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Hammered Copper Fruitbowl

This is a fairly large bowl, (14"dia.) but I did not form it in the traditional manner.
I am perfectly happy to use automated equipment if I can still retain a good control of the forming process and still achieve a hand worked look.
In this case I started with a flat disc of 1/8th copper plate and PUSHED it down into a bowl shaped die with my 20 ton hydraulic press and used an AIR HAMMER to stress release the tension all around the inside surface as I pushed it deeper and deeper. I annealed the bowl several times using the torch and water quenching to soften the copper so I could hammer it deeper without it getting too work hardened and it cracking. I liked the colors left on the copper by the heat patina so simply left it...
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Beautiful. The patina from the heating adds so much to the depth, and the warmth of the copper just draws me in.

You've mentioned the press you use before. Is it a store bought piece of equipment or one you've made yourself? And am I wrong in assuming you make your own dies for each piece?
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Thank you for your kind compliments,
I do indeed make all my own dies and my press is a HAND OPERATED commercial frame press from HARBOR FREIGHT.
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Have you ever considered making cymbals for drums?
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I don't work much with brass.
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Beautiful bowl. I love the colors left by a torch on copper as well they are lovely aren't they.
ou8nrtist2's avatar
quite so...
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That's a beautiful piece of work. The material itself must be worth a fortune, though. It must be, what, 6-8 pounds of copper?
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It's 1/8th inch thick copper plate.
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very nice! i love copper, its a nice metal to work with
ou8nrtist2's avatar
and so soft too...
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How many people can say they own something like this? Not too many I'm sure, even though it seems such a regular object.

I know, that you know your work and metals. I'm wondering how long this piece could potentially last?
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Several lifetimes at least.
I made it for a wedding present,but I'm afraid the couple has split up...
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oh yeahh. the textures and colours are fantastic! :D
ou8nrtist2's avatar
Both copper and bronze have such an incredible variety of colors possible in their patinas.
Marcusstratus's avatar
aye, quite. Ever worked with titanium? or other queer metals? it's got a large variety of patinas from what I know.
ou8nrtist2's avatar
I haven't worked with titanium,
but have had plans for some time to try and forge/blend it with stainless and some other metals to make a sort of Makume Gane for ornamental pieces that require a high degree of structural integrity.
Marcusstratus's avatar
huh... how do you think that would fare? on my first thought I don't think it'd bind to well to the steel or whatever else... unless a homogeneous allow was made.
ou8nrtist2's avatar
It may be that the third metal is the binder (like bronze).
I just need to read up on it and of course experiment...
I'll twist a whole bunch of wires together then forge/hammer them together and see what I get.
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mmhmm... well, I'll definitely wait to see the results :D
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Beautiful! I think hammered copper is one of my favorite metal/treatment combinations.

Totally off topic question: Custom work- do you ever work without payment in advance? (Yes, I'm having a personal dilemma on the subject.)
ou8nrtist2's avatar
It is not recommended.
Wyrdhaven's avatar
I keep telling myself that, firmly. I'm holding out so far, but I think I just had a possible commission evaporate.
ou8nrtist2's avatar
I think not,
I think you saved yourself from getting burned...
Wyrdhaven's avatar
I hope so. Right now, the $70 would have actually helped....But I'm not sure I would have gotten paid, so I guess it's good that I'm spending my time on getting another recent commission finished instead of spending half my time on each. Luckily, the other recent commission is a really cool guy, and has been easy to work with. He didn't have a problem with paying in advance.
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