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Paper Nautilus (Argonauta Hians) on new base

By ou8nrtist2
This is a new configuration.
The shell is welded stainless steel,with a heat patina.
The Art Nouveau base is mild steel with copper sulfate burned in.
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Nov 26, 2013, 3:35:16 AM
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Love the effect you used on the stand; makes me think of ancient shipwrecked bronze.
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Hi, can you describe the process of burning copper sulphate? Just apply it to the hot iron?
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Yes,I make a saturated solution of it in water,then put it in a spray bottle for application.I use the torch to heat up the piece ,just enough so that when the spray is applied it dries instantly.By doing many layers you can get some interesting effects.Then you have to seal the piece with either lacquer or wax.And it isn't a real stable effect.It's only good for a piece that will remain indoors...
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Ah, ok, I was hoping there's a way to melt the deposits permanently... Still, looks nice!
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Man, I'm not surew hat this is for but it looks fantastic! 
ou8nrtist2's avatar
It's just an object of beauty with no practical function.
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I think it could work as an excellent flower pot or something. I mean, having something bushy or vine-like growing out of that would really look impressive. :3
Hehayo's avatar
Well, you can probably put licorice in it ;)

Did you make it? It's wonderfully, hm.. what's the word, explicit?  :shrug:

Yeah, whatever the word is... :grump: ... :devilish:
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Thank you again Paula.
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Found on the Lusitania.. or looks like it was, anyway.  Or maybe even the Poseidon.

Anyway.. too cool, dude.
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Thanks Rick.I'm groovin on a new plateau...
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I can see that.
Really some nice pieces you've been doing lately.
ou8nrtist2's avatar
I'm on a roll.Full moon focuses my creative juices distilling new ideas...
No rest for the wicked...
Samarai's avatar
Just keep an eye out for large outcroppings of unwanted hair and a strange desire to kill and eat a rabbit... ;)
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This is gorgeous!
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Thank you Holy.
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WOW!!! And I thought you couldn't top the last one.  Stunning!  :)
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Thank you Sue,
I'm having great fun exploiting the natural intrinsic qualities of stainless steel,as regards the heat patina.
It's allowing me to introduce a whole new dimension of realism...
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Well it certainly sounds and looks awesome!  :)
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Fantastic!!! The finish on the base is outstanding!!!!  Looks like you pulled this right from a sunken galleon..
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It was one of a pair of candelabra I made when the Titanic was found.
They were sort of a dedication and intended to look as though they were brought up from the wreck...
But hey function well as a stand for some of my shell sculptures as well ,so their role has changed.
I sold one with The Chambered Nautilus Shell (previously posted),and now this one is a mated pair with the Paper Nautilus...
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