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Serenity Now

UPDATE: Prints are now available for purchase in my online store! Go here to get one:…


Some guys and gals from some TV show or movie or comic book. Not sure which.

Drawn and colored in Photoshop CS4 using a Cintiq 21UX.


P.S. This is my second big "Firefly" piece. Here's the first:

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very nice... all shiny
mel601luck's avatar
Fantastic, I like it
Atlasuir's avatar
Ahhh! Perfection!
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WOW..that's a great moment picture! i wish be like that! good job for you :-)
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You should pen an animated series. Great job.
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An absolutely beautifully crafted tribute! Well done :)
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Hahaha I love how everyone is kinda mad and fierce, except Kaylee's smiling :D
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Nice one. Fun interpretation of the crew. Your love of the series really shows.
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One of my all-time fave shows! Possibly like this one even better than Doctor Who, and that's saying something for me!
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Great work!
An animated series would do well. It seems to be one of the more feasible ways to bring the universe back. Someone do this!
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Shiny !!

I'm in love  with this! :happybounce: 

You've drawn Serenity beautifully, and captured each character, but I especially love your Zoe, Kaylee and Jayne
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Hahaha! Everyone is mega serious - except Kaylee. That's so her.
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This is wonderful. I like the art style.
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OK, I neeeeed to fav this:) I just have a question (maybe you have already answered it somewhere but I didn't find it): Why don't you make Firefly/Serenity How it should have ended?:) Pretty please:) Of course, the main thing is that it should have not...
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I'm just an artist at HISHE, I don't choose the movies to parody. Sorry. :(
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Keep flying, friends. o7

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Animated series! Animated series! Animated series!
Everyone looks really grumpy, except for Kaylee of course
Would you ever consider doing one like this with Mass Effect characters? I would buy the shit out of that
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