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Hello guys. I haven't posted a journal entry for almost a year now and it's probably because i don't really have much to say but i think it's about time for me to share some of my stories with you guys.

Like what the title says, please pray for my dad. He's diagnose with cancer (stage 4) but the doctors aren't quite sure what type of cancer it is. They suspected it to be neuroendocrine cancer/tumor but once we got his blood result, it was negative. Right now he's under palliative care.The doctors keep on telling us that he's in a critical condition and chances of him surviving is really thin. They said that we should be prepared for him to... leave. 

I don't think i'm prepared for something like that. I don't think i will EVER be prepared. He's my dad for God's sake. Everything happens so fast like seriously. He was admitted to the hospital 2 months ago and right now he can't eat, drink, walk or even speak properly. My dad who used to be that funny fat guy is now so weak and thin. Whenever i look at him, it feels like i'm looking at some stranger. I've never felt so heartbroken before and I know I should be strong but this is too painful. 

So here i am, begging to whoever is reading this to pray for my dad. He's my one and only dad.
And I can't afford to lose him.
I just heard about what had happen in Jakarta. It infuriates me knowing that some dumbass would kill himself just to promote some fake agenda and affected not only the religion but also the people. And the fact that I have a few friends there makes it even worse.

Like wtf man. Why the hell would you kill yourself? Don't you know that suicide and killing other people is against the religion itself?  Don't do some pointless shit dammit.

And to the people in Jakarta and also everyone else in the world, stay safe and be cautious! Please take care :(

Lots of love from Malaysia :heart:
I just got back from college. Currently having my 5 day break and since today which is the 24th of December is the Prophet Muhammad's (May peace be upon him) birthday, I just wanna wish Salam Maulidur Rasul to my Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world!

And since tomorrow is Christmas, i just wanna wish Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating. May you all have a nice holiday and ship me some presents will ya? lol jk.

Happy Holidays, guys. May God bless you all :heart:
Hey guys! It's been awhile since i submitted my last journal. As you all know, I've been really busy nowadays
since I'll be sitting for the most important exam in my life that will probably determine my future and what I'll do in life
But don't worry... I got everything under control....yep...

everything is...
gonna be...

Oh wait, no. I'm fcked :iconmingplz: 

*sigh* Anyways, the reason why i wrote (or more likely typed) this journal is to thank all of those people out there who wished me a happy birthday.
I really, really, really, appreciate it so much! There are some of you who gave me words of encouragement and to be honest, it made me cry a little Oh Bella
you sentimental shit

Again, thank you for the wishes! I love you guys so,so,so much! *crey* 
001. Real name: Nabilla Bt. Kamaruddin
002. Nickname[s]: Nab, Nabster (Nab+hamster), Bella, Mak Nab, Nabil (a boy's name)
003. Zodiac Sign: Libra
004. Male Or Female: Female
005. Elementary School: Started when I was 4 in a Chinese school
006. Middle School: Public school. The worst years of my life. 
007. High School:Public school cuz Private schools are too darn expensive and I'm not smart enough *creyz*
008. Hair Color: Dark brown
009. Long Or Short: Long? Medium long?
010. Loud Or Quiet: awkward as fahk
011. Sweats Or Jeans: Jeans
012. Phone Or Camera: Phone 
013. Health Freak: wat
014. Drink Or Smoke: Haram hahahahaha
015. Do You Have a Crush on Someone: Currently no cuz the boys at my school are so gross
017. Piercings: Nope
018.Tattoos: Nahh 

019. Airplane : Yes. Like 6 years ago
020. Car Accident: How ironic cuz it happened 6 years ago too. My dad hit this drunk Pakistani and he flew on top of my car like a paper. True story. 
021. Fist Fight : All the time brah. Mostly with my brothers. 

022. First piercing: No.
023: First Best Friend: DeeDee and Wani when I was 4 
024. First Instrument played: Piano
025. First award: Second smartest kid in Smart Learn bahahaha
026. First Crush: In kindergarten and don't even remind me why
027. First Language: Malay
028. First Big Vacation: With the whole family in Terengganu when I was 15

029. Last Person you talked to: My maid 
030. Last Person You Texted: My friend from school
031. Last Person You Watched: I don't remember... 
032. Last Ate: Nasi Lemak Kerang
033. Last Movie You Watched: Olympus Has Fallen 
034. Last Song You listened To:  R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys
035. Last Thing You Bought: Junk food
036. Last Person You Hugged: My cat is a person. Shut up.

