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Bloodthirsty Chapter 3“Tell Master Dyrek that the task has been completed, and I am traveling to him now.” Vila said staring at the hologram of a protocol droid. “Yes m’lady it will be done, is there anything else you require for your return?” “You will tell Yurie that I have a message for her, and that she must meet me outside my ship upon my arrival.” “It will be done Master Vila.” Master Vila flicked the auto-pilot on as she sat back thinking on that word for a second, she felt it sounded right before her name that it belonged to her. She had been learning under Dyrek for more than 10 years and had become so powerful. Her eyes closed as she drifts off, but her mind hadn’t wondered but instead it focused on her inner self. She meditated to interact with her true feelings, her true self that had not been entirely engulfed by the dark side giving her the ability to see things in a neutral light. Vila’s breath flowed in and out as she reached deep within her feelings, and even deeper within her mind. After a few minutes of searching through the depths of her mind she reached something she had never seen before, unlocking a feeling that had been known until now. Within it she saw a wall that was lined with cracks from the pulsating energy it surrounded, she suddenly understood that this was her true power that had somehow been made unreachable in her head. She kept searching throughout her mind, going through different memories of her training as a Sith, and different lessons her master had taught her. Reaching even further back she found fond memories of herself during her Jedi training at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy, and returning to find the entire building in flames and dead Jedi scattered around the surface, screams started to fill her mind, growing louder with each time. Her eyes opened wide as she sat up straight, she stared out the viewport to black, empty galaxy that was littered with small lights all around. Master Vila she though again, as she sat back and closed her eyes. ***** Once again she was awoken abruptly, but this time it was due to a shooting pain inside of her chest, as if her heart were screaming throughout her entire body sending her out of her seat and straight to the floor before disappearing almost instantly. Vila took a few deep breaths before she decided to stand up, and then started checking around the cockpit just to be cautious. On her way around the area she checked the flight path, everything seemed to check out and the cockpit was clear. She turned on the scanner and ran a life forms check on the entire ship and found nothing, so she took another deep breath put her head back and stared off into the depressing display of darkness outside of the ship. A few seconds of silence calmed her before a feeling of emptiness took over her heart and voices started to yell inside of her head, the words were mumbled and hard to understand. The pain stopped again, but a certain darkness loomed inside her stomach, and that stayed. She stood up, confused as to what this feeling was and unable to complete her meditation any longer. Vila’s mind stirred as she thought to herself. If it was a vision, the strength of the dark side would cloud it, causing it to become a mere ache. That would explain why these instances keep going away so quickly, unless some dark side wilder is trying to deceive me? But that’s nearly impossible the only true living Sith around these days are Dyrek and myself, there is no other existing being who could trick me… unless it is Dyrek himself. But why? Does he suspect betrayal? What would make him think such a thing? Her thoughts came to a stop as she could see her destination, and instantly an ominous feeling polluted her body, a feeling she welcomed with open arms. She snapped the auto-pilot switch off and got ready to land. ***** Vila shut the ship off and grabbed the bag, something had felt different since she left, a sense of complete ruin that she had never observed before. Something was wrong, there was not a single person in sight as she landed and Yurie wasn’t waiting for her like she had asked. A lighter feeling came over her as her mind shifted to Yurie, one of the only people Vila had actually befriended and confided with completely on this lonesome planet. Yurie was someone that Vila could tell everything too, and that is the difference between their relationship and the Master and apprentice relationship she had. Dyrek lives and breathes the Sith code, he says the lines before sleep every night and allows it to rule his life and that is where he and his apprentice are at odds. She thought this over as she grabbed her belongings and left the ship, also thinking about how she was going to punish the droid for not delivering her message to Yurie… she smiled. Rain poured down on her while she was walking out into the gross, dark brown mud that slowed her steps, setting her eyes on the place she called home. The few trees she saw bent at the strong winds, she looked straight ahead into the gray mist to see nothing but stayed focused on reaching the village. The mist thickened as the strength of the storm picked up, leaving Vila walking blind using the force to guide her. Sensing the village getting closer, she put her head down and kept going, accidentally tripping over something laying in the mud she fell to the ground dropping the bag she was carrying. Feeling beside her reaching for the bag she felt something metal, she turned to see what it was and realized it was the protocol droid she had spoken too earlier. Confused, Vila stood up and reached to the holocron through the force, feeling its sinister energy a few steps away. Her eyes finally found it, but that wasn’t the only discovery they made. Next to the bag was, a person? Vila asked herself, “No. No how?” She said anxiously as she dropped to a knee to see the face up close. Instantly, the pain in her chest was back and it lingered as she started to hold the body in front of her. She dropped her head, fighting back the emotion building up inside, one tiny tear was able to break through the wall of darkness that was Vila The tear ran to the bottom of her chin, dropping down onto the face of her fallen friend, she held the body of her best friend Yurie closer....
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