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spider eyes

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My entry for this contest. I remember when I was little there were many times where I would dream this creature with many arms and eye come out from the floor a. It used to scared the shit out of me.
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TheOtherEliArts2001Hobbyist Digital Artist
Crawling in my skin, these wounds they will not heal

Fear is how I fall, confusing what is real.
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FantasyFeathersHobbyist Photographer
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I think you all misinterpret the picture. That little fellow is just curious and looking around. Do you see his wide-opened eyes? It just realised that it stepped into the lair of one of the most dangerours creatures, true monsters, that dwell this world. ^^
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jerotamHobbyist Digital Artist
poor girl :(
i will save you,little girl
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huesuxartHobbyist Digital Artist
Dear lord, I would kill myself before it does. Wonderful job on the design of the creature and thank you for not making me sleep tonight
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Dark and Scary. Flipping creative and amazing! Good job on this one! Mind checking out some of my artwork?
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Wow scary shit! Awesome Piece! >:D
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Out of the night
That extinguishes the light
The chill of the cold
That rattles your soul 
What you have dread
Lurks from under the bed
The nightmares begin
With the monsters from within
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HUBLERDONHobbyist General Artist
Very cool!
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demolitionfoxXHobbyist Traditional Artist
that monster is what i call a Nope monster. Amazing work though
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gaijin277Hobbyist Artist
www.deviantart.com/journal/Sto… do u what to join my team
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my last fav, thing i hate  spider, daddy-longlegs i'm o.k. it is the creepy kind of spider that give me the heepy-jeepys, 
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OhthehumanityplzHobbyist General Artist
This is terrifying but oh so detailed and beautiful. The execution and juxtaposition is dramatic and it's all so unearthly in the choice of color scheme. Well done.
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An interesting fear. I love how you placed it into art form. My worst fear was losing control of myself. It had come to the point where I would shake every time I grew angry. No this is not an 'incredible hulk' fear but doing something out of anger I would later regret.
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AnnabellLee666Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hm... same here.... creepy...
but thats very good!!
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AngelsHeart27Student Traditional Artist
That poor girl.
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MAMASPIDER8Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this!!! Absolutely fantastic, Mr J-5412!
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OuneStudent Digital Artist
Thank you! :>
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wdnestHobbyist General Artist
[link] This work has been featured on journal here. Thanks.

i--love group
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damn, i need a giant case of Raid!
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sesshomaru68Hobbyist General Artist
One of the best entries! :)
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OuneStudent Digital Artist
uwah so sweet! Thank you!
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Scary and beautiful at the same time. I'd say "Stomp it with your boot child" :-D
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