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Hand Sewing Basics - Tutorial


This is my first artisan crafts tutorial! :dummy:
I've been trying out lots of sewing recently, and I've decided that it could be a good path to go down if I wanted to make some money from my art - making plushies to sell! I'm working on a couple of my own patterns (harder than it looks, seriously), which I'll probably also make tutorials for at some point, but I thought it would be best to make a tutorial for the absolute basics first!

This tutorial covers how to knot thread, running stitch, back stitch and whip stitch. There are a couple of others, such as ladder stitch and blanket stitch which I also wanted to cover, but I might do those at a later stage. I didn't want to overcrowd what is already quite a packed tutorial. :giggle:

I tried my best to explain things in a way that everyone can understand, and to provide clear photos and diagrams. Please tell me if anything is unclear, so I can make changes! I'd like it to be easy to understand. I'm also conscious of how bad I am at proof-reading my own writing, so if there are any grammar or spelling errors, point those out to me too. :XD:

Other than that, erm... pretty self explanatory!

I hope I can be helpful, and if you have any feedback whatsoever on the design, layout, or content of the tutorial, I'd be very happy if you could drop me a comment or critique. Anything is helpful, so I know what I'm doing right or what I need to change for next time. :nod:

And speaking of next time, watch this space for more sewing basics and plushie tutorials! c:

I hope you like it.

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Nice tutorial thanks for making!
BS--Comics's avatar
This has helped me so much during my first plush-crafting project. Thanks for sharing such a detailed guide!
Apoch-Raptor's avatar
Very helpful <3 Thank you!
KuroMisaki's avatar
Oh my, You are my hero *^*
otohime0394's avatar
:giggle: Glad to be of assistance.
PonyUniverse's avatar
Awesome! :3 Totally saving this to use later!
otohime0394's avatar
That's great, thank you. :aww:
pegas1ster's avatar
saving this for later use :O
This is so helpful. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this
otohime0394's avatar
No worries, I had a lot of fun. :D I hope you can use it to make something awesome!
TheLegendofZeina's avatar
Very helpful! I will be looking to this tutorial for future plush plans!
otohime0394's avatar
Glad you thought so! :D I'd love to see anything you create, so feel free to link me here!
TheLegendofZeina's avatar
Oh most definitely! I would love to show you!
otohime0394's avatar
I look forward to it. :D
Ponalulu's avatar
I dont know who taught you to whip stitch, but thats wrong.
otohime0394's avatar
I prefer to use the term 'different method'. :XD:
The internet taught me to whip stitch and you may well do it differently, but this works for me and I thought it might work for others. :la:
Bow-Stitches's avatar
Great tutorial! But, why are you using embroidery thread? (unless on purpose ;P )
otohime0394's avatar
Thank you! :D

As I explained, I am indeed using embroidery thread on purpose in my demonstrations. This was just to make the movements easier to see in the photos. :aww:
PrincessIrregular's avatar
this is so much help- and I got the knot on the first try! I am Wonder Woman!
otohime0394's avatar
Hey, well done. :giggle:
Glad you found it useful, and thanks for using it! 
PrincessIrregular's avatar
thanks :3
no problem, it was awesome :)
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