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July 22, 2011
Star Wars Sushi by *OtisFrampton
The suggester says: "This is a brilliant composition. I love their expressions and this scene totally awesome"
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Star Wars Sushi


UPDATE (June 7th, 2011): Many thanks to the 500+ people on deviantART who made my "Star Wars Sushi" image one of their faves in just 1 day!

"Star Wars Sushi" is the 1st all-digital Digital Commission I've ever done (Karate Kid Sushi and Samurai Jack Sushi were also all digital, but I started this one first). No line art on paper, it was all drawn on the Cintiq in Photoshop. I'd like to thank the buyer for letting me experiment with going all digital. It think I'll keep working this way when I can.


This is a digital commission (the fourth of a series of five) that feature various characters from different films dining at the buyer's new sushi bar. The finished pieces will be displayed on the walls of the sushi bar when it opens.

The entire piece was drawn & colored in Photoshop CS4 using a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.

You can watch a recording of me coloring (most of) this piece on my Ustream channel here: [link]

Go here to learn more about commissioning original or digital artwork from me: [link]

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John-the-Enforcer's avatar
Behind them should have been every aquatic alien in the Star Wars 'verse looking on in horror.
MMax88's avatar
This isn't really anime... More like cartoon.
Dronos87's avatar
Do you do custom work? I like your art figured I can see if you'd be interested.
OtisFrampton's avatar
I'm not currently taking commissions, sorry.

Nod-Shadow-Wolf's avatar
Lol! Vader must really like Sushi... :D
Maria-Korneliou's avatar
Brilliant comedic take on Star Wars. Love it XD
this is a interesting take on the Star Wars theme...and funny too!
AdmiralDoenitz's avatar
Yoda with chopsticks: Awesome.
Chewbacca with chopsticks: Hilarious.
Imperial Officer getting choked while holding chopsticks: Priceless.

I have a thing for officers. :love:
KyroseBates's avatar
Interesting style
TinkerTanker44432's avatar
I love how no one cares that Darth Vader is killing the Officer. I also love how neither of the two Jedi care that Darth Vader is right in front of them.
Norum0310's avatar
Obiwan's expression... Gets me every time I see this!
Well Vader wants more sushi
youth47's avatar
I like sushi, I like Star Wars, Sushi + Star Wars = AWESOME
cloakersenpai's avatar
Why is this not a thing??.....oh right disney 
jaysonreyes's avatar
Yoda's face is priceless 
Djones90125's avatar
Hahaha. Great job, mate! Cheers.
razgriz1011's avatar
"We're tired of your shit, Vader"
Sky-Byte1885's avatar
Vader: "I find your use of chopsticks disturbing. If only you knew the power of the dark side!"
Devianteist's avatar
Yoda's expression takes the cake.. Err. Sushi!
FuzzyDucklings's avatar
that's NOT FUNNY, Darth Vader!!! =D
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