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The Usual Scum

This is a digital commission featuring a bunch of guys auditioning for a Bryan Singer film.

The original line art measures 7 1/2 x 14 inches and was drawn on Bristol using Micron pens. The final artwork was colored in Photoshop CS4 using a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.

You can watch a recording of me coloring (most of) this piece on my Ustream channel here: [link]

Go here to learn more about commissioning original or digital artwork from me: [link]

Go here to watch a time-lapse process video of this piece on YouTube: [link]

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FlareEmerald77's avatar money is on Number 6
Mug shot of bounty hunters haha
PokeyFluffytail's avatar
*Chuckling* "Hammythakeez cahcksucka."
"In English please?"
"In English please."
"...Hanmethafuckin keys, yacawksucka, wut da fuuuuu..."
beefers's avatar
great crossover, haha.

He'll flip ya.... flip ya.
Advent3546's avatar
Hand ME the keys. You fucking cocksucker.
neosoc's avatar

AbbyCatWolff's avatar
Haha! Bossk is awesome!
thehiddenhellcat's avatar
Hehe, I love Fett's body language. Very nonchalant.
MillenniumFalsehood's avatar
Actually it looks like he's goosing Dengar. :O_o:
thehiddenhellcat's avatar
Haha, now that's all I see.
dagoth-jeff's avatar
fakebny123's avatar
I actually love the "Well hello princess" attitude of Bobba Fett.
joeboylenyc's avatar
I love everything about this! Definitely in my top 3 faves of your work!
Ultrarender's avatar
Cool :D That's all I can say
danthedoor's avatar
halnarthax87's avatar
Hehe, Bossk would eat that...
Zuckuss: Shit... shit... shit
Bossk: Eat! Kill! Eat! Kill!
IG-88: ... ... ...
4-LOM: Dengar did it...
Dengar: Dengar did it...
Boba Fett: Go ahead princess, drink me in.
Super-Josh's avatar
Love the look on Dengar's face. (#5) :lol:
ePu3's avatar
ur genious dude!!!
Garrbatch-man's avatar
Zuckuss is # 1? No wonder the others are pissed. Except for that moron Dengar of course. haha.
One of the best fan arts I have seen since a while
Quinn-G's avatar
Gotta love how Boba Fett is just chillin' in this one.
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