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:new: Okay so recently there have been a lot of submissions me and the co-admins had to decline. It's not because we don't like the pictures, EVERY art style and level is welcomed here...

I've seen people join the group and after that immediately submitted pictures... which I had to decline, because they didn't follow (and read) the rules! And after that, they left the group.
Seriously? Is it too hard to take like 5 minutes of your time, read and just follow the rules? It would make everything soooo much easier... for you and for the admins.
So please please pleaseeeee read the rules and don't get all butthurt, because your submission has been declined. Because - in most cases - it's your own fault.

Thank you :heart:

:heart: Welcome to all new members of Our-Lovely-Couples! :heart:

Like the title says, it's a group for our couples~ It doesn't matter if there're OCXCanon, OCXOC or CanonXCanon! =D

There're some few rules, please read and comply with them~

:bulletblue: SUBMISSIONS: Put your pictures into the correct folder!!!
Unfortunately we get lots of submissions which are apparently put in a random folder. This is a NO GO! We didn't make the folders for fun! Below you'll find an explaination for the folders, just to be clear, what kind of pictures belong in which folder.

- If you have a picture that fits into two or maybe even more folders: Just pic ONE.
- If you don't know where to put your picture: Don't submit it somewhere, please leave a comment or ask the admins! We don't bite xD
- Not everyone knows all your pairings. This contains all pairings (OCxCanon, OCxOC and CanonxCanon). Please write in your description the names of the characters and where they belong to and to whom.

Character A | One Piece (c) Eiichiro Oda
Character B (c) me

^We will only accept pictures with credits wrote like THIS. Please understand, that we don't have the time to read all your text and see, if there is something like "and this is my cute girl OC with another friends OC" or something. It bugs me, that people still don't do that, because it's something that is done in 10 seconds. And it's a proof, that you didn't read the rules, so don't wonder why the picture has been declined...^

- Before writing a message like "Why did you decline my submission??": Please be sure you read the rules and didn't make any mistakes! Follow the rules and submit again. If your picture still gets declined, leave a nice comment asking why.

If it's not clear, if the characters are OCs or Canons, the picture is put into a wrong folder and/or the picture doesn't contain a clearly couple: the admins are allowed to decline your submissions without giving explainations.

:bulletblue: Be nice! No flaming and such things!
:bulletblue: Have fun! =D

The Folders

:bulletred: The "Featured" folder is for quality works only!!!
Which means: Those pictures are very complex and ornate, in almost all cases they have also a nice and complex background. You are free to submit to this folder BUT be prepared your submission to be declined eventually, if it doesn't fit to this criteria. If that's the case do not discuss with the admins about this. Just submit to one of the other folders which don't have any quality restrictions.
Look around this folder to see what kind of pictures we want there~
:new: Members can have up to 2 pictures in the Featured folder only! If the pictures are requested by the admins, there can be more pictures by the same artist.    

:bulletred: The "Canon x OC" folder:
Like it says, this folder is for Canon and OC pairings. For those who don't know:
Canon Characters are characters which belong to a certain show (Anime,Manga, Cartoon, ect.).
OCs are original characters which belong to mostly "hobby artists" like here on dA. Those OCs can also belong to an Anime or Manga, but still they're OCs or FCs (Fan Characters). Not every OC belongs to a canon show, they can also be part of a totally original universe the artist creates for them.

:bulletred: The "Canon x Canon" folder:
This folder is for Canon couples only! If you don't know what a Canon character is, read the explaination above.

:bulletred: The "OC x OC" folder:
This folder is for OC couples only! If you don't know what an OC is, read the explaination above.

:bulletred: The "Stamps" folder:
This folder is for stamps. Those stamps can feature a couple or be generally about love and/or couples. Of course this stamp has to be "couple related".

:bulletred: The "Family, Children" folder:
This folder is for example for group pictures with your couple (doesn't matter if CanonxOC, OCxOC or CanonxCanon) together with their children. There can also be just one parent with the children or a pregnant woman. We also accept just children pictures... but children only! We do not accept adult progency alone! If we did, this folder would be for almost every character... xD' If they're together with their parents, it's fine.

:bulletred: The "Comics, Doujinshis, Fanfictions, Memes" folder:
This folder is for almost everything else~ Mostly for comic-like art (doujinshi) containing panels and speechbubbles. This is also the right folder for your fanfictions and couple/love related memes and covers of your comics ect.. If it's not clear that this is a cover, it might be declined.

:bulletred: The "Cosplay, Photography" folder:
This folder is for photos only! Of course the photos must contain a couple and/or romantic situation between two persons. They can be cosplaying their favorite characters OR they just can be civil, just a normal life couple~ Do not submit any drawn pictures here.

I think these explainations are clear and understandable, but this is the exception that proves the rule. If there is still something not clear or you have problems finding the right folder, do not panic and just ask one of the admins~
If you have some questions or maybe suggestions don't be afraid to also send me or the Co-Founders a :note:! We're fully at your disposal.


:groups: - Our-Lovely-Couples

How to join:
If you like to join feel free to click the "join-group-button".
Join requests will be automatically approved.

If you wish to affiliate, send your affiliate request. It will be accepted immediately.


:iconheartpinkplz: Be nice! No flaming and such things!
:iconheartpinkplz: Put your pictures in the correct folder!
(If you have some ideas for other folders, just tell me)
:iconheartpinkplz: Tell your friends! Maybe they have some lovely couples/pairings they want to show?
(not a very necessarily rule, but it would be great if you guys would make some advertising.This group must grow!)
:iconheartpinkplz: Have fun!


We'll be advertising some contests, groups and websites.
This will be for a certain period of time. There's only one rule,
the advertised contests etc. must have a connection to couples.
If you're interested, write us a note.

1 week - 10 points
2 weeks - 15 points
1 month - 25 points

1 week - 5 points
2 weeks - 10 points
1 month - 15 points

1 week - 10 points
2 weeks - 15 points
1 month - 25 points

:new: Send the :points: to this account:
:iconolc-groupbank: OLC-Groupbank

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Mature Content

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Comics, Doujinshis, Fanfictions, Memes
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Cosplay, Photography
Violet, Klaus, and Sunny by pamlaisly232
Koujaku x Noiz by DragonReine
I've got your back by WhiteRavenCosplay
JELSA Couple COSPLAY- Frozen Valentine by WhiteRavenCosplay

Group Info

:groups: - Our-Lovely-Couples

- is a group for all kind of pairings.
Canon x Canon, OC x OC, Canon x OC, ect.
Feel free to join and submit lots of lovely couple pictures!
Founded 7 Years ago
Apr 8, 2012


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795 Members
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:groups: Have any questions? Don't be afraid, ask! We're always eager to help out.





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Any kind of affiliates are welcome!



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