Acorn Girl

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I'm thinking of making bookmarks.
Maybe start with a group of strange little girls...

Our pioneer here is Miss Acorn.
Some years (!) ago I wrote this beside her sketch:

Acorn girl
She has no mirror
So she brushes her hair
Over a cup of water.

She wishes for a smaller mouth
Just the right size for an Acorn girl.

It sounded better (though not smarter!) in Romanian.

At one point she even had a friend, a foul-mouthed raven, dressed up smart in a pinstriped vest, which she keeps tied up with a golden chain, button to button. The raven dreams himself to be some sort of a misunderstood  literary genius.

At the moment I'm testing to see just how well the colours hold and most importantly do not transfer onto the book pages, but I really like the idea of a little companion in my literary adventures. Don't you?
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