037. Food: One does not simply have one favorite food only. 
038. Drinks: Pineapple milk juice.
039. Clothing: Sweaters even though Malaysia is hot as fuck, I dig it. 
040. Books: Anything with pictures in it :iconmingplz: 
041. Colors: Brown, Purple and blue
042. Flowers: is Dandelion count as a flower? 
043: Music : Indie rock 
044. Movies : White Chicks, and everything that revolves around Marvel. 
045. Shoes : Converse 
046. Subjects: I'm absolutely sure it's not Math...or Biology...

Ads not by this site
IN THE PAST YEAR I ... : "X" is for "yes"
047. [] Kissed in the rain
048. [] Celebrated Halloween:
049. [X] Had Your Heart Broken  
050. [] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone.
051. [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation
052. [] Came Outta The Closet
053. [] Gotten Pregnant.
054. [] Had An Abortion. 
055. [X] Done Something You've Regretted
056. [X] Broke A Promise
057. [x] Kept A Secret 
058. [X] Pretended To Be Happy:
059. [] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life:
060. [X] Pretended To Be Sick
061. [X] Left The Country
062. [] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
063. [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
064. [] Ran A Mile:
065. [X] Went To The Beach
066. [XXXXX] Stayed Single

067. Eating: Nothing
068. Drinking: Nothing
070. Listening To: Birds chirping in the balcony
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: do my homework *laughs* 

073. Want Kids: Yes when there's a ring on my finger.
074. Want To Get Married: Yes but love grosses me out nowadays
075. Careers in mind : Be an Engineer 

076. Lips Or Eyes: Beaks.
077. Shorter Or Taller: Fat.
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Romantic ass duck.
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: nice beaks 
080. Sensitive Or Loud: Loud ducks are rude. I prefer sensitive. 
081. Hookup Or Relationship: This doesn't make sense. 
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant : what

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: M'hm and I was half blind for almost a week.
084. Ran Away From Home: Temporarily yes. 
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense:  A hammer. It felt like as if I was Thor. 
086. Killed Somebody: Noooo
087. Broken Someone's Heart: Yep
088. Been Arrested: nope

090. Yourself: Depends
091. Miracles: Yes.
092. Love At First Sight: Crap.
093. Heaven: Yes.
094. Santa Claus: Not really
095. Hell: M'hmm
096. Magic: I guess so?

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: can it be a fictional character? If yes, Matt hahahahaha why
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: I'm very thankful for it so yes :D
099. Do You Believe In God: Of course.
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five People:     Hey you. Do this shit.
Hoyeah still alive here. Well. Barely.
I don't get why my principal says form 4 (16 y/o) students are in our honeymoon year.
Psh. Honeymoon my behind. After PMR, I've been more busy than ever. New subjects to handle and don't
even let me start on the homework. Shit loads of homework.

The reason why i feel guilty is because, i haven't started on some of the commissions yet.
It's been months now and still no progress. Bella, what is wrong with you? lol idk.
I think i might not make any more commissions after this. Just art trades and gifts. Unless, i really need
money and by money, i mean REAL money, then yes. I will open my commissions (Mom made me a Paypal so yah)

Right now I'm sitting for an exam and it has been almost a month now. It's not really THAT important but it depends on whether i can
stay in my Science Stream class or get kicked out next year....shit. OTL

But anyways, like i always, always, always, say. I will, i will, i will, i will, i will start on the commissions soon, soon, soon, soon.
I'm getting tired of this too. Oh well.

Wish me luck. I think.

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well no. Not really.
It has been months since i was last active. This is all thanks to my darn computer. DARN YOU, COMPUTER.

And FINALLY! I can open my DA through my phone. I think i should celebrate my success. Yes. Maybe.

Anyways, i wanna apologize to the people who i owe trades and commissions and other stuff liddat. I'm very sorry. I can't draw anything digitally for now till i get my dad to fix the computer and I really miss you guys a lot. Really, i do ;A;

Oh and Syawal is just around the corner! So i wanna seize this opportunity to wish my Muslim brothers and sisters a Happy Aidilfitri (y so formal idk)

May you and your family have the joyous Aidilfitri ^^

Lots of love,
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Does anyone know where and how? I would really appreciate it if someone help me :/
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I don't care if he's 48, i think he's hot. Enough said. ROBERT DOWNEY JR IS HOT. AND AWESOME. AND HOT.

i will die happily now.......

