Friendship Never Fades

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(Friendship Never Fades was painted sometime in October.  I apologise for being lazy and not motivated enough to update my gallery in time. Sorry!)

Almost two weeks ago I got home, opened a big bag of puffs, ate them as fast as I could, ogre style, got a new record for "how many of these do you think I can fit in my mouth without chewing?" (A: a jillion!) and I got puffs crumbles - golden and plenty - all over my grim and frostbitten little bear fur.

With no connection whatsoever to the story above - or is there? - the same evening I got my tools out and all over the kitchen table and I started doodling.

No plan, No sketches.

And I doodled and doodled until I had it all done, even though there was this one moment between the making of the contour and filling it in when I was thrown out of the kitchen by reason of people cooking dinner - preposterous!

Let us ignore everything that has been written though because what matters is simple: acrylics, watercolours, a small fox, few colours, a green leaf, autumn, cold.
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