brushes by her with slight force pushing her over a step, normally this would aggravate her but today she needed it. In a snap reality unpaused and things felt normal, except that she couldn’t understand why this news affect her in the way it did. “Y-yeah. Sorry, I guess you were right, it is tough to grasp. How did it happen.” She asked, her phone lodged between her ear and shoulder while she pulls out her mini notepad and pencil. “Shot, right in the head. I tried to track the shooter but whoever it is they’re no rook. No footprints or marks, the bullet was taken by Dini.” He spat out as Mary Jane jots it down with impressive speed. “Okay, I got it. Well at least I can cover this today.” She said, a relief fell over her like a breath of fresh air. “Yeah, but can I ask you something? Does this kind of feel weird? Almost completely opposite to how it should?” “It does. And I don’t know if it’s just the fact that we’ve put so much time in to make sure he stays in jail, or maybe neither of us know how to take a win.” She responds, putting her notepad away to move towards the Bugle, preparing her mind for the breaking story she was about to write, at least she could give Robbie a story for this week. As the brisk air seeps under the thin spandex goosebumps rose along his arms. Peter had been plotting his next move for the past hour, keeping himself moving up until he’d figured out his plan. After searching his mind for what to do, who to blame, he decided that the best course of action was to visit a friend nearby. A friend who took extreme interest in the Kingpin, and had a personal vendetta with him. So, there he stood dressed in his red and blue tights perched on the corner of a smaller building staring down at the busy streets. A gray, clad filled sky behind him as he admires those who currently have a job which reminds him of his current position. Luckily he had MJ around to pick up for the slack when the bills were due. “Little early for you, no?” A smooth, deep voice calls from behind him. “Could’ve said the same for you, thought the Devil only comes out at night. I feel lucky to see you during the sunrise.” Spider-Man replied, his body swivels to face the dark red costume of his heroic friend. “A devil never sleeps, not when he’s got hell to run. Besides, it doesn't seem like the sun will be rising today.” Daredevil said, a grin on his face. His suit for the most part was thinner, but still a heavy material with traces of kevlar in certain spots. “Good one, you been reading Milton?” “Here and there, so what brings you to Hell’s kitchen?” “Well, I’ve got some news for you. I’m sure you knew today was the Kingpin’s release day.” Peter said, his voice muffled as usual through the mask. “I did. Tried to make it down there but, uh you know how it is sometimes with playing secret.” Murdock replied. “Don’t even get me started, but our friend got released, but didn’t last very long after.” He said, his voice turns serious....

Mature Content

Mr.Fantastic (Andrew Lincoln) by EliasBitervide
Gambit (Ian Somerhalder) by EliasBitervide
Dead Strange by EliasBitervide
Black Bolt by EliasBitervide
Listen, I wouldn't believe me either... by ThePrincessRobotRoom
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Ok hear me out, what if.... by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Deadpool and Thor Redrawn Comic Cover by VincenttheCrow
Marvel Two-In-One: Busted! by Rasmane
Frostiron/June by ktrew
Spider-Man and Captain Marvel by TristanHartup
Scarlet Widow by TristanHartup
SpiderGwen cosplay by spreenoel
Future Foundation Spider-Man - The New Suit by DashingTonyDrake
The Amazing Spider-Man - Back In Black by DashingTonyDrake
Future Foundation Spider-Man - Legacy by DashingTonyDrake
Black Widow by MarDenzis
Marvel Casting
Yuju as Gi (CP) by ryderrevice


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