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I lost my tablet pen *runs*
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I'm doing this for fun hohoho

- Pick 7 of your OCs in any order.
- Enjoy!

1. Nerumi Rosenthal
2. Niall Jeevas
3. Nathan Jeevas
4. Michelle Jeevas
5. Hideki
6. Ran
7. Violet

1. [1-7] State your names, aliases, et cetera and would you like a donut or milkshake?
1. Hello! I'm Nerumi Rosenthal, you can call me Neru. Can i have the donut? Oh wait no! I want the milkshake! *glance at the donut*
2. The name's Niall Jeevas. Do you have pie?
3. Hello~ I'm Nathan Jeevas. Call me Nate or Nathan. And can i have the milkshake, please?
4. I'm Michelle Jeevas. But my idiot brothers call me Mitch. And uh, no thanks. I'm on a diet... *gulp*
5. Hideki is the name. Thanks for the offer but i can have your blood instead? *grins*
6. Ran.....Just Ran...
7. I'm Violet! You can call Violet?. Ah, thank you so much for the offer. //smiles

2. [3] and [7] decide to bungee jump, but [3]'s cord snaps. What does [7] do?
Violet: Oh no! Help me!!
Nathan: It's okay, my dear! I'll save you because you're so adorable! :icontsukinosmirkplz:
Vioelt: :iconfacepokerplz:

3. [4] decides to cook dinner. What do they make?
Michelle: *a dead lizard, a pair of Niall's stinky socks, some hair and dirt*
Nathan: Mitch! Hurry up! We're hungry!
Michelle: Dinner is ready! Eat up!
Niall: What did you cook?
Michelle: oh i used my own secret recipe~:iconimveryhappyplz:

4. [2] and [6] are at an arcade playing DDR. Who wins?
Niall: WOHOO! I WIN!! :iconscoreeplz:
Ran: ......
Niall: ......
Ran: You better start running, kid...

5. [1] feels bored, so he/she go to a bar and get drunk, when all of a sudden a liopleurodon shows up. What kind of chaos ensues?
Neru: Mello! *hiccup* is that *hiccup* you!? My... you look like *hiccup* a giant lizard!

6. [5] decides to get a perm. Where do they go to show off their amazing, gigantic afro?
Hideki: Sis, how do i look?
Ran: ............*thumbs up*

7. [1] does make-up on [7] while they sleep. [7]'s reaction when they wake up and look in a mirror:
Neru: *tries not to laugh*

8. [2] is hit by cupid's stupid arrows of lurve (temporarily, of course), and falls for [3].  What happens?
Niall: You... you're the most beautiful angel i have ever met! Let's get married!
Nathan: :icongodwhyplz:

9. [2] and [6] are stuck in a haunted house, with spirits trying to snatch their bodies. What do they do to get out - or do they get out at all? Dun dun duunnnn…
Niall: ....please don't kill me...:iconhiiragisobplz:
Spirits: wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUuUuUuU~
Niall: No i was talking to her *points to Ran*

10. [7] is a victim of a crime, and the accused is [4]. What is the crime and what is the verdict?
Vioelt: N-No i d-didn't *starts crying* .... and what's a "biatch"?

11. [5] and [1] enter into a talent show. Do they enter together or separately? And what is their talent?
Hideki: I'll reap people's souls! MUAHAHAHA!
Judges: .......that's nice....and what's your talent?
Neru: nothing..

12. [2]'s favorite song. If they don't have a favorite song, what genre do they typically listen to?
Niall: King for a day by Pierce the Veil :meow:

13. [6] and [3] fight zombie pirate ninjas with Will Smith. What happens? Is it awesome? Or is it awesome?
Nathan: Omg, Will Smith! I am your biggest fan! Please sign this sword!:iconsparkleeyeyuiplz:

14. [7] and [5] go adventuring and discover some valuable once-lost treasure. How do they split it? Or if they don't decide to share - who gets it and how do they get it?
Violet: Pretty gems! They're so pretty! and gold! Wah! Lots and lots of gold!:iconyeashplz:
Hideki: Well you ain't getting any of that..
Violet: Whaa? Why?! ;A;
Mr. Crabs: Cuz it's mine! AGAGAGAGAGA!

15. [1] grows to the size of a skyscraper. [4] shrinks to the size of a marble. What do each of them do with their new size?
Neru: I'll be King Kong! Muahahaha!
Michelle: Mom! You almost stepped on me!!
Neru: Sorry, dear ^^;

16. [2] now rules the world (whatever world they are from). What do they do with their newfound power?
Niall: DESTROY ALL SCHOOLS. End of story.

17. [5] catch [3], [4], and [7] running around naked in the rain. Reactions?
Nathan: Wow yours is really big..
Hideki: Ikr? Yours too, bro.:iconsatoshismirkplz:
Michelle: MY EYES.MY INNOCENT EYES!!:iconaackplz:
Ran: ....:iconsmileblushplz:

18. [2], [1], and [5] face a zombie apocolypse. They have little resources left and need to get to a safehouse far away. Who survives all the way to the safe house and how?
Neru: I won't abandoned my son! So i'll just sacrifice myself//sniff
Niall: Mom! No! As a son i will protect you! So go ahead without me!
Neru: Niall!
Niall: Mom!
Hideki: *rides a car* adios.

19. [6] and [1] are zapped by the gender-bender. LOL. Making memes is fun.
Ran: You look like my brother...
Neru: And you look like Near...:iconabyssstareplz:

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Hello there, my awesome watchers and random people who read this journal.
I wanna give a message to the deviants who commissioned me.

There's a slight delay in finishing the commissions because i'm currently busy with school activities. I have to participate(more likely being forced) in a debate competition, inter-class drama competition, and even girl scout camping trip. Not to mention the piles of homework that i have to finish. *sigh* It has been an exhausting month for me and i barely had any rest!

So i hope you guys understand the troubles i'm facing now.
Thank you :heart:

Yours truly,
Bella :)

Delete my account? Should I?

Fri Mar 8, 2013, 12:46 AM
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I feel like i'm wasting my time here. Plus, i don't think art is my thing anymore... So whaddaya guys think? Should i delete my account?

Totoro Journal Skin by starrily

Point commissions are Closed!!

Wed Feb 6, 2013, 7:07 PM
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EDIT: Hey guys! I'm busy with school and exams for awhile and i just realized that i couldn't take anymore commissions. So i'll try open 'em sooner or later. Anyways, thanks to the people who commissioned me! I'll start with your requests after the exams (next week) ^^


Hey guys, i haven't open point commissions for quite a while now so, here it is! I increased the prices a bit and it's not really that cheap. But i hope you guys commission me ^^ I need points so i could extend my premium membership and i could commission other people ouo

I only do Digital art


:bulletgreen: Head-shot(?) - 80:points:

Untitled by Otromeru
Com: Haruka by Otromeru

:bulletgreen: knee/waist-up - 120:points:

Miku by Otromeru
Deidara by Otromeru
Jack Frost by Otromeru

:bulletgreen: Fullbody - 160:points:

Guess who this is! by Otromeru
Com: Jollyollypop by Otromeru

:bulletgreen: Adventure Time style - 100:points:

AT style: Ask Niall! by Otromeru
Marshall and Nelly by Otromeru


:bulletblue: Ocs
:bulletblue: OcsxCanon (But i don't do OcXMatt :iconheplz:)
:bulletblue: Human with animal characteristics (tails and ears only)
:bulletblue: Anime

:bulletred: Hentai
:bulletred: Mecha
:bulletred: Animals
:bulletred: Hard posses
:bulletred: backgrounds

:star: If you want an extra character in the picture, just double up the price.

How to order
:bulletpurple: Just send me a note with the title "commission".
:bulletpurple: Please remember that i may decline your order by not replying. It's maybe because, your character is really hard for me to draw/color or i'm not taking any more commissions at the moment.

-It'll take some time for me to finish your drawing so be patient
-I will start with the art trades and gifts first then the commissions
-And if you wonder why my prices are expensive, this stamp down here will explain why

That is all. Have a nice day ^^

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I'm reaaaally obsess with Matt from Death note a.k.a Mail Jeevas. Like TOTALLY OBSESS ABOUT HIM. Cos every time i see fanarts of him i start fangirling and I feel butterflies in my stomach. Dammit this is weird. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH SOMEONE HELP ME Q_Q

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Death Note OCs wanted!

Tue Jan 1, 2013, 10:51 PM
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Hihi so i need 3 Death Note Ocs. Just three cuz i want
to draw them with my own oc, Neru :meow:

If you're interested, send me a picture of your oc through here and i'll choose the ones that i'm... deign with? (wait... is that the right word? lol whatever) So here are some rules..


:bulletpurple: Death Note Ocs ONLY

:bulletpurple: No shinigamis

:bulletpurple: No gender bends of any cannon characters

:bulletpurple: No references through words

:bulletpurple: Only one oc per person

:bulletpurple: Girls only

:bulletpurple: and... no Mary-Sues :iconmingplz:

I would really love to see your ocs ^^ If you wanna know more
about my oc, just look her up in my gallery!

That is all. Thank you for reading :meow:

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Hello 2013!

Mon Dec 31, 2012, 9:11 PM
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Happy New year, guys! 2012 has passed and here comes 2013~
Oh and it seems like... we're still alive!
LOL Mayans has trolled us all. :iconiseewhatudidplz:
Actually, i didn't believe them from the start

Anyways, school is starting tomorrow so that means... i have to
pick a course for my new class and wait for the boarding school
results. But i don't think i aced the qualification test though :iconmingplz:
Meh whatever. Other than that, it also means i'm not going to be quite active like i used to be..... lol i doubt that

My 2012 was quite... depressing and....... more depressing since i was sitting for an exam. But i think 2013 will be much nicer to me ouo
I met a few new friends this year in real life and in DA. So I hope
i could meet more new friends this year xD

My New Year's resolution for 2013 will be...

1) Being number one in my class xD
2) Meet new friends
3) Less procrastinating
4) Improving my art
5) Less awkwardness
6) and weirdness :iconpffftchplz:
7) Staying single
8) Being a good daughter ouo
9) And being a good mommeh to my baby suggie :iconasdfghplz:

Hihi that's all~
Tell me what's your New year's resolution ^^

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  • Listening to: Falling star - Jet
  • Watching: I am Legend
  • Eating: 2 minute noodles

Tomorrow, my beloved mom will bring me to Pet World, Midvalley (somewhere
in my country). She promised me that she'll buy me a pet ferret as a gift. You guys don't know how friggin happy i am right now!! :la:

I just can't wait to see those cute ferrets ouo
Actually i wanted a cat, but i can't since i'm allergic to cats.
LOL i'm a cat person but i'm allergic to them FML :iconmingplz:

Anyways, i want your opinions for the name. I suck in giving names
QAQ My brother wanted to call it Meatball....but that sounds so wrong.
My mom would probably give it some funny names like popo or chomby xD
While my dad.... he'll just call it "that thing" or "ferret".

So... any ideas?? I would really appreciate it if you
guys gimme some xD

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Death note lovers! Try this!

Sat Dec 22, 2012, 11:50 PM
  • Reading: Twitter - Timeline

Mahgerd, i saw this "game" in tumblr. It's a Death note
Click and drag game. Maybe some of you are interested in this game xD so try it!…

This is awfully weird but i got..

Best friend - Mello LOL

Lover - Matt :iconmegustaplz:

First kiss - L (lollolololol)

Hates me - Takada Kiyomi

Has a crush on me - Near :iconfacepokerplz:

Is cockblocked by - Ryuk (LMFAO)


LOL tell me what you guys got! xD

yeah, i was bored OTL

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PMR Results

Tue Dec 18, 2012, 9:29 PM
  • Reading: Twitter - Timeline

...yay? I guess...
Well, i didn't get straight A's and i cried like a lil baby at school.
That was embarrassing.. :iconmingtearsplz:
I just can't bear to see the looks on my parents faces.. i feel
so disappointed with myself cuz i failed them :(
Sorry Mama and Baba. I'll try harder with my SPM exam.
I love you guys so much! ;A;

Even though i didn't get 8A's, i'm still grateful with what i got
that is 6A's 2B's. So.. bad news, NO FREE DRAWINGS XD
I'm so evil.. :iconfacepalmplz:

Okay. That's all. Buh-bye~